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Joshua Lenning
I want to add a new field/column here for "Field Label".  It's possible to create a field on Template Field Info object, but I want it to be a formula field so its automatic and not a manual process… (Show more)
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Lorraine Sanner
We have a few Service Requests that we ask managers to submit on behalf of their teams.  They select the employee name through a lookup filter that displays the employee name and email address.  When… (Show more)
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Gustavo Pedrinho
We have the list of services with high priority and we know when to create a broadcast. However, our broadcast should appear for affiliates in other languages.   Always writing the same text is…
Ingrid Stone
Allow data from Remedyforce to be dispayed on SRDs within Selfservice (Beta)   For example display to a user the phone number and location we hold for them on the Remedyforce.   If possible display…
Dan Bontrager
We rolled out Remedyforce Chat in March this year to one area in our company and did not enable the Pre-Chat form at the time, so clients would click on the chat tab and get either an agent to chat…
John Wisdom
When someone is raising an incident via self service, Smart Suggestions kicks in and starts searching Broadcasts, Knowledge Articles, etc.. depending on how you have it configured via Remedyforce…
Dan Bontrager
When on the Details page for a Problem or Change Request record, we show the related list of Linked Incidents.  This section shows linked incidents and service requests, but the related list label is…
Stewart Ship
Hi All   For me the consoles are making huge leaps and bounds in terms of functionality which is great, one last big discussion point that still comes up is the ability to use the concept of the…
kedar zavar
- BMC recommends to use out of box permission sets however the out of box permission set has lot of extra access - We do not want to maintain one more permission set and manually add all changes for…
Giuseppe Ruvolo
Could a console layout visualization be associated to a specific record type and not only to be based only to profile/role? !
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
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