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Ramesh Pal
As of now By default, only active and opened records are shown in a QuickView. If you want to show inactive or closed records in a QuickView, add a condition with the State or Inactive field. For…
Gitty Issac
Hi team,   It will be great if we can add federation id , manager and delegate approver field added in the client form.
Dan Bontrager
Within the Remedyforce Console, under the Category field, a user can click the magnifying glass icon the search for a category and when hovering over an option in that pop-up window, the category…
John Wisdom
Service Health would be a lot more valuable if it auto refreshed in the same way that the Remedyforce Console does. I looked to see if this idea was out there but was unable to find it. If I missed…
Peter Rizol
Currently, there is not a way to add additional fields in the Console to the section titled "Assignment Details".  That section includes the "Queue" and "Staff" fields, but we have other custom…
Eugene Zhang
Hi all   I would like to automatically insert my email Signature into the email body as shown.   Anyone knows how to do it? Kindly advise me.
in Remedyforce
Dan Bontrager
Under an Incident record on the Details page and the Linked Change Request section, users can use the ‘Create and Link Change Request to Incident’ button to have a change request created from the… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Paula Drew
I have a request from our Asset Management dept to create a CMDB process where a ticket is created once the number of assets reaches a specific threshold. for example when the total qty of product… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Dan Bontrager
I am trying to create a new field that will only allow a 6 digit number to be entered and not format it with commas.   The Number data type allows the user to enter however many characters of any… (Show more)
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