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Richard Would

GDPR & Remedyforce

Posted by Richard Would Employee Jul 18, 2018

There is a 4 letter word that provokes an almost primal response in people across the globe in recent times... G D P R – which I’m sure I don’t need to explain the meaning of to anyone here, but basically it stands for the new General Data Protection Regulation.

In my role as a BRM for the BMC Remedyforce product I regularly field questions from customers around the 'compliance' of Remedyforce with GDPR. So let’s clear one thing up, GDPR does not relate to specific applications and in fact Salesforce explains GDPR as follows:


'GDPR establishes rules for how companies, governments, and other entities can process the personal data of data subjects who are in the EU'.


For further information there is a great Salesforce Trailhead here:

So, what is considered 'Personal Data' in Remedyforce terms, I hear you ask:

Personal data can include data such as name, phone number, email address, government ID numbers, locations, credit card numbers, IP addresses, and similar information that can identify an individual personally. This information comes from the user directly, from a database, or is imported from other external sources. The following out-of-the-box objects might have personal data and as a result the GDPR requirements need to be considered. In addition to these, there might be additional objects in your environment based on your customisations and configuration that need to be considered.

  • User

  • Incident/Service Request
  • Task
  • Change Request
  • Base Element


GDPR sets out various key requirements:



The above requirements are addressed by specific Salesforce features/processes, but one key item to mention is the Right to be Forgotten.

Your end users may request for deletion or removal of their personal data in situations such as the following:


  • When the data is no longer needed for the original purpose.
  • When an individual withdraws consent.
  • When an individual objects to the processing of data and the controller has no overriding legitimate interest in the processing.


Based on the organisation's policies, administrators might choose to anonymise or delete the data by using the following methods:

  • User records cannot be deleted. However, they can be deactivated to prevent further usage. The values in the required fields, such as email and username, can be changed to anonymise the data. If the organisation uses Contacts or Leads for storing data for individuals, then records can be deleted or anonymised.


  • If records associated with an individual are to be deleted, then administrators can find the associated records, such as incidents, tasks, and change requests, and delete them. Deleting these records automatically deletes the related child records. For example, deleting an incident automatically deletes action history, service targets, notes, attachments, and chatter posts that are associated with this record.


  • Additional steps might be taken to identify and remove any personal data in an unstructured data or free form text fields. Administrators can find and remove all references to an individual by performing a global search in Salesforce. After identifying the records, data can be replaced with generic information or can be manually removed.


For more information about data deletion, see Data Deletion for the Salesforce Platform


BMC has some great information on how our products can help you to minimise the impact of the new GDPR: .


And finally, the following link provides information relating to GDPR and other regulations:


As always, for further information on this or any other topic please speak with your Remedyforce BRM or email


In Summer 18 we continued to add value to Self Service 3.0. The new features are a combination of new functionality and enhanced usability. Superbox provides enhanced search capabilities and makes it easier to submit tickets from search results. Smart Suggestions match available resources with a client’s request and return the most relevant results. Lookup filters for CIs and Assets show clients a shorter picklist to choose values from. Records on My Activity can now be exported for offline viewing.



The search field has been moved from the sidebar to the main panel. Features of Superbox are:

  • Wider and resizable search field
  • A more efficient search algorithm
  • Counts of search results on result tabs
  • Option to create ticket or service request from search results
  • Broadcasts returned in search results

As in previous releases, Service Requests and Common Ticket Templates can be shown together or separately; and Self Help Articles can be displayed as the first tab, ahead of Common Tickets and Service Requests. Also, search results include only those records that the client is entitled to.


Watch this video for details.


Smart Suggestions

Smart Suggestions work on incidents and recommend resources such as self-help articles, service requests, common ticket templates, and broadcasts on the basis of keywords. Features of Smart Suggestions are:

  • Activated when a client enters data in certain fields on an incident form
  • Only those resources that a client is entitled to access are displayed
  • Can be configured to display self-help articles, service requests, common ticket templates, and broadcasts

By drawing clients’ attention to self-help articles and standardized request templates, the service desk can reduce volumes of incidents and increase end-user satisfaction. By bringing broadcasts to clients’ attention, they can prevent incidents for known issues such as service outages. Smart Suggestions can also promote Level 0 support through the increased use of the knowledge base.


Watch this video for details.


Lookup Filters for CIs and Assets

Admins now have a way to restrict picklists for CIs and assets to display just those CIs and assets that clients are allowed to access. When enabled, this feature allows clients to view:

  • CIs and assets linked to their account
  • CIs and assets linked directly to them

Linking CIs and assets to accounts is a highly scalable option in situations where a standard list of CIs and assets must be exposed to all clients linked to an account.

