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The term “game” has taken on a whole new meaning over the past couple years.  No longer does the word “game” imply a family or group of friends gathered around a table moving little shapes of plastic across or around a board (or if you’re a fan of Connect Four, like me, dropping those little plastic shapes into a holder in hot pursuit of getting a four in a row) in hopes of winning bragging rights for the rest of Family Game.jpgthe week!  Technology has enabled us to game with anyone, anywhere, anytime… as I sit on an airplane (heading to California) writing this blog, the guy in the seat next to me is on a mobile device, connected to the airplane wi-fi, playing an online game with his son on the east coast who just got home from school (yes, I asked him, but no, I don’t make it a habit of bothering people in the seat next to me on airplanes!) Technology has literally changed the game.


Over the past few years, games and technology have taken an exciting turn in the form of gamification in the workplace. And no, I’m not talking about passing go and collecting $200 (fake dollars) on your lunch break.  Essentially, gamification is using the fundamental motivators of playing a game - making moves or partaking in activities to gain value, prestige or awards – to drive behavior in employees, peers and customers (this is my definition, not the formal or PhD definition of gamification.)  As we increasingly engage with our customers (internal stakeholders or external customers of your business) and partners using technology platforms (think online communities or the self-service portal of your IT Service Desk), we have a unique opportunity to incentivize, quantify, qualify and reward desired behaviors with elements of gamification.


Here on the Remedyforce team, we think there is no place more “prime” for gamification in IT than the IT service organization.  We’re experiencing an unprecedented relationship with our customers in the business.  They’re more eager than ever before to use technology to solve their business needs and gamification offers a great way to incentivize and reward them for using the new technology systems we’re putting in place.  That’s why we’re excited about a new partnership we’ve formed with leading gamification vendor, Bunchball.  The folks at Bunchball know a thing or two about using gamification to motivate behaviors and the integration between Remedyforce and Bunchball Nitro enables IT organizations to motivate and incentivize new behaviors by bringing gamification to Remedyforce.  Here are a few examples of ways we see IT service organizations are using gamification to drive new behaviors in their staff and customer base:


  • Reward IT Staff for creating a knowledge article, having a knowledge article published and/ or have a knowledge article published and available via self-service
  • Reward IT Staff for resolving tickets before due date and using templates and knowledge articles to speed up time to resolution
  • Reward an entire team for achieving a first call resolution goal or a customer satisfaction rating using survey (e.g. higher points for better ratings)
  • Reward a team involved in rolling out a change that was on-time and successful
  • Reward customers for using the self-service portal to submit requests and/ resolving issues without contacting the IT Service Desk through he knowledge base


These are just a few ideas for motivating the types of behaviors we hear IT organizations talking about.   The Remedyforce Bunchball partnership is yet another way we’re helping you to modernize IT service management.  Turns out, there is plenty of room for fun and games in the workplace and in this case, we think the boss will approve!