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Michelle Wettengel
This month, in America, we celebrate our independence. While we can't offer you a day off, a BBQ or fireworks we like to think that we provide our customers the tools you need to utilize your…
in Remedyforce
Ingrid Stone
Hi   Why does the Date expected default to now before the Request is submitted? - Before the request is submitted I would like this to be blank  - Is there a way to do this?  
in Remedyforce
Virginia Leandro
How's the summer going?  It's been a busy month around here what with pushing Winter 18 Patch 3, releasing Remedyforce Summer 18, and we still have more to come!  But first, let's review the… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
John Fulton
As Remedyforce continues to enhance and expand across many areas of the solution, the CMDB user interface has remained unchanged since its inception. This project is intended expose and validate… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Paul Donders
Hi all,   We would like to see something like a 'Notification centre' for staff agents. (but also clients in self service)   Challenge: Staff agents receive many emails, and for that reason might…
Craig Hurst
In Remedyforce we have a filed in Change Request to display in Change Assessment, any ideas on how to do this?
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Brad Davidson
Still very new to this but have been tasked with creating a report that ONLY shows "Due Date Progress" that is in a YELLOW state.   Is this possible?   Thanks in advanced.
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Jonathan Imlay
BMCServiceDesk__Status_ID__c <> "OPENED" && BMCServiceDesk__Status_ID__c <> "SUBMITTED" && ISBLANK(BMCServiceDesk__FKOpenBy__c)&& (OR(BMCServiceDesk__Category_ID__c <> "PAF… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Pamela Taylor
HI everybody.  The company I work at has many users that have a generic email address as they don't have an email address for whatever reason.  Is there a way to stop emails from going to the generic… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
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