This additional filter by account/client works in Self Service 3.0 only. Staff will be able to access all CIs/assets from Console subject to lookup filters already created previously.


Watch this video for details.


Export My Activity

Records displayed in My Activity can now be exported to a CSV-formated file for offline analysis. This allows clients to import the exported file into spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel and analyze offline by leveraging spreadsheet tool functionality. All records appearing on My Activity are exported.


Watch this video for details.


We hope customers find these features useful to increase adoption of Self Service 3.0.


How's the summer going?  It's been a busy month around here what with pushing Winter 18 Patch 3, releasing Remedyforce Summer 18, and we still have more to come!  But first, let's review the Salesforce July 2018 Tech Update!


*NEW* Flash File Preview Behavior Change

Prior to Salesforce Summer '18 release, when a Salesforce Classic user clicked on the thumbnail to preview a file posted in Chatter, it was displayed in a window in front of the feed.  Now, they'll be able to see the file detail page to preview the file.


Details on Page 6.


URL Format Change

In the Salesforce Summer '18 release, Salesforce has changed the URL format used by Lightning Experience standard apps, console apps, and the Salesforce mobile app.  This is to address the issue of users being directed to an unexpected location when they access Lightning Experience URLs before authenticating.


Details on Page 7.


Full Content Push Notifications

With the Salesforce Summer '18 release, all push notifications to v16.0+ of the Salesforce mobile apps for iOS & Android will be sent fully encrypted.  Salesforce is adding a new connected app preference to control display of the full content push notifications outside the Salesforce mobile apps (e.g. on device's lock screen).  This preference will be ON by default.


For more details see Page 9.


Instance Refreshes

EU11:  Saturday, August 18, 2018 between 22:00 - 02:00 UTC

(Instance name will change to either EU17 or EU18 after refresh)


NA3, NA6, NA30, NA31: Sunday, October 21, 2018 from 02:00 - 6:00 UTC


See Page 14 - 17 for details.


Salesforce System Maintenance Schedule

Schedule is always up to date and you can opt-in for notifications from


Details on page 24.


Feature Retirements

  • SOAP API Legacy Versions will retire in Winter '19.  For details see Page 29.  SOAP API Legacy versions that will no longer be supported are 1.8, 2, 2.2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • Chatter Desktop is now retired.  See page 30 for details.




The following Alert was posted by Salesforce and we wanted to make sure our Remedyforce customers are aware of potential changes.


Who is impacted by this change?

Partners with smaller, low complexity customers that are ready to be transitioned to Lightning Experience and are selected for the Auto-Transition program.


What is the change?

Salesforce has launched a program to enable Lightning Experience for select smaller existing customers whose orgs are best prepared for an easy, uncomplicated transition experience.


When Salesforce selects customers for the Auto-Transition program, they are notified through in-app communications (for users and admins) and emails (for admins only), which provide guidance on how to prepare for the transition.


Customers can delay the transition at any time after they received the first round of communications. After an org transitions to Lightning Experience, users can switch themselves back to Salesforce Classic as needed.


This program begins with our Summer '18 release, where the auto-transition pilot program will include a select group of Sales Cloud customers who are ready for Lightning Experience. Salesforce is planning to expand this initial pilot to additional customers throughout the rest of the fiscal year.


What action do I need to take?

Salesforce recommends that customers take advantage of this feature to encourage Lightning Experience adoption by their users.


However, customers have the option to delay if they are not ready to move to Lightning Experience. Customers can still switch back to Salesforce Classic via the Switcher, and admins can default the org back to Salesforce Classic if they choose to do so.


Note that if a customer hasn’t received Auto-Transition emails and in-app notifications, they are not involved in the program at this time and no action is required on their part.


Where can I go for more information?

As this is currently a limited pilot, no additional information is available at this time. As Salesforce rolls out this program to additional customers, publicly available information will be available to customers.


What if I have additional questions or concerns?

For additional details please refer to Encourage Users to Adopt Lightning Experience and Encourage Users to Stay in Lightning Experience.  There is also a Knowledge Article:  Delay Your Org's Transition to Lightning Experience.


Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager or Remedyforce Support.  As of Remedyforce Winter 18 all of Remedyforce has been tested and is supported under the Salesforce Lightning Experience.




This should only impact those users who may have the Lightning Experience User permission which can be assigned via a profile or a permission set.




