1. Upgrades introduce improvements and new features that continually increase your efficiency

At BMC, we work to ensure new version releases features and functionalities reaches to you through an upgrade.

2.     Upgrades address/correct bugs encountered in prior versions

We place each new version through a rigorous testing process that includes security, load and benchmark testing. Nevertheless, bugs can and do sometimes get through. Because of our broad customer base and the multiple environments in which they operate, we are made aware of bugs quickly, often we’ll be aware before you encounter them. Using the latest version ensures that you can take advantage of fixes and avoid issues that have already been corrected.



3.     Avoid being stuck with obsolete versions

BMC has a five year life cycle with three years of full support per version plus two years of limited support.

By keeping up-to-date in your own time, you are less likely to encounter compatibility issues, better able to deal with new issues, and less likely to find yourself with an obsolete version. Moreover, our support staff who are more familiar with current features and issues, are better able to support in a timely manner.


End of Support version: No new sustaining maintenance releases, enhancements, patches, or hot fixes will be made to a version or release in "End of Version" status.  Customer Support will direct customers to upgrade to up a more current version, release or service pack of the product.  


4. When is the best time to start planning for an upgrade?


You are able to inquire about upgrading at any point of your support lifecycle. However, if your three years full support is about to end, then this is a good time to contact your BRM to discuss about upgrading to the latest version.


Want to find out when your current version full support ends?  Please click on this link:


To be notified once such a date is determined, you can sign up for proactive notifications:
1: Go to
2: Click "My Support"
3: Click "Product Alerts (Proactive Notifications)"
4: Sign up for "Product Change Notification" for the specific products for which you wish to receive them.


Please go to BMC Software Product Support Policy for more details


Am I ready for an upgrade?

Answer: In RaaS Remedy Upgrade, there are lots of moving parts and for them to function well during upgrade it is very important that pre-upgrade preparation is done well. Below are the points that should be kept in consideration before opting for an Upgrade.

Your Internal Go-ahead to start with the Remedy Upgrade includes:

• Understanding what has changed in the latest version by going through the release notes.

• Updated UAT test cases covering all business functionality testing should be available.

• Sufficient resources to test the upgraded system.

• Customization/design documents shared by BMC PS or Partner (No RFC).

• Understanding the RaaS Remedy upgrade process through FAQ, DDM, CIA document.

• Going through the (Instructions & Important Points) sheet of Pre-Requisite checklist

• Need Defect IDs for the issues you are expecting to be fixed in Upgraded Remedy Version.

• On-Premise BMC product compatibility with the upgraded version.

• Third Party Application compatibility with the upgraded version.

• Customization alignment ownership if they cannot be reconciled/aligned due to change in the feature.


Did you know that you can also do a Platform only upgrade?  For more information about this please go to Preparing for zero-downtime upgrade of the platform


Please refer to the BMC Upgrade Policy and contact your BRM should you have any questions about the upgrade process.