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I can’t wait for the Dreamforce Conference where I’ll be presenting in two sessions. The two sessions are “Service Cloud and ITIL Panel” on Monday, November 18 at 11:30am (Moscone West: Room 3002) and “How Platform Reduced BMC Development Cycles” on Thursday, November 21 at 9:00am (Moscone West: Room 3014).




I get to do something different at Dreamforce this year, and I’m looking forward to it.  In past years, I’ve presented in multiple breakouts aimed at educating attendees about our Remedyforce product.  I talked about roadmap, showed demos, and in general, presented reasons why a customer would want to take a look at Remedyforce as their ITSM solution (and we have folks giving similar presentations this year - learn more about the BMC Sessions at Dreamforce this year by clicking here.)

One of the greatest things about Dreamforce is learning about all of the new ways that companies are leveraging social and mobile on the platform to attack known problems in different ways.  This year, I’m going to spend the second session I mention above (How Platform Reduced BMC Development Cycles) talking about why BMC decided to build Remedyforce on the platform and how the capabilities of the platform have resulted in faster time to market at lower cost.

The session is targeted just below the high level business case and just above technical details.  There were many factors that BMC Software considered for years ago before starting our Remedyforce product.  It’s safe to say that the factors would be a little different now that we’ve been building on the platform for four years (and now have over 500 customers).  I’ll talk about our thought process when we chose the platform, and more importantly, I’ll talk about some of the lessons learned – how we’ve adjusted our approach over time.

This won’t be a coding workshop, but rather it is aimed at the decision making process, and we’ll save lots of time at the end for Q&A.  I look forward to the discussion, and knowing Dreamforce, we’ll probably have something new to talk about that helps/impacts the rest of my story.