• SmartReporting - Deploying where data is fetched from the replicated AR database?

    Hi, a topic that affects two areas - AR Server and Smart Reporting.Hope I've made the right decision, we're just starting We want to redesign our environment so that we can use the "passive" database for smart repo...
    Stefan Hall
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  • How to send Incident Work Info to external web service?

    I'd need to relize something like a filter, just sending a new work info to an external web service, when inserted. Is there a way to achieve that?   Thank you in advance!
    Olga Diyakonova
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  • ARERR [93] Timeout during data retrieval due to busy server -- retry the operation, when accessing server information page in Remedy

    I exhausted all resources, I am still getting ARERR [93] Timeout during data retrieval due to busy server -- retry the operation when accessing the server information page in Remedy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    Niranjan Karanam
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  • Error while updating settings from centralized configuration

    Experts,   We upgraded from 7.6.04 to 9.1.04 and have single server environment(1 mid,1 app,1 db). installer automatically made our server a member of server group that i believe is expected behavior from 8.x on...
    Sharvan Singh
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  • Regarding Approval Engine : Self Approval Query : 9.1 SP4

    Hi Team,   In our custom approval flow, we want to check if approver exists or not. To do that, we are using 'Get Authority' , if it exists then auto-approve the request.     However in self approva...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • How to add columns to Incident Search Results

    On the search results screen I'd like to add additional columns but there aren't any more to add from Preferences > Add Column. What is the name of this form? And can I add additional columns to it? Specifically...
    Jarrod Ellsworth
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  • Active link Run Process action javascript open browser with HTML input in a field

    Hi all,   we have the following case: in a character field there is an html value such as:   <table style="width:100%" border="1">   <tr>     <th>Network Display Na...
    Luca Blasi
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  • Jetty: What features use it?

    I'm new to ARS 9.1.04 and jetty, and was curious what features make use of the jetty server?  I'm aware of the REST API and the new CMDB Admin console: http://<server>:8008/api/... http://<server>:8...
    Thad Esser
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  • Upgrade 9.1.04 and AP:Alternate Approval Missing 402

    Can anyone search their system and let us know what group is tagged to group ID 402?  We upgraded and receiving error when submitting alternate approvals in our system and notice all our fields have a permission ...
    Amie Stone
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  • AR System Metadata: field_dispprop column label not filled

    Hi everybody,   ARS: 7.6.04 SP4 201209051922 OS: SunOS 5.10 DB: Oracle 10.2   we have three servers (production, test and development) running with nearly identical setup. On the production server column...
    Albert Bihler
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  • Active Links Not Firing for Everyone

    In ITSM/AR 8.1.02, a couple of Active Links are not firing for everyone in the browser.  I remember that this was an issue with 7.6.04 but I don't remember what the fix was.  Is anyone having this problem in...
    Dylan Armstrong
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  • Getting x,y,width,height,data length of a field from Remedy JAVA API.

    Hello,   For one of my assignment, I need to fetch x,y,width,height and data length properties of a field through JAVA API. As I understand, these display properties can be fetch through field.displayInstance AP...
    Anandsagar Sah
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  • Http to https.

    Hi all, I have installed AR Server,mid-tier(web server-tomcat),itsm applications. We are using http mid-tier url and we have to redirect qhttp to https. I have generate certificate through command line and also I h...
    Deepak Mishra
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  • Custom Email Template giving extra character

    Hi All, Custom Email template is giving extra characters as mentioned below; I have created a custom notify filter in the Task form so whenever the task get closed then it used to send notification to the customer, r...
    Jijil Ghosh
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  • Incident Service Types - Definitions

    Hello All, I'm trying to find documentation for definitions of Service Types under the Incident Module of Remedy.  You can categorize an incident in four ways: User Service Restoration, user Service Request, Inf...
    Marcelo Martinez
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  • Attempted to deploy patch 9.1.04 patch 002 to the mid-tier

    I attempted to deploy patch 9.1.04 patch 002 to the mid-tier and the MidTier File Deployer service was down.  The package showed as deployed but arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat did not complete the deployment so it w...
    Earl Edwards
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  • AD integration with remedy.

    Hi all,   Could you please tell me detail steps.i have to fetch all users from AD to BMC remedy ctm,: people form. I want to do ad integration through UDM job.   Thanks.
    Deepak Mishra
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  • REST API fields parameter

    Having read the docs (Operations on entry objects - BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation ) I try to limit the number of fields returned in response from REST API, but get en error.   Lets say...
    Mike Chepaykin
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  • Atrium Integrator Server Spoon failed to launch on the server

    Hi All,   Please help, i get this error when i launch the atrium integrator spoon application in the server after i run the application it's only show the command prompt and then the application failed to launch...
    Ricky .
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  • Smart IT MongoDB

    Hello all,   I installed Smart IT MyIT in server 1 with MongoDB during the installation and installed Smart IT MyIT in server 2 with existing cluster and existing MongoDB (which is in server 1) for high availabi...
    Majd Alsadi
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