• Provide full support for MS Outlook on iOS for Approval Engine

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    Currently, the only email client that does not seem to work with the Email Engine for Approval workflows is MS Outlook on iOS.   Currently, the Email engine parses the email template based on *one* "keyword: va...
    Mark Marinaro
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  • Primary capability to be set NULL instead of value '0' in computer class

    Hi All,   I need to set primary capability of the field as NULL instead of value as '0'. OOTB functionality for this field is '0' and i want to make it null. I tried to clear the value 0 and saved but it is not ...
    JCP Remedy
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  • Creating overlay of bulk objects

    Hi All,   I hope you all are doing well! Actually all of we are aware about creation of AIF so that is not a problem. But this is very time consuming to create overlay of each workflow and then we need to attac...
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  • BMC Data Migrator Tool

    Introduction My Journey with Migrator tool was an interesting one.  Trying to learn about the Migrator tool thru documentation was somewhat limited.  Once I starting using the tool.  I've started run i...
    young so
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  • Changing the View Name in Smart Reporting

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Remedy AR System Server COMPONENT: ITSM In-App Reportin...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Using Version Control With Remedy ITSM

    Our company has recently started centralizing their code repository and we're no longer going to be allowed to utilize the Remedy built in version control system.  I was wondering if anyone had a known, tested, a...
    Steven Lawson
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  • ARS Mandatory Categorizations

    Do you/ your clients prefer that the selection of Incident, Problem and Change categorizations is mandatory on submission of a record?
    Corinus Brink
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  • Hi, How can I pass a parameter to an API call where the input field type is a Charecter field(Rich Text format)? User enters a screenshot and save it. The data is saved encoded as src=”data:image/png;base64, ….”

    What I want to do is, The API plugin should accept the RTF field as input and then output it to an attachment field.,   I will need to create a API plugin to be used in a filter. The API plugin should accept the...
    Sudhansu Panigrahi
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  • Impersonate User

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    There should be an ability for an admin user to impersonate any user without the need of logging off and login back with other user login id. We have often come across situations, where one of the users is facing the...
    Durgesh Srivastava
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  • Optimize Indexes in CMDB and ITSM Suite

    On Roadmap
    87 votes
    According to our experience with BMC Remedy ITSM Suite and Atrium CMDB there is room for improvement regarding existing indexes.   Some indexes are set Out-of-the-box (ootb), but they make no sense in real life ...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Remedy 9.1 Upgrade | Email Based approval Issues

    Hello Experts,   We have upgraded to Remedy version 9.1 from 8.0 for all remedy applications (AR+CMDB+SRM+ITSM+SLM) We have a few issues while configuring email based approvals:   1. We have configured e...
    Naveena HR
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  • Email address (To in AR system email messages) field size

      I am sending mail by using Notify action of filter. I entered more than 500 characters in to address field while sending mail, but in the AR System Email Messages form when I open that Email message it's chara...
    Chandrakala Mohan
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  • Does it affect Remedy 9.1 if I change parameters in the instance of SQL Server?

    Does it affect Remedy 9.1 if I change the following parameters in the instance of SQL Server?   Scan for Startup Procs – disable Remote Access – disable Hide instance – enable
    Mariana Beltran
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  • GUI should show the exact field that's causing the problem -SRD -Deployment manager

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    Use case example: When using the deployment manager to create an SRD package for export. It gives the Error: ARMigratePlugin: "Failed to get export parameters for: SRHAA5V0FCWOJANJJZQYI43LJN9SKY SRM Object. Exceptio...
    Daniel Soto
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  • Date/Times above "19/01/2038 00:00:00" cannot be stored

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Remedy AR System Server COMPONENT: AR System Server ...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Table group - enable additional sorting

    Product Team Review
    26 votes
    I created a table with two sort levels on the report form. The first level is a group (category). The second level was supposed to be an additional sorting within the group (report name).   However, the second...
    Thorsten Fleischmann
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  • Redirect the URL server to the URL balancer

    Hi we have an environment with a balancer level befor two tomcat servers, over this tomcat servers are installed the mid tiers. we need that, when we type in any browser in our network the URL whith the ip adres "http...
    Juan Cruz
    created by Juan Cruz
  • Is there a Method in Remedy - Find Diff in Create and Modified date.

    Does anyone know how to implement - Difference between the date fields and get the difference in HH:MM:SS
    Sanjay Kumar
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  • Suppress ARERR

    Hi,   I have a filter workflow on Form A that is modifying record(s) on Form B using PushFields action.   I want the record(s) on Form B to get modified in all the conditions. Meaning, there could be serv...
    Yogesh Deshpande
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  • Can Someone give me detailed Procedure For Calling Remedy Webservice from HTML Form. I have requirement that once HTML form is submitted with relevant Values it should create incident in Remedy. Should i place javascript and HTML Form in the same server w

    I am trying to call remedy webservice from HTML using Javascript/jQuery. To answer this, one can use any OOB Remedy Webservice.
    Ankit Parihar
    created by Ankit Parihar