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Welcome to Remedyforce – The First Week!


Now that you’re familiar with all of the resources available to you for your Remedyforce success, let’s talk about getting started with Remedyforce!


What do the first 30 days with Remedyforce potentially look like?


As your Remedyforce Business Relationship Management Team, we want you to see success as soon as possible and start to realize the value of your investment quickly.


Day 1: Before we get started with implementing, it may be appropriate to take some time to bring the entire internal team up to speed on the Remedyforce solution.  In many cases, not everyone involved with the Remedyforce implementation has had a chance to see the product demo.  If this sounds familiar to you, you may want your team to view a post-sale demonstration of Remedyforce.  There are multiple ways to do this; you may want to visit the BMC website
for a high level demo
or immediately sign up for our Remedyforce Community and check out these short videos.  You also can contact your Business Relationship Manager to help you with arranging this. It’s important to get your team off on the right foot!


Ok so back to – contract is signed, now what? Well first, Remedyforce needs to be installed in your environment and your licenses need to be provisioned. There are a couple of options that are available to install Remedyforce, if it was not already installed prior to executing your subscription.  Customers can install Remedyforce themselves, through the Salesforce AppExchange (as well as you can refer to the Remedyforce Wiki for online product documentation such as this to install guides, pre and post install information). Or as always, you can contact your Business Relationship Manager for assistance with this process.  Once Remedyforce is installed, there are a couple of back end order processing tasks that occur and then you’re ready to go!


Day 2-3: My recommendation to all my customers is to begin with the free Web Based Training courses that are available to you. They are a good foundation for you and your team to understand what is available to you from an Administration perspective to the different functionality within Remedyforce.

Day 4+: From this point forward, there are a couple of paths your Remedyforce experience might take you.  If you purchased implementation services with a BMC Remedyforce Partner, you will be contacted by the partner partner manager to schedule your kick off meeting and also orient you with the implementation engagement delivery.

If you purchased no implementation services, you may already have a good idea of what you want to do but can always at any time contact your Business Relationship Manager if you have any questions or concerns. Remember, there is a wealth of help and documentation within Remedyforce itself from the Administration Guide, User Guide and Installation/Configuration guide, at your disposal.

In the next episode of this blog series we will look at many of the application configuration decisions you will need to make and review some of the best practices.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact your dedicated BMC Business Relationship Manager