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What’s it like out here?


Today I’m starting an occasional blog about my experiences implementing and using RemedyForce. You might want to think of this blog as a customer’s field notes.

My intention in blogging is two-fold: To share what I learn with the community and to learn from the community through engagement.


So, where’s “out here”? I’m an IT project manager in the U.S. who has managed RemedyForce implementations for two organizations. I’ve been heavily involved in everything from high-level project planning all the way to the checkbox level of RemedyForce administration. I'm currently working on a project to adjust and extend an existing implementation.


I recently started exploring the SalesForce1 app to support highly mobile field techs. My first posts will focus on what I’m learning along the way.


If you benefit from this blog, then I’m happy to have contributed to the community.




Giselle Caruso

RemedyForce Customer