It's summer time and the living is easy, or, depending on where you live, it may be hot, Hot, HOT!  Either way, we've got some hot new features for you plus we have some things that are "in flight" that we can't wait to talk to you about!


Self Service 3.0 Enhancments

  • Enhanced Search:  The search box has been moved from the side bar to the main panel allowing more room and includes Broadcasts in the search results.  It also has the option to create a ticket in case the client cannot find what they are looking for
  • Smart Suggestions have been added to Self Service 3.0
  • Allow for filtering of Configuration Items/Assets based on Account and Client
  • Allow clients to export their list of Incidents and Service Requests including those of others if they have the right to manage


Remedyforce Console

  • Extend Page Layouts to support Change Requests
  • Allow assignment of Status’ based on Page Layout
  • Productize custom setting (Console_LayoutAccessValidation) so customers don’t have to modify a custom setting
  • Allow admins to restrict staff access to records when the Staff and Client are the same
  • Allow staff to select their preferred landing page within the Console
  • Allow staff to have more than one list view open within the Console (for example to have both the Incident list and Task list open at the same time)


Activity Feed and E-mail Conversation

  • Allow for staff to reply to E-mail directly within the Activity Feed
  • Add the ability to have all Actions available from Activity Feed
    • We also have added an icon to identify those actions that are shared with clients via Self Service
  • Support for sending and viewing Rich Text Emails from Activity Feed
  • Add back Staff and Client links to records from within E-mail
  • Allow staff to add merge fields into emails
  • Support for Staff E-mail Signatures


Service Level Management

  • Allow for logical grouping of Service Targets (including support for AND, OR, and parenthesis grouping


CMDB Improvements (ongoing)

  • We've been hard at work talking to customers and identifying improvements we can make to our CMDB both in way of user interface and usability.  Work will continue in the next release.


[ALPHA] Remedyforce Chatbot

  • We have started work on a Remedyforce Chatbot that will help your clients and do the heavy lifting in getting users to exactly what they need!
  • Still Alpha but we'll soon have something we can demo and talk about what's coming next!


Call to Action





Lastly, for the first time, we're making our Insights Deck available to you in PDF format with additional links to the documentation for the feature as well as demos of the feature.


As always...thank you for being our customer and being a part of the BMC Remedyforce family! 


The release of Remedyforce Summer 18 brings some great enhancements for Remedyforce administrators and clients. Here are my “summertime” favorites. Please click the link to see details   Remedyforce Consulting: Remedyforce Summer 18 Is Here!


Remedyforce Summer 18 is here!


For those of you currently basking in the Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave, which here in Ireland has been over 4 weeks of unbroken sunshine with temperatures not seen since the 1970’s (I was too young to remember) I don’t need to tell you that Summer is well and truly here. This should prepare you very well for the sizzling new features included in the BMC Remedyforce Summer 18 release.

This 'HOT' new release is available right now to download from the Salesforce App Exchange to test out in your sandboxes (our best practices are ALWAYS to test a new release in your sandbox first before you upgrade production orgs), or you can add a ‘watch’ to the BMC Remedyforce Release Schedule page and look out for the automated push dates by clicking on the 'eye' icon:

blog image.PNG

Some highlights below:


Self Service 3.0 Enhancements


  • Enhanced Search:  The search box has been moved from the side bar to the main panel allowing more room and includes Broadcasts in the search results.  It also has the option to create a ticket in case the client cannot find what they are looking for




  • Allow clients to export their list of Incidents and Service Requests including those of others if they have the right to manage


Remedyforce Console




  • Allow staff to select their preferred landing page within the Console


  • Allow staff to have more than one list view open within the Console (for example to have both the Incident list and Task list open at the same time)

Remedyforce Console Activity Feed & Email Conversation


  • Add the ability to have all Actions available from Activity Feed


  • We also have added an icon to identify those actions that are shared with clients via Self Service





Service Level Management



As always, if you have any questions on any of the above features please contact your Remedyforce BRM or



As Remedyforce continues to enhance and expand across many areas of the solution, the CMDB user interface has remained unchanged since its inception. This project is intended expose and validate improvement opportunities within the Remedyforce CMDB through in-depth interviews and an online survey.



A call to customers was made in March to participate in the initial round of interviews, which ran through May. After the interviews, the feedback was compiled and reviewed with those who participated.  Those customers then had the opportunity to complete an online survey to prioritize the identified UX/UI enhancements.


This online survey is now open to all Remedyforce customers and partners until the end of July!


