• Adding Columns to Overview Console

    I added the Assignee field as a column to the Assigned Work table in the Overview Console, nothing fancy...it was in the list of available fields to add to the table.  For some reason, the assignee shows up for P...
    Robert Fults
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  • Redirect Tomcat(midtier) to another URL

    Hello! There is a new server with midtier (tomcat). It is necessary that the user when go to the link, for example http://oldserver/arsys/, was not on the login window of the old server, and redirected to the new on...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Unable to Enable Admin Operation

    Hello Everyone,   I refreshed my dev server with prod DB(9.1.004, server group). Hence some of the server settings are copied. And the admin Operations are disbled. I am not able to enable the admin operations ....
    Vinayak Navada
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  • arerror.log - AR System Email Messages : Field Values Maximum Length 32000 - ARERR 372

    Hi, I'm reffering to this thread AR System  Email Messages : Field Values  which is a pretty old without solution. In our environment, 8.1.02 within the arerror.log we got this errors. I;ve checked the ...
    Miroslav Horvath
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  • ServerGroup installation: FTS does not work anymore

    Hi teams,   I ask you because since the establishment of a second server on our infra, FTS no longer works. Exemple: Want to search an incident on global search returns 0 entries+> Impossible to attach parent...
    Samuel Lambert
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  • URL to reference resources/templates in the AR System Resource Definitions form?

    Hi,   I am creating a TEMPLATE HTML page to be loaded into a View Field with the template: directive in the text attribute of the View Field.   This all works fine, but then I might want to also store imag...
    Misi Mladoniczky
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  • How to get WebURL

    Hi,   Is it possible somehow to get the content of the WebURL sent out with notifications, so that I can put that in a custom place within Email template for outgoing mail?   Right now I have a simple emai...
    Ivan Pirishanchin
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  • Reflect WO status to another WO

    hi all   i have PDT have 3 diffident AOT like this         AOT          || AOT2-----AOT3   now , after generating 3 WO's in work or...
    hunt NameToUpdate
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  • SSO Errors-- Please i need your assistance please

    Dears the users sometimes facing this issue -- it is happening to much now on SSO 9   BMCSSG1757E: Integration with BMC Atrium Single Sign-On failed. Please contact the product's support team for resolving the ...
    hunt NameToUpdate
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  • OOTB Notification

    hello all   i have a question , i suppose when converting the message into HTML format in SYS:Notification Message will work but it seems not         the HTML code is complete and correct...
    hunt NameToUpdate
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  • Remedy -WS to Create Incident

    Hi Expert,   I looking to create web service to create an incident, I Did the following: -  Create web service from the developer studio as the below screenshot - Edit server information as the below scre...
    Mohammad Al Taj
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  • Remedy 7.6.04 SP5 201412191658

    Hi folks, I should want to know if there is somebody that has successfully configured this couple:   1. ARS Server Remedy 7.6.04 (SP5 201412191658) 2. Microsoft Exchange Server 2013   If so, it's possibl...
    Davide Gandolfi
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  • Is it possible to view the unmodified version of a form in the Mid-Tier?

    I'm guessing the answer is no, but figured I'd ask.  Over the years, we've modified the layout of fields on several of the ITSM forms.  Now, as we jump from 8.1 to 18.05, there are enough changes that it's n...
    Thad Esser
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  • Recover OOB records in field_dispprop table

    Hi All,   Is there anyway to restore the oob records in field_dispprop table? I mistaken deleted records which schema id= CHG:infrastructure change with overlay group=1 in the field_dispprop table, it makes my ...
    Ricky .
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  • Can We upgrade MyIT to the latest version without upgrading ITSM/RSSO?

    Hi Team,   -- After upgrading to AR system, we have issues with Tomcat and Mongodb using over 80% of the memory on our web servers,we do have case open with BMC already. -- Shared the required detail...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Is there a possibility that a REST Request will apply two conditions to search on a AR form?

    Example:     http://<SERVER:PORT>/api/arsys/v1/entry/RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager?q='Modified Date' > "2018-08-24T00:00:00Z"   AND q='Last Modified By' = "Allen" By using & between t...
    Sascha Grasmaier
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  • Detailed Flashboards Doc?

    A few years ago (2 maybe 3) I was building some pretty sophisticated flashboards(in v7.1) with the help of a document that went into great detail on all of the flashboard properties displayed above as well as those th...
    Barry Lindstrom
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  • How to consume Rest API within BMC Remedy version 9.1.02?

    Hello All,   We have a requirement to consume REST API for B2B Integration ( BMC Remedy and Service now).  Can someone please assist.   Remedy Version- 9.1.02   I have already gone through https...
    sundeep Kumar
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  • RestAPI Login Error 403 (ProxyServlet: /api/jwt/login)

    Hello everyone,   I have two platforms in a group with EXACTLY the same configuration. Anyway on number one I get the token in postman after I call /api/jwt/login, on the number two I get following message: ...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Remedy REST API stops responding after a period of time

    Hi,     We are testing the REST API to develop an integration with a trhird party application, but after a period of time, the API stops responding:       The other components, like access...
    David Garnica
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