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Welcome To the February Issue of the Remedyforce Customer Newsletter


Each quarter the Remedyforce Customer Newsletter provides articles and resources to help you get the most out of your Remedyforce investment. We'll keep it short and sweet because we know you're busy, but we're excited to let you know what's going on in our world as we evolve Remedyforce to meet your ongoing needs. So here's to your success!



Remedyforce Product News

Coming Soon: Remedyforce Winter ’14 
winter14_polarbear_v1.pngHave you joined the Remedyforce Winter ’14 Early Access Program to get your sneak preview of what’s to come?  If not, join by clicking here!


Prepare for the Remedyforce Winter ’14 upgrade by following the Winter ’14 Sandbox Preview Instructions by clicking here.


FREE Remedyforce Training


Seven online training modules are now available to help you get the most from your Remedyforce investment!  Online Remedyforce training is FREE to all active Remedyforce customers. Take all or any one of the seven courses today!


Customer Spotlight! KNAB


Learn how KNAB is leveraging BMC Remedyforce to create an innovative online banking experience!  Read the case study.


Remedyforce at PINK Elephant & HDI


linkedin_small_generic_020914.jpgThe Remedyforce team will be hitting the conference circuit this spring and we hope to see you during our travels!


REGISTER! First Friday Customer Webinar Remedyforce Service Level Agreements (March 7, 2014)


Remedyforce First Friday Webinars are dedicated technical deep-dive sessions for you, our valued customers, to experience the many exciting features in Remedyforce. The sessions are candid, and we strongly encourage you to ask questions of Remedyforce experts during the webinar. Initially these sessions are running in North America and recorded for the worldwide audience. The team is working to expand future First Friday installments into additional geographically friendly times. View recordings and register for future sessions by clicking here.


Featured Integration Partner – Bunchball

By combining the behavioral data you gather from your team’s actions on Remedyforce with today’s powerful motivation techniques, Bunchball Nitro for Remedyforce gives you the tools to impact IT staff performance through gamification.  It includes:


Ready to use and customizable components: Quickly deploy an experience based on the ten primary gamification mechanics designed to motivate and engage your team: fast feedback, transparency, goals, badges, leveling up, onboarding, competition, collaboration, community and points.


Targeted challenge and campaign deployment: Robust analytics give you visibility into the impact that your initiatives have on individuals and groups so that you may deploy individual or team-based challenges to drive long term results.


Open rewards:  Tap into what motivates your employees by offering any combination of physical and intrinsic rewards.

Integration with Chatter and other social networks:  Encourage and reward social collaboration and give visibility to high performers.


Integration with Chatter and other social networks:  Encourage and reward social collaboration and give visibility to high performers.




Contextually relevant leaderboards and public leaderboard display: Use the power of competition to drive any metric including those specific to Remedyforce, such as tickets closed or knowledge articles created.


Robust administrative console: A “drag-and-drop” interface lets you configure challenges, rewards, and communities as well as measure the success of your campaigns.


Get to know the Remedyforce team – meet Virginia Leandro, Lead Remedyforce Product Manager


With Remedyforce from day one, as a product manager, Virginia Leandro leads product direction for Remedyforce working closely with  Virginia joined the IT industry in the early 90’s  and her favorite trait of the industry is that “every day is a new day.”  According to Virginia, “There is always something new to learn!  I am an absolute techno geek and revel in getting the chance to find ways to bend technology to help our customers.”Virginia.jpg


Virginia is a self-taught IT expert, a Certified Salesforce Developer and Certified ScrumMaster®.  But her taste and education extend beyond technology, as her education includes degrees in Viticulture and Enology.  Yep, those are degrees in vineyard management and winemaking; she’s not only your go-to gal for Remedyforce information but also for wine advice! In fact, two of her wines won Silver and Gold in the San Francisco International Wine Competition.


In addition to wine (of course), cooking is also a passion for Virginia.  Cooking for family and friends is a passion and a way to decompress.  She is also an avid bird watcher and gardener.  Virginia and her partner have two fur-kids… a 45 lb Mutant Rat Terrier and an 18 lb Siamese Snowshoe.  Between the two of them, they pretty much run Virginias life!