• Incidents Created from MYIT/SRM not appearing in the overview console

    Hi All,   We are facing a strange issue where any incident created from SRM or MYIT not showing in the overview console but it's showing in the incident console. This behavior was not there and we faced this is...
    Ali Abu hardan
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  • Facing issue with web reporting  in 8.1 ARS.

    Hi ,   I am facing issue with web reporting in 8.1 ARS. while extracting reports using the midtier I am getting the below error.   Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org....
    Ankur Bindal
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  • Session timeout Issue

    Hi All,   We have an issue in our remedy environment, Remedy users are getting timeout session quite often while working on remedy. Below is the screen shot of Mid-Tier configuration and error message, can anyo...
    Karthick S
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  • REST APIs: Error "HTTP: Status 404"

    Hi All,   I have created a simple custom regular form and want to create a record in it using REST API. I am trying to trigger the API call in Postman client but i am facing the error "HTTP: Status 404". Please...
    Raghavendra Mudagallu
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  • Enabling OTP based Authentication In BMC Remedy 8.1

    Hi Experts,   i am working with BMC Remedy 8.1 and i have a requirement to implement a two factor authentication for Remedy End users. Currently we have  LDAP authentication enabled in our environment. But ...
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  • Remedy SSO Ver-18.02.00 login issue

    Hello Every one,   I have installed Remedy SSO ver - 18.02.00 with external database Oracle 12c. RSSO installation has been done successfully without any error but I am unable to login. Later I updated the user ...
    Ankit Gupta
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  • Not able to Obfuscating the password while configuring the Jetty server for Rest API - ARS 9.1.04

    Not able to Obfuscating the password while configuring the Jetty server for Rest API - ARS 9.1.04   Getting below error :  
    Rohit Panwala
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  • IMAP4 Incoming mailbox error

    Hi,   The below error keeps occurring in the email log even though the Email server User and Password have been put correctly in the mailbox config. Any ideas please?   <EML> <TID: 51> <SEV...
    'Bukola Olutuyibi
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  • Scheduled excel BIRT reports in Remedy 8.1 do not get sent

    Hello everyone,   I have a strange issue on my hand: My company uses BIRT web reports. They generate fine and export works fine for all formats. But when I tried to schedule report in excel or word format, inste...
    Bojan Vladisavljevic
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  • Midtier login page not opening after clone

    Experts,   We have cloned our midtier(9.1.04),AR(9.1.04) and DB Server to setup a staging server. after clone midtier login page is not coming but we are able to open config page and we have updated application ...
    Sharvan Singh
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  • Run process in filter doesn´t work.

    Hello,   I´m trying to run a jar-file with a "run process"-action in a filter. Therefore I have written a small batch-file with the following content:   start javaw -jar "E:\Programme\BMC Software\ARS...
    Torsten Schrödter
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  • Scheduled report is not sending to user

    Hi All,   We are on remedy 9.1 and i am facing with an issue. We are creating a web report by associate form of HPD:HelpDesk CLassic. after that i am adding a qualification inside the report and saved it. then i...
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  • REST API Service Target - Field Mapping

    Dear Remedy Community,   I was wondering if anyone ever created a field mapping for the creation of Service Targets and Service Agreements with REST API?   We would like to automate the creation of those o...
    Robert Kern
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  • Microsoft Edge compatibility problem

    Hi,   We are having problem working with Remedy (ver 9.0.1) with Edge browser (after latest Microsoft update).  An error is displayed when trying to access Remedy: Any help or suggestion is appreciated ...
    Igor Smrdelj
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  • Arsystemjvminstall in Remedy?

    Hi,   I am having a problem with the approval server and after some research, I have noticed that the dispatcher was not started by armonitor.   Then I tried to start it by a cmd but an error appears about...
    Charles FOLMARD
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  • How do I insert HTML in the Filter Notify (Email) Action?

    I have a particular form where I want to initiate a Filter Notify (Email) Action, when the user submits the form. The Notify will include the some field values in the email notification. It works fine.   Now...i...
    Jeff R
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  • SRM in waiting approval status with no attached approver.

    Hello Community,   I have a customer using Remedy 9.1.04 for a long time with no issues, now in some random service requests, when they create a new request with approval process the status is waiting approval ...
    Omar Abushanab
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  • Will the Remedy Migrator Tool work for a migration from 8.1.02 to 18.5?

    Will the Remedy Migrator Tool work for a migration of forms and data from 8.1.02 to 18.5?
    Melanie Jansen
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  • MidTier 1808 install severe,com.bmc.install.product.base.project.runner.projectrunner

    Hi, I'm trying to execute ARS installer 1808 to install MidTier and I'm getting the following error on the log:   ************************************************************ (Oct 26 2018 01:01:04.314 PM +0200),...
    Jose Pedro Teixeira
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  • Searching for % char in a string

    Hi All,   When searching in a string for a special char I'm using ( 'Attachment 1' LIKE  "%#%" ) OR ( 'Attachment 1' LIKE  "%&%" ) ETC. Was just wondering how would I search for the actual "%" cha...
    Vimal Morar
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