• Too many records in ft_pending table for one single record

    Hi All,   AR Version : 8.1.00   ft_pending is pounded with too many records ( for e,g, 1000's ) for one single record. Issue is only with the SRM:Request and CHG:Infrastructure records.   select co...
    M K
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  • How do I get user's information from oAuth2 token?

    The title says it all. How to get user's info from returned Access token? We are in an enviroment 19.08. Can I get it from the opaque (short hex string) token?   Thank you!
    Yuliya Melikhova
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  • Field save error

    Hi   Getting below error while trying to save the date/time field. Please let me know how to fix it. Thanks.  
    V Y
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  • Restrict/limit form access on specific Mid-Tier instance?

    Hi, The customer has one mid-tier instance in a DMZ that can be accessed from the outside. They want to limit access to a few forms, to make sure that a user with higher access privileges can not access data from th...
    Misi Mladoniczky
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  • Trying to pass oAuth2 token to REST API - getting ARERR 149

    Hey all! We are running 19.08 on our system. I am trying to pass the oAuth2 token as said in documentation: Enabling OAuth authentication by the REST API with Remedy Single Sign-On integrated - Documentation for BMC ...
    Yuliya Melikhova
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  • How to configure o365 in AR System Email Engine

    We followed the below procedure and we even did a telnet in cmd outlook.office365.com is accessible but doing a test email from AR it is not sending. What seems to be the problem?      
    Jeremiah Tomada
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  • Rule Based Email - Validate

    Hello all,   I have a rule that update the activity log of the request by incoming email to the system and its working fine   i was testing using email that don’t have record in people form and the ru...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • What’s the future of Mid Tier ?

    When ever we talk about upgrade this is one of the common question from customer will be 'is there be any change in Mid tier UI or  we still have to maintain for administration'   We already shared the intr...
    Jamsheer KK
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  • Restricting escalation to only run between certain hours

    Hi, I have an escalation that I only want to run between 10PM and 3AM fro example. Once it runs it only sets a "." into a field to trigger the modify to transaction. To do this I created 2 timestamp fields 1 for 'Sta...
    Warren Spear
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  • Anyway to Audit Escalation workflow?

    Hi All,   Is there anyway or inbuilt solution to audit the Escalation workflow, we have an Escalation which runs on every midnight at 1 AM, since we don't have any resources at night shift we are planning for an...
    Jijil Gopalan
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  • BMC AO Attachment without base64

    Hi Folk we can write attachment in Remedy a base64. what other options are available apart from this ?
    MdAkram Shaikh
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  • Error in extracting report

    Hi When I am extracting report in a page for few records. Page is not responding. It was showing loading & then the page is crashing without any response.(Even for 1 record or 100 records. the issue is same). &#...
    Sri Vardhan
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  • Is it possible for a workflow object to be rolled back (or get corrupted) after doing some changes on ar.conf?

    This happened after trying to configure LDAP Authentication in BMC Remedy (version 7.6). After restarting the servers, we found out that one of our Active Links' was modified (the Modified Date did not update though) ...
    Kenji Tinga
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  • RSSO, Midtier, Tomcat cluster = session timeouts due to wrong reaction of rsso agent?!

    If I have understood the documentation correctly, BMC recommends to cluster several midtier over standard tomcat cluster configuration. The question I ask myself is: Why?   The following case: 2 MT (1 and 2), L...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Store images on a remote location

    hi guys, I hope this discussion finds all in good spirit. I have been recently promoted, and I have been posed with a challenge by my Line Manager. Our Remedy DB is growing exponentially, at a "scary" rate, and we ...
    Dercio Mnisi
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  • Is there a reason to use Hostname over IP when deploying changes on BMC Dev Studio?

    Is there a reason to use Hostname over IP when deploying changes on BMC Dev Studio?
    Kenji Tinga
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  • Upgrading 1908

    Hi Everyone,   We are on BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM Suite along with RSSO and DWP.   Would like to know best approach for upgrading our Environments to 1908.   Can we directly upgrade to 1908 fol...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Error retrieving user x from user_cache table

    Hope you can help,   we're getting a number of errors in arerror and armonitor as follows   Wed Feb 05 13:21:51.630 2020 Error retrieving user x from user_cache table   This has been going on for so...
    John Cook
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  • Smart reporting mobile app Connection error

    Using Apps unable to connect Smart reporting running on port 8080. My attempts to connect using mobile apps never get succeeded, iOS and Android has same issue however I can access using mobile browser.So there is no ...
    Jamsheer KK
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  • How to apply an active link on a bulk data

    Hi,   I have created an active link. I need to change the "Status" of selected tickets(in bulk) to "Closed".   If there is selection of 10 records at once. Then if I trigger the active link on those 10 rec...
    Sri Vardhan
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