For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing.  sum_13_single_rgb.jpgAnd whether you’re sweating it out in the hot temperatures or enjoying the warm weather after a particularly long winter, I think we can all agree as IT service professionals we are hot pursuit of continuous improvement and Remedyforce Summer ’13 is just the fuel you need! 


The Remedyforce Summer ’13 release is just around the corner and we’re excited to introduce new capabilities that make it easier for you to collaborate with your peers and customers, improve the productivity of your IT service team and make it easier for you and your customers to navigate and interact with Remedyforce. 


You’ve heard me talk about the importance of your feedback in the Remedyforce development processe before and make no mistake about it; your feedback drove the Summer ’13 release of Remedyforce. In this release we’re excited to address over 100 of your requests!  You can see the full list in the Summer ’13 release notes.  When you ask, we really do listen!


Summer 13 Self Service App_Remedyforce.pngCollaboration Enhancements in Remedyforce  Summer '13

How we communicate has radically evolved in just the past years.  I can write an entire blog (or blogs) on the impact of social media but we’ll save that for another time.  Suffice it to say, we’re a mobile, social, opinionated society and we’re connected… we’re always connected.  I think you’ll be excited to see the improvements we’ve made to the Remedyforce Mobile Self Service App in the Summer ’13 release.  With this release, it will be easier than ever for your customers to communicate with you when they’re on the go, wherever, whenever and however they prefer!  And that comment on being opinionated, yes, we all know it’s important to capture feedback.  If we don’t ask how we’re doing, how do we know if we’re meeting expectations and if not, how do we improve?  I’m excited about the new survey capabilities in the Summer ’13 release of Remedyforce.  With this release, it will be easier than ever to capture your customer’s feedback so you can continuously improve or adapt to those ever evolving expectations of the business and our customers!


Productivity Improvements in Remedyforce Summer '13

In IT, there is some work that is repetitive. The work that you consider to be a drain on your productivity but that is critical to our business and therefore MUST be done on a regular cadence, whether it’s exciting or not.  Prepare yourself to be liberated from some of that repetitive work.  In the Summer ’13 release of Remedyforce, you’ll have the ability to more easily manage recurring records. You’ll be able to create an incident, task and or change request template with recurring attributes (think pushing out anti-virus software on a weekly basis).  We also add custom look ups and the ability to link configuration items (CIs) and services to templates to streamline your efforts and enable you to focus on the strategic, fun work. 


User Experience Enhancement in Remedyforce Summer '13

If it’s not intuitive, I’m not inclined to use it. And while I can’t speak for others, I think it’s safe to say that less clicks and interfaces that are easy to navigate increase the probability of adoption by both our customers and IT staff.   The new Service Request and Service Catalog options in the Remedyforce Summer ’13 release provide more flexibility to administrators to design and create the request and make it easier for our customers to use these capabilities to self-help, self-heal and self-resolve their issues. 


This is just a preview of the exciting capabilities to come in the Summer ’13 release of Remedyforce.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements about the general availablity of Remedyforce Summer '13 by following us on Twitter @BMC_Remedyforce.