Call to Action

Please review the attached document and complete the following online survey, which should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete.


What's Next?

We will compile and post the survey results on the community site by mid-August.  These results will have an influence on our roadmap considerations after Summer 18.



BMC Remedyforce which is built on Salesforce App Cloud, comes loaded with many features and comprehensive functionality. As a Remedyforce administrator you may come across lot of configurations. In this blog we will talk about some of the important check boxes which will help admins with initial setup, user access, permissions


Check box


Where is this?


ServiceDesk Staff

This will mark user as staff

Manage Users> User details

This will help to identify which user is staff. Also helps for licensing. The box identifies the licensed agents - “Named users”.

Remedyforce Knowledge User

if checked gives ability to Publish knowledge article to that Agent

Manage Users> User details

Helps to give specific user ability to publish knowledge articles

Remedyforce Casual User

Flag this to track Casual licenses

Manage Users> User details

Helps in tracking Casual user’s usage. Note - You should still check ServiceDesk Staff checkbox.

Out of office

Check this to flag staff as out of office

Manage Users> User details

Agents will see a waring message if they try to assign record to this user once this is checked on the user profile.

Manage ServiceDesk Staff Member

Gives ability to create or edit staff from “Client” form

Manage Users> User details

Manage agents from Clients form Remedyforce administration > Mange users> Clients

Remedyforce Administrator

Gives admin access like ability to Create, edit delete custom Quick views. They can copy OTB quickviews

Manage Users> User details

Manage out of box Quickviews and custom quick views

Manage QuickViews

Gives access to create, edit delete quick views

Manage Users> User details

Console Quickvew create, edit, delete access

Enable Chat

Agent can chat with end users

Manage Users> User details

Part of chat configuration steps


Flag user as VIP

Manage Users> User details

Helps to identify VIP users/Clients

Override Black out

Gives ability to create emergency change during black out period or service outage

Manage Users> User details

Additional access to change manager

Mobile User

Salesforce mobile web support

Manage Users> User details

Salesforce mobile web browser instead of full site

Email notification

Suppress new user email notification

Remedyforce administration > Manage users> User settings

When importing or creating user if you do not want to notify with credentials

Limit closed incidents (recently completed requests) to

Do not show incidents or SR closed than x number of days

Remedyforce Administration >Configure Self Service> Incidents

Helps to limit Closed incidents on Self service portal

Enable Collapsible Sidebar

Can collapse the section on record detail page if set to true

Setup> Build> Customize > User Interface

This makes pages more readable as sections could be collapsed for an example Remedyforce Search box on left

Enhanced Profile User Interface

Easily manage profile

Setup >User Management Settings> Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface.

Different view for profiles GUI wise, this is new streamlined user interface


Other FAQ

1) I don’t see a staff member in the Queue popup and can’t assign records

This is due to the ServiceDesk Staff checkbox is not checked for this user. Make sure you check this box under Manager Users > User > that User


2) I don’t see the some of the above checkboxes on user object

Login as admin >Go to Setup> Build> customize > users > Page layout >Edit Page layout and add it.


3) Can I block notification for newly created users?

Yes. Yes go to Remedyforce administration > User settings > uncheck email notification > Send email to newly created users.


4) Do I have to manually check these boxes?

Most of the set up or access can be automated with user provisioning piece.


5) Can I get make updates or send alerts on user updates?

Yes, you can write workflow on user object. Say if user is created send alert to xyz.


6) Can I disable workflow notification while testing?

There are different ways to address this however if you would like to turn off all workflow alerts then go to Setup > Deliverability > Assess to Send email to “System email only”

Note - Do not do this on live or production system. This will stop all alerts including mail listners.


7) My profile view looks different. How do I change this?

You may have either turn on or off the “Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface”. You can change the settings if needed from setup >User Management Settings. Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface.


Important Notes:

  • Always make changes on sandbox to test.
  • If you are existing Salesforce customer, just not using Remedyforce then be careful when making changes some of these settings, discus with other admins before making this.
  • Please note some features may require additional steps however this is quick overview


Happy administration!


This month we’d like to spotlight and offer a hearty Congratulations to Lander & Rogers in Australia on their Remedyforce go-live!




Lander & Rogers Lawyers.jpgLander & Rogers is a leading independent Australian law firm operating nationally from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They are a trusted advisor to many publicly listed and private Australian companies, Australian subsidiaries of global companies as well as all levels of government. They have seven areas of practice, and cover a range of industry sectors, with a focus on financial services, insurance, government, real estate, and retail and supply chain.


