Bringing you value is a priority for BMC. In order to ensure that our BMC Business Relationship Management Team is concentrating on the right things to bring you the most value from Remedy as a Service, we are distributing a brief survey. The survey asks key questions about your experience today and what you’d like it to be in the future.


We would appreciate it if you’d watch your email in the coming days for a survey entitled “SaaS Quarterly BRM Value Survey” from and provide us your totally candid feedback. In order to receive the survey and help ensure we bring the greatest value to your organization, it is important that you have opted in to communications. If you are not sure if you have opted-in, please reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.


We are planning a number of improvements to our working model and your input into that is important to us. This survey, as well as other feedback we’ve received during Service Reviews and other regular interactions, will drive our priorities and help reshape the BRM role to bring you the most value. As part of this process, we want you to know how your feedback will be driving our improvements, so after the survey has concluded we will be sharing both the results and our plans.


If you have any questions about the survey or the survey process, please feel free to post them here or reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.  Thanks so much in advance for your participation!