• Error while creating Incident From Service Request

    Experts,   We are on 9.1.04. we are getting below error in service request and its not creating an Incident.   Error(48255): 3 records have been found for incident contact information you have provided. Pl...
    Sharvan Singh
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  • BMC Remedy Attachment file size message shows in Bytes

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    Hi Team,   Below is the message we get to see when a file size which is over 10mb(as configured on remedy admin console), is being attached to a ticket in Remedy 9.1v.   Message: ARERR [9210] The size of t...
    Kunal Pishe
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  • OEL platform Support across BMC DSM products

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    Many customers are starting to use the Oracle Enterprise Linux flavor that is based on the RHEL kernel. These customers have expressed immediate desire to use the same for Remedy and other products from BMC, especiall...
    Manoj Vishnubhotla
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  • bpcu and asset management workflow objects

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    1. DROP/BUILD BUG OCCURS IN (IF PRE-RELEASE) BPCU and ARS/ITSM 8..0/8.1 2. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: 1. Create a class (in cmdb) with AST form associated, and, this form has been attached to the Active-link (as a linke...
    Jesus Diaz-Ropero Simon
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  • Apache Camel /Remedy Integrator

    Hi all,   Do any have idea how to integrate camel Apache with BMC remedy.   Thanks, Priyanka
    Priyanka gupta
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  • REST API connection failed after RSSO 9.1.04?[1]

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Remedy AR System Server COMPONENT: AR System Server A...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • REST API connection failed after RSSO 9.1.04?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Remedy AR System Server COMPONENT: AR System Server A...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Display only form to Show results when opened through URL

    Hi ,   I have a requirement where I should Embed a Link in the Email and this link will have some ID of records of other form. When User clicks on the link, it should open up a Display only form and in the table...
    Madhu V
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  • SmartReporting - Deploying where data is fetched from the replicated AR database?

    Hi, a topic that affects two areas - AR Server and Smart Reporting.Hope I've made the right decision, we're just starting We want to redesign our environment so that we can use the "passive" database for smart repo...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Data Export Tool ?

    So just upgraded from 7.6.04 to 9.1.04, and I'm wondering how to export form data to ARX files.   There is still a Data Import Tool, but no BMC supported Data Export Tool. The mid-tier is still missing ability t...
    Jim Bruce
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  • Introduce ARXOutput Step in Pentaho Spoon

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    Need to export data from Remedy using Pentaho spoon in arx format (Remedy format) similar to txt, xml & csv output files. It would be great to have dedicated output step (lets call it as ARXOutput) in the upcoming...
    Ganesh Gore
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  • Does not appear the service catalog on SRM 9.1.03

    Hi all,   Your help please, I created a specific company services but they do not appear in the console.   How can I resolve the issue?
    Natalia Cuesta
    created by Natalia Cuesta
  • Can We upgrade MyIT to the latest version without upgrading ITSM/RSSO?

    Hi Team,   -- After upgrading to AR system, we have issues with Tomcat and Mongodb using over 80% of the memory on our web servers,we do have case open with BMC already. -- Shared the required detail...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Linking a Report outside of Remedy

    Is there a way i can post a link to a report i created in the AR System report console ( Remedy 7.6.04) outside of Remedy , and allow them to click on it and it run the report  i shared?  i don't want the li...
    Jill Johnson
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  • ARERR [9280] when opening report link

    Hi, so a client has requested that they could get a link to a report so they could open it from another tool.   When I run the report, in Properties, I can see a URL   http://<server>:8080/arsys/serv...
    Yvonne Thompson
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  • How to send Incident Work Info to external web service?

    I'd need to relize something like a filter, just sending a new work info to an external web service, when inserted. Is there a way to achieve that?   Thank you in advance!
    Olga Diyakonova
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  • Remedy (AR server and Mid-tier) with Elastic Stack

    I've been working with Remedy for the past 10 years, mostly on the mid-tier side and one thing that has been challenging is log analysis   The "performance" issues we can tackle by inspecting which component is ...
  • Jetty: Make it possible to enable AJP connector

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    In version 9 BMC introduced the REST API. Rather than using Mid-Tier/Tomcat the API uses a dedicated web server called Jetty which is integrated into AR Server. Jetty allows you to connect via HTTP and HTTPS but other...
    Justin Bakker
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  • Custom tabs are missing in custom form

    Hi Team,   we have custom form and tabs are missing from the midtier. When we flush the midtier cache and tabs are started appearing back.   Is there any solution or suggestions to overcome from these issu...
  • Restricting users to raise change case on time criteria

    Hi,   We are using Remedy 9.1.02 and got below requirement from customer:   A change case has to be raised everyday before 10 AM for the CR to implemented on same day, if user tries to create a CR after 10...
    vivek garg
    created by vivek garg