My name is Tina Vega and I am a Remedyforce Business Relationship Manager here at BMC. I have been working with Cameron Healey since they purchased Remedyforce in March of 2018. Lander & Rogers worked with Sysintegra Pty Ltd on Implementation Services. They went live with Remedyforce on April 30th, 2018 (just over a month from the time of purchase)!


Value Realization


Cameron and his team have immediately begun to realize value from Remedyforce. “In utilizing Remedyforce, we are now resolving 40% more tickets per day compared to Track-It! due to faster and easier interface and workflow.”


Also, when communicating with clients their initial contact has increased by 20%. Remedyforce has even enabled the ServiceDesk Staff to respond using the Self-Service Portal, a first for Lander & Rogers! Since using Remedyforce to track incidents via the Self-Service Portal, customer satisfaction has increased and it shows.


In just a short time, Cameron explained, “We are live as of April 30, 2018 with the Remedyforce Console. We have explored reports on Knowledge Articles and once we are comfortable, will be exploring some of the other modules. “


A picture is worth a thousand words – take a look at their Value Timeline:

Value Timeline Lander & Rogers.PNG


On the Horizon


So where is Lander & Rogers going next with Remedyforce? The short-term plan Cameron shared with me includes implementing loan asset management. Integrating Remedyforce with Jira to assist with internal projects is also on their short-term radar.  And then longer term - later this year - Cameron and his team will focus on implementing Change Management and establishing a central Knowledgebase for Staff and customers (another first for Lander & Rogers!).


Off to the Races


It is so wonderful to hear when a customer goes live with Remedyforce and even more so when the team is able to succeed in new achievements!  We are very excited for Cameron and his team.


On behalf of the entire Remedyforce team, CONGRATULATIONS!


If you're a Remedyforce customer and have a great success story to share and highlight to our community, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager or contact us at


In order to ensure that the BMC Business Relationship Management (BRM) Team are focusing on the right things to help you get value from our service and our Customer Success organization as a whole, we are soon planning to issue a brief survey to our customers that asks key questions about your experience today, and what you’d like it to be in the future.

It would be great if you’d watch your email in the coming month for a survey entitled “SaaS Quarterly BRM Value Survey” from and provide us your totally candid feedback.


We are planning a number of improvements to our working model to address the results from this survey as well as other feedback we’ve received during regular interactions with you, including service reviews. We are taking this really seriously and we will share with you the results and our plans!


You can expect to get a survey like this quarterly after the initial distribution to help us keep up the momentum.


Many thanks in advance for your participation!


Salesforce Summer 18

Salesforce Summer 18 Sandbox preview started on May 4th.  Current plans show that Salesforce Summer 18 will be rolled out to production instances June 1st and June 8th.


Details can be found on pages 5 - 6


Want to know what version of Salesforce you're using?  Using the App Launcher in the upper right hand corner, change to something other than BMC Remedyforce and look at the icon in the upper left hand corner.  If you see this:


Then your Sandbox is on Salesforce Summer 18.  Please be aware your results may vary depending on how your org is configured.


URL Format Change

Salesforce will be changing the URL format used by Lightning Experience standard apps, console apps, and the Salesforce mobile app.  If you have customizations that parse URLs, those customizations could break.  There is a new Critical Update that's available today that you can enable and test within your sandbox.


See Page 7 for full details.


Full Content Push Notifications

With Salesforce Summer 18 release, all push notifications to v16.0+ of the Salesforce mobile apps for iOS and Android will be sent fully encrypted.


Details on page 9.


Site Switches

AP9 on May 19, 2018 15:00 - 16:00 UTC

AP9 on June 2, 2018  15:00 - 16:00 UTC


Details on pages 13 - 15, with a more complete calendar on Page 15.


Salesforce Maintenance Schedule

See page 16 for details.


Instance Refreshes

EU11 Saturday, July 21, 2018 between 22:00 - 02:00 UTC


See page 20 for details.


Feature Retirements

  • Files Sync will be retired on May 25, 2018
  • SOAP API Legacy Versions will retire in Winter '19
  • Chatter Desktop will be retired on Summer '18


Details can be found on pages 26 - 30.


I was reminded a couple weeks ago about a change that Salesforce had communicated, I want to say maybe a year ago. However in speaking with a customer recently, they had forgot about this API Endpoint change communication so I wanted to share on our communities as well! Great links included from Salesforce as well for more information.


Salesforce has made some changes that went into effect on April 20th, 2018 that may affect some customers if you have an integration with Salesforce.


