• Smart Reporting not working - Error information is missing

    Hello together,   Did anybody else experience problem with Smart Reporting after Installing 9.1 ServicePack3 (WindowsServer). Service (tomcat) is running OK but I get following when I try to access the SmartRep...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • http://arinside.org/ is down

    Anybody knows what´s wrong with http://arinside.org/. It´s down:-(
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Post Upgrade using the Deployment tool - French Language issues

    Hi Team,   We have upgraded one of our Staging Environment to from 9.1.02(ARS,Atrium CMDB) We are experiencing issues with few of the Modules pick French as Language where was we have configured our ...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • ARS1808 and server name in server group

    ARS1808/MS SQL Server Hello! Update from 9.1.04 to 18.08 and my workflow on form "Configuration ARDBC" (vendor) stop to work as it should. This form need me to determine the current server for substitution into the ...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • No Approvers visible within Additional Details of SRS Request Details

    Hi, within I have some problem. When users submit a request, where there is an approval behind, they dont see the approver details within SRS:Request Details. Everything works, aprovals also,but they dont...
    Miroslav Horvath
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  • ARS9.1 Custom field overview console

    Hello! ARS9.1.04/Oracle Can I forward a field directly from the form SRM:Request to overview console? At SHR:ARDBCFields i can select event like MAINCHANGE or MAINHELPDESK and etc. but can i select Request?
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Assign Service Request to specific person

    Hello all,   There is a department in my project that need to assign the service requests to a specific people not to a group (Example: some requests are assigned to person A.and some to person B and etc.  ...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • ARERR 303 when importing def file - overlay vs. custom

    I am trying to import .def files, via the 18.5 Dev. Studio, from an ARS 8.0 server to an ARS 18.8 server.  Both systems are in Best Practice Customization Mode.  When I attempt to import certain active links...
    Joe Castleman
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  • How to split string to character fields

    Hi,   I have requirement to split the string and set to character fields   Example :   How, are, you (or else ) How are you   This strings should be seperated and set to fields as below  ...
    Mahesh Miniki
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  • $\DATE$ calculation but with a specific time?

    I know that I can do this to go back 7 days:   'Submit Date' > ($\DATE$ - (7*24*60*60))   But I want to go back to "5:00:00 AM" on that day. How can I accomplish this?
    Doug Works
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  • Dynamic Approval for different person

    Hi,   I have a requirement for my form approval. If the requester is member of ITOPS entitlement group, the approval will be a person called "Jonathan". If the requester isn't member of ITOPS entitlement group...
    Alexander Li
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  • License usage, is it made out of aruser.log

    Hi,   When I hit the button "Generate License Usage Report", is the data taken out of aruser.log files? If yes, then is there other way to get out the data if the aruser logging has been disabled?   Thank...
    Nenad Dragic
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  • Failed call AL's function through Filter Action

    Hi All,   I am using this run process command 'PERFORM-ACTION-ACTIVE-LINK 1 536870915' in the filter to call the AL's Action? but seems the process in the filter run without calling the AL's Action (From the log...
    Ricky .
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  • Upgrade from 9.1 to 18.08 - staged or in-phase?

    Hi,   We are thinking in upgrade our AR System from 9.1.02 to 18.08. We read the documentation available at bmc site and we saw that there are two ways to do this upgrade: in-phase and staged.   We searche...
    Marcus Carvalho
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  • Incidents Created from MYIT/SRM not appearing in the overview console

    Hi All,   We are facing a strange issue where any incident created from SRM or MYIT not showing in the overview console but it's showing in the incident console. This behavior was not there and we faced this is...
    Ali Abu hardan
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  • In our production Application Servers are giving authentication error

    Hi All,   In our production environment, our Load balancer team have done migration say from LB1 to LB4 and post migration our users are getting ARERR 623 authentication failed error when trying to login to the ...
    JCP Remedy
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  • MidTier compatibility with Edge

    If I go to the BMC Product Availability and Compatibility site (on bmc's support site) and choose Remedy AR System Server 9.1.04, and then choose Operating systems, highlight Windows 10, I see Edge listed as a compati...
    Anne Brock
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  • Replacement of Oracle Java with OpenJDK on windows environment?

    Honorable Experts,   We have been tasked to replace Oracle Java with OpenJDK, We have done this on Linux environment and Remedy AR Server works but windows environment BMC Remedy clients unable to start with Ver...
    Mohammad Rehman
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  • Unable to start jobs with Atrium Integrator Console

    Hello I'm able to start jobs using Spoon and Data Management Job Console. But when trying to start using Atrium Integrator Console I'm getting "BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job." error. Details are in...
    Olegas Domanskis
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  • We have problems with RSSO 9.1.3 Looping

    We have installed RSSO on two different installations. Installation A: On this installation everything works fine. Installation B: On This installation, we do not get this to work. Both installastions are innstal...
    Jan Rogstad
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