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Recent Activity

Jim Van Cleave
Currently when creating a new Incident from within the RF Console, the CMDB Explorer option under the Agent Tools menu is grayed out.  It would be beneficial for our Service Desk technicians to enter…
Ben Geis
Hello Everyone! I often do a mass import of CI's to CMDB by using Data Loader. When uploading some of these CI's I would like to link a Client Name to them instead of having to upload them and then… (Show more)
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Linda Holtorf
Has anyone noticed that the small letter 'i' and small letter 'l' look the same in the new Search Box in RemedyForce since the Winter 19 update?  If we zoom our browser to 125% it looks better but at… (Show more)
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
kedar zavar
Ability to Set Clickable URLs/Hyperlinks on service request form. New field type or use header type if you look at form and if you would like to launch say from from share point or another location…
kedar zavar
Give an option to create sections of forms. User can click Next and follow the screens Reduce length of form and make them user friendly User can click next to finish the form User will click…
kedar zavar
Usage -   Add static text Change color Change font Add hyperlinks Add Images/Icons     Nikhil Deshpande
Ben Seba
We use Header Sections in our Service Requests for increased readability. It would be great if we could map Header Sections to Text Areas like we can for other user inputs. This would increase the…
Lauren LaFortuna
I have an approval process that sends an email asking for approval.  Many times the approver ignores, looses, misplaces, etc the email so the approval never gets processed.  Now the admin must go in… (Show more)
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Lauren LaFortuna
The approval engine within Remedyforce is related to Salesforce and is limited for our needs, apparently IT approvals are more robust than Sales approvals.  There seems to be little traction in the…
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