• How do I set up Server Groups in my Production and Business Continuity Data Centers?

    We recently failed over from our Production to our Business Continuity Environments.  Both are running 9.18.08.  We have 10 servers in each environment. Upon startup of the BC servers, the system did not se...
    Barry Lindstrom
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  • Issue with Developer studio login

    Hi All,   I have installed BMC AR server 18.08. When i am trying to open developer studio with an user other than admin, i am getting the below error.   As per some community links, i have deleted the FIl...
    Phani Harika Medathati
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  • In License Usage Report, what is AR User Floating SvrGrp count?

    Hi team   I am a TSA from BMC APAC customer support centre. I have a customer here want to ask a question about License Usage Report.     There is an entry in his report: AR User Floating SvrGrp(rem...
    Ray Wang
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  • Several srvgrp records at license report after update

    Hello!   At first, was one AR Server (7.6.04). After update it to 9.1.04 and add second server with connection to server group, in license report i can see several records with:   AR User Floating SvrGrp(...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Check Box -- Cannot view all rows

    Hi, I'm using:   BMC Remedy Developer Studio Version: 7.6.04 SP4   And when I add a checkbox, I can only see one row. The Rows option under Properties is blocked. I've changed it to Radio button, updated ...
    Martin Gibbs
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  • Creating linked menus

    I am having troubles creating 3 menus that are connected between themselves. I want to create 3 Search menus that are getting their values from a single form (let's call it a MenuForm). Menus are on character fields o...
    Igor Svetek
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  • AR Application server getting Choked

    Dear All,   We have ITSM 9.1.04 along with smartit/Myit. ARS is installed in two servers in server group. Both the servers have 32 GB RAM and 16 Virtual processors. We have allocated 30 threads and Heapsize is 2...
    Vinayak Navada
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  • Birt Report 4.6

    Hi together,   Is there anybody who managed that Reports created in Birt 4.6 are working in Remedy (9.1). Some procedure to change some libs or whatever.   The stored rptdesign is not so much different. Bu...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Do you know the method of changing charset of the mail of Outgoing with Email Engine V9.x?

    Yesterday, I found the outgoing mail's charset is set to UTF-8 with Email Engine V9.x.   I know that charset outgoing mail can be set  by registry parmeter  wiyh  Email Engine V7.x. I set registr...
    Makoto Nishimasa
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  • BMC Remedy Search Advanced QUERY Macro

    I'm trying to create a macro so do the following: Bring the results of a particular Support group, however on a specific date. The example below works perfectly: 'GroupSupport * +' = "Support_TI_Center" AND 'DateInfo...
    Andre Barboza
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  • Linking LDAP groups to User Template?

    Hello,      As the title hints, I am curious if it is possible to correlate the assigned user group in Active Directory to a user Template within Remedy. Any advice or creative workarounds appreciated...
    Robert McCabe
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  • please explain this statement in Active link

    Active link  [ load fields value into $ToNotes$ of same form ]   action used [ Set field [ current screen ]   condition used in set filed for one of the field named as 'Justification'   Justi...
    imran k
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  • Remedy Outgoing Mails in Error.

    Hi Team,   We are facing issue with outgoing email notifications which are going in error. Remedy Email Engine is working fine but on the daily basis we find 100-250 outgoing email messages in Error. It picks...
    Naveena HR
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  • Need to integrate BMC Remedy with JIRA for creating issues in the JIRA project

    Hi All, We have requirement to integrate BMC Remedy application with JIRA tool to create issues in the JIRA project via JIRA REST API's. So we have to consume JIRA REST API from remedy and create issues in JIRA proj...
    JCP Remedy
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  • Can ARS 9.1 force the Email Engine to use a specific character set (ISO-2022-JP )when sending out emails?

    Dear all,   There's KA334095 described how to force the Email Engine to use a specific character(MIME Shift_JIS.) set when sending out emails. The KA was created on 2015, and the command can't work in ARS 9.1.&...
    Helen Han
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  • Add a email notification as CC:

    Hi,   I´m trying to add an Email that need to be add in the send of notifications.   I try to add in Mailbox Configuration: But the Email didn´t sent to the Email that I write.   Or Wh...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • Best practices for conversion of user roles and permissions during an upgrade

    Upgrading BMC Remedy 7.6.04 to 18.08.   What are the best practices for managing the conversion of user roles and permissions?   Please include how to best perform impact analysis between current version a...
    Greg Conrad
    created by Greg Conrad
  • smart reporting trellis chart

    Hi Experts, I have created an open incident report in smart reporting and built a Trellis chart for it showing group in x-axis and count in y-axis and have applied color using status. Now when I hover on the colored...
    Pawan K
    created by Pawan K
  • how to hard flush cache in midtier

    how to hard flush cache in midtier?
    Gaurav Pandey
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  • Attaching a file to a WorkLog through the REST API

    I am currently working on creating a new worklog with an attached file through the rest API but have had no luck.   I've referred heavily to the following link in the REST API documentation : /entry/{formName} -...
    Mikael Desrochers
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