• ERROR (623): Authentication failed REMEDY EMAIL

    Hello All, I am getting the following while trying to set up remedy email.   ERROR (623): Authentication failed;     at com.bmc.arsys.api.ProxyJRpcBase.verifyStatus(Unknown Source)   &#...
    Ravi Kiran
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  • REST API Work-log Update Doesn't work

    Hi All,   I am trying to update an Incident Worklog using the below given POST REST API form and its body contents. The POST method returns only "204 No Content", while I take a look at the incident no worklog i...
    Gunasekaran Loganathan
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  • use of pattern field property in a character field.

    Hi All,   I am having two  custom character  fields one is "Assignee" and 2nd is "assignedGroup". i have a search menu attached with "Assignee" which is displaying users from CTM:People form. and i hav...
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  • Delta Data Migration - Unique Index Violation

    Hello experts,   I kindly ask you here for discussion / tips / ideas.   We are doing a Delta Data Migration. Source is a Production Platform and the time difference of DB Dump on Destination Platform is ab...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Home page: Quick links

    Hi,   How can I make a form appear on the quiclinks list? Also, was searching; are default forms automatically configured to appear on the quicklinks list?  Was validating and they do not have the entryp...
    toty NameToUpdate
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  • REST API fields parameter

    Having read the docs (Operations on entry objects - BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation ) I try to limit the number of fields returned in response from REST API, but get en error.   Lets say...
    Mike Chepaykin
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  • Can I create a custom table in ARSystem and then create its view form?

    For a workaround in SmartReporting, I had to create a custom table in ARSystem database that pulls data from other databases. I am unable to create its view form in Developer studio. Is this something not possible?
    Kishan Barai
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  • Change a Users password via API

    I need to set a bunch of user passwords in remedy, so that we can use the mobile app.  I would like to use the API to do this, but it looks like the password is encrypted so I need to know how to encrypt the pass...
    Ross Jurek
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  • Java API - Any way to determine if an entry passes a qualification?

    With the AR Java API is there anyway to determine if an Entry object passes a qualification? I am looking for a method that would let me take an Entry object and a QualifierInfo object and return true or false if the ...
    Brit Weller
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  • Create file with CRLF (0A 0D) ARS9.1.04

    Hello! ARS9.1.04/RedHat7.4/Oracle Try to create file (.txt) with data from remedy (use for save at client side process PERFORM-ACTION-SAVE-ATTACHMENT). For creation of newline use template like: "text1 = " + $abc$ +...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • RSSO redirection issue

    18.08 Description of the issue: Installed RSSO on the same box as AR Server and Mid Tier. installed RSSO integration with AR server Installed RSSO integration with Mid tier. Configured RSSO to use AR authenticatio...
    Guruprasad Balachandra
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  • Capturing IP address and Hostname

    Hi all,   We are trying to capture Ip address and hostname of the client PC, Provided below are the scripts and work flows that we are trying.   For some reason the script does not work in AR System versi...
    Anjay R
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  • Ports and Queues on a server group environment

    Good Day,   We have two app servers which i can see that the escalation threads are configured but they do not have the same values. Can this cause that some escalations not to run because i can see on our escal...
    Loaone Seleka
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  • Remedy Saved Searches Limit

    One of the users reported that he is getting the following error when trying to save a search in Remedy.   ''You have exceeded the maximum allowable number of saved searches for this form. You need to delete 1 s...
    Siva Sankara Prasad Kaza
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  • Two Email Engine in Server Group

    Hello! ARS 18.08/Windows/ Is it real to configure two email engine on different servers (not on one) in server group (4 ars machines)? What configuration is if it real?
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • What is the replacement application for “BMC Configuration Drift Management”.

    What is the replacement application for “BMC Configuration Drift Management”.
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • When you log into Remedy though the midtier what is that little popup window

    Sometimes when we log in through the midtier there is this little popup window that opens and closes for a brief second. Has anyone seen this?   If so, what is it and what does it do?   The reason why I'm ...
    Raumin Tadayon
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  • Free Disk Space issue while Upgarding to 19.02

    Hi All,   We have stand alone server which is on 18.08 Version and we are upgrading ARS to 19.02 and while upgrading its giving error  , did any one got such error     We have 58 GB Free space ...
    Alok Dewhare
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  • vendor forms within arsystem database - itsm 7.6.04

    Hi Experts.   I have a doubt as to why certain vendor forms are actually created in remedy OOTB.   For eg: the AR System Administration Console-->Server Settings page, if we reach this open, it is a ven...
    Kiran JL
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  • REST API Response on Vendor Form

    Hi Experts   I am using the custom built REST API provided by LJ LongWing in remedylegacy site and have followed the steps to create an entry with POST operation to a third party system   I am able to succ...
    Sridhar Prakash
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