Customer Satisfaction Surveys and You! How to make your voice heard!!


BMC is a market leader in the Digital Service Management (DSM) space and our Remedy onDemand (RoD) Software as a Service (SaaS) offering leads the way in the IT Service Management (ITSM) arena. To succeed in the SaaS market place customer experience and satisfaction needs to be at the centre of everything that a company does. BMC drives this customer experience and satisfaction by actively engaging with customers and responding to the feedback received via Customer Satisfaction Surveys. To this end, we at BMC, survey our customers to get feedback on both user experiences of products and services and ease of interaction with BMC.


These surveys take the form of :


          1) Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT)

          2)Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys.


Below is an overview of how these surveys work and the differences between them –


Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)


Customer Satisfaction Surveys are sent to customers whose requests have been resolved and closed. BMC utilise the expertise of a third party vendor (Walker Information) to manage this process. Walker Information emails out survey invitations to customers on a daily basis. This email includes a background on the request, plus a link to a URL where the survey may be taken. Customers will not receive a survey invitation if they have received a previous invitation within the preceding 7 days. Survey questions relate to customer satisfaction with how BMC Support handled their request, along with the customer’s opinion of the overall quality of the product associated with the request.


The survey itself uses a 10-point rating scale and is offered in 12 languages.


According to our analysis it typically takes less than 4 minutes to complete.



Net Promoter Score (NPS)


NPS surveys are conducted twice yearly, around March & September. This process is also manged through BMC’s research partner, Walker Information. Every customer is invited to participate once per year. This includes all customer contact levels (end users, influencers, decision makers, etc.). The Key Metrics that are recorded in these surveys are – Likelihood to recommend BMC (NPS) & Overall satisfaction with BMC.



NPS is based on a customer’s response to one simple question -


“On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend BMC’s products or services to a colleague or friend”?


Responses are grouped into 3 categories – Promotors, Passives & Detractors.


  • Customers who score BMC between 0 – 6 are categorised as “Detractors” – would discourage others from purchasing BMC products and services.


  • Customers who score BMC between 7 – 8 are categorised as “Passives” – would neither encourage nor discourage others from purchasing BMC products and services.


  • Customers who score BMC between 9-10 are categorised as “Promoters” – would recommend/promote BMC and BMC products and services to others.


We at BMC encourage our customers to give entirely honest appraisals based on their experiences. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as it helps us to improve our processes and technology.


What does BMC do with these survey results?


Once a customer has completed the survey the results are fed back to us for review. Surveys with NPS scores between 0-8 and CSAT scores between 1-7 are listed for review and follow-up. Typically, a customer’s Business Relational Manager (BRM) will reach out to the customer to discuss the survey score and to create an action plan with the customer to ensure that any concerns raised in a particular survey are addressed. We will use this customer interaction to ensure that the required learnings are taken from the feedback in order to improve our processes and technology, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and success.


Both CSAT & NPS surveys play a key role in ensuring that, we at BMC, remain responsive to customer needs and continually improve our processes and products. These surveys present customers with an invaluable opportunity to provide feedback to us and are essential in ensuring the continued successful partnership between us at BMC, and you, our customers. The “comments” section of these surveys allow you, the customer, to give specific feedback and as such we both encourage and welcome all responses in this section of the survey.


So, next time you receive a survey invitation please take a few minutes to complete it because your feedback is what enables us at BMC to deliver the technology solutions that you utilize to deliver success to your business on a daily basis.


We look forward to hearing from you!