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Announcement 1 BMC Helix Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter – March 2020 Edition
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Vandana Rattan
How do I provide access to CMDB to someone who is not Remedyforce Admin? The ServiceDesk Staff checkbox is cheked from them.
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Curtis Bennett
Hi all! If I edit/change the name of a Sub-Category, will the system update all previously submitted tickets, or would it only apply on a go-forward basis? Thanks community...and stay safe!
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
rodrigo barcat
Hi guys,   I am trying to enable the dasbboard and report tabs to end user (client), but I can not..   For me, it is ok.   My customer only can see  Self-Service and Console. Which permissions… (Show more)
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Satrughan Mahato
Scrum and Kanban Supports in Remedyforce. USe case below. We are using Remedyforce for tracking Incidents/ Requests/ Change & Releases. In alignment with organization level change, we would like to…
Diego Novoa
Currently when a staff A is working on a record and another user (Staff B) has modified the same record (sometimes a workflow could've modified the record with context user), Staff A does not get…
Patrick Capen
Add the ability to restrict categories by account for the category tree available in the "Submit a Ticket" function in the self service Portal. The use case is we have over 200 Services that only…
Garrett Wise
We would like the ability to add pictures/banners to our self-service 3.0 page.  We have a banner that we use on our intranet sites that users are very familiar with.  we would like the ability to…
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk…
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Paul Donders
Issue;   The reassignment of approvals can be useful in Self service, but we face some issues, challenges related to this. When Reassigning it can be the case that the new approver DOESN'T have…
Ben Seba
Previously in 2.0 the normal Description would show up in the Self Service Service Requests window and the Rich Text Description would only be displayed once you clicked on the Service Request. This…
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