• Can't read reference to object in another server using Java API.

    I have distributed system with few ARS servers. And when I try to get Active Link object with reference to another server it loses data from another server.   For example, I have Active Link in main server which...
    Vladislav Ryabev
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  • Deployment Manager and Mid Tier

    Yesterday I did my first attempted patch using the Deployment Manager. After some kerfuffle it was successful.   The kerfuffle was about pushing the update to the midtier server - we only saw the AR servers and ...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • IMAP4 protocol - emails are getting deleted from exchange server

    Environment: Remedy 9.1.03 Protocol used: IMAP4 SSL: enabled   Emails are getting deleted from exchange server once it is getting downloaded into Remedy email messages form.   IMAP doesnt delete any em...
    Sunil Patil
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  • AR.cfg Cannot uncheck disable admin operations

    Hi,   Ive tried and tried to upgrade from 8.x to 9.x with little success.   managed to upgrade arserver to 9.x BUT major issues with pages missing different errors appearing "BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEX...
    Matthew Cokeley
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  • Unable to edit custom fields in AST Forms

    Hi,   I need your help, please.   I've created new fields in CMDB via class manager. I ran Asset Sync UI and the fields are in AST Form. I've done flush cache of the Mied Tier   When submitting new...
    Sandra Almeida
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  • Upgrade Server Group using accelerated upgrade method

    Hello everyone,   I'm upgrading from 8.1 to 9.1.04 using DB Dump and installing on NEW EMPTY Windows Servers. This was called accelerated upgrade method and officially not supported from 9.1.02 but it is still w...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Need to fetch most recent worklog of the incident/problem record

    Hi All,   I have a requirement where I need to extract the most recent worklog of the request i.e. Incident or problem record. Please let me know how I can achieve this.   Regards, JCP
    JCP Remedy
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  • Pentaho Spoon and REST Client

    Using Atrium Integrator (Pentaho spoon) 9.1.03.   Trying to connect to AR System via REST API to pull data to demonstrate REST API capability to customer.   1. I've created transformation with a "Gener...
    ryan nicosia
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  • Horizontal Scroll Bar appears covering a character field

    I am running Remedy 7.6.4 SP2; IE 11. When a form request is displayed in IE where the entered text is too long to fit in the visual data display of the field, a horizontal scroll bar appears which covers the charact...
    Bruce Wilson
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  • Requester Console get (In Process) request_id

    Hi,   I have  BMC Remedy AR System v 8.1 with incident management and SLM. the issue is :   after create the incident using requester console i get the id (in process) i check the error form and not...
    ahmad abudalo
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  • Delete Outgoing Notification Messages

    Prompt, please, the settings Delete Outgoing Notification Messages on AR System Email Mailbox Configuration works at once as soon as the letter is sent and the answer is received or has any period?
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • AR Upgrade from 8.1.02 to 9.1.04 failure

    Hi Communities,   Having an issue doing our AR upgrade on our POC server. The installer seems to fail when importing def files and that is due to the server being in disabled admin mode.     I have ...
    Shaun Smit
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  • User missing in User form but available in CTM:People

    Hi Community   I have a user who can be found on CTM:People but not on User form, so he is not able to access MyIT, although it worked for him fine before.   Is there a way to trigger the entry creation on...
    Alexander Schmidt
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  • How to select a text inside a field programatically

    Hi,   I am looking for a way to select all the text in a field when a form is loaded. Gain focus makes a part of it happen for me but I am looking for selecting all the text so that users can simply copy that t...
    Yogesh Deshpande
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  • HTML notifications

    Hi All,   I am working on remedy 8.1.01. I am working on HTML notifications. and i proceed with the steps mentioned in the below thread:   Sending HTML Email notifications from Remedy   But i am get...
    last modified by PAWAN KAUSHIK
  • How does Remedy resolve the email of the user from Login ID in AR System Email Messages

    Hi All,   When we try to send an email from AR System Email Message using Login ID of the user, how does the remedy resolve the user's email address ?.   In our case the users are not getting email because...
    Jithin Radhakrishnan
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  • Delete email messages with status Sent

    Need escalation to delete records with the status Sent in AR System Email Messages, execute Run Process: Application-Query-Delete-Entry "AR System Email Messages" ('Send Message'= "Sent" AND 'To' LIKE "test@test.com")...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Pass report parameters to BIRT without using 'Enter Parametrs' window

    Hello! Please tell me if there is a posibility to pass parametrs from AR form to BIRT web report bypassing 'Enter Parametrs' window. In other words, now user enters info in fields like this and press "build repor...
    Polina Pakhareva
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  • Extracting the real integer value

    Hi All,   I have a scenario where i have to extract the real integer numbers for say 1-9. Here is the scenario:   -> i will receive a field value as "00098765" now i want to extract only 98765 from this...
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  • Email engine Delete Outgoing Notification Messages

    Hello! ARS 9.1.02 Can't find workflow when Delete Outgoing Notification Messages is "Yes" (filter,al or escalation which describes the deletion of a record) - only show/hide. Please, help
    Sergey Smirnov
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