There is already a KB Article on this :


What is the change?


Customers were able to use as an API endpoint that would route them to the correct instance. From April 20, 2018, the internal routing has been retired, and any API endpoints will need to be changed if you are using This only applies to API traffic; logging in from a browser by clicking “login” will still work.

NOTE: This change does not impact API calls to My Domain, Instance, or Login endpoints, such as,,, or


What action must I take?


Update your integrations to use as the official endpoint for the Salesforce API. To learn more, please review Updating Hard-Coded References.


What will happen if I do not take action?


The API will no longer function, and your API calls will result in a “404 (Page Not Found)” error.


Where can I find additional information?


For additional questions, you can open a case with Customer Support via the Help & Training portal.


This is a little unusual post, most of my counterparts that post to our community provide great content around how to get more value from the services BMC offer. See Mike Levelier’s impressive video series here on creating request definitions in Remedyforce or discussing the latest enhancements to the service, see Poppi Turlich’s posting on the latest release of Digital Workplace & SmartIT here Engaging with customers as part of communities is a small part of what your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will do. The CSM that you work with has a number of responsibilities but I like to think of the role as a guide for customers that navigates them on their journey. Some customers have a clear destination in mind for that journey other customers need a little more guidance on their destination and how to get there. Interestingly I haven’t come across a customer yet that hasn’t needed a guide or just someone to bounce ideas off from time to time. The CSM you work with has a pool of experience and resources to call up on to help you on your journey, that is a topic for another post though.

Right now, you are thinking where is this going… Well recently I welcomed a new customer to Remedy as a Service and as part of that welcome we discussed some of the aspects of the (CSM) role and this customer asked a couple questions around what other things could I do to help them and this got me thinking. If this new customer has questions then surely other customers have questions or even better ideas about what they would like their CSM to offer that they do not get today, that would help them on their journey. For those customers that have taken the time to read my post, I would love to hear from you with ideas on what would help you on your journey with Remedyforce or Remedy as a Service. Similarly, if you have questions that are keeping you up at night please go ahead and ask them.


I don't know about where you live....but here in Texas.....




I really need it to warm up...the temps go up...then they plummet....then they go up...and then they plummet.  I'm guessing everyone who lives in the northeast corner of the US is feeling it as well...I think they're on their 1 billionth snow storm of the season.  While we all wait for Winter to "finally" leave the party, the Salesforce April 2018 Tech Update is available for our review!


Key Dates for Salesforce Summer '18

If you like to keep up with this sort of thing, Salesforce has announced their key dates for their Summer '18 Release.  Pre-Release orgs will be available on April 19th and Sandbox Preview starts around May 4th.


Details on Page 4.


URL Format Change

Salesforce Summer '18 release introduces a URL format change used by Lightning Experience standard apps, console apps, and the Salesforce mobile app.  We've been testing Remedyforce against this change as it's currently available as a Critical Update and we have found no issues.


See Page 5 for details.


TLS 1.0 Disablement

Salesforce continues disabling TLS 1.0 across their ecosystem.  TLS 1.0 was disabled on starting on April 7, 2018 and will be completed on April 14, 2018. 


Details can be found on Page 6.


Instance Refreshes

Salesforce continues to improve their infrastructure to keep system performance at expected levels. 


EU11: Saturday, July 21, 2017 between 22:00-02:00 UTC (or 2:00p.m.-6:00p.m. US Pacific Time)


Details on Page 8.


Site Switches

Site switching allows Salesforce to ensure their near real-time redundant switching if functioning optimally.


NA29 on April 7, 2018 from 7pm to 8pm US Pacific

NA30 on April 7, 2018 from 9pm to 10pm US Pacific

NA24 on April 8, 2018 from 12am to 1am US Pacific

NA33 on April 21, 2018

NA39 on April 21, 2018

NA45 on April 21, 2018

EU7 on April 21, 2018

EU8 on April 21, 2018

EU9 on April 21, 2018

EU15 on April 21, 2018

NA7 on April 22, 2018

NA34 on April 22, 2018

NA40 on April 22, 2018

NA51 on April 22, 2018

NA52 on April 22, 2018


Additional details on Page 9 - 10.


Feature Retirements

  • W2C /W2L & Enpoints to retire April 20, 2018
  • Files Sync will be retired on May 25, 2018
  • SOAP API Legacy Versions will retire in Winter '19
  • Chatter Desktop will be retired on Summer '18
  • Pardot GoodData connector will retire on February 1, 2019


Details on page 11 & 21 - 26.

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