• Alternatives to arsrename.sh

    I am really fed up with arsrename. It does not replace all occurrences at once so I have to run it multiple times In 18.08, for me at least, it does not find all forms and fields (without filter lists)   I've ...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • Add Incident Worklog attachments using REST APIs

    Hello All,   We are doing an integration where a third party application, where the they are using our RESTAPIS and trying to create worklogs with attachments. But somehow they are not able to do it.We have cove...
    Vinayak Navada
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  • How can I get the Import Tool to recognise Portuguese characters like ç / ã?

    My Import Tool fails to import attachments with Portuguese characters in the name.   This is an extract of the arx file where you will find these characters, çã, in the name of the attachment: CHAR-...
    Melanie Jansen
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  • Center button on a panel

    Hi. Could you please recommend me the most simple way to make button to be in the center of panel while resizing? Is it possible to do without creating css file (just by "Custom CSS" property)?
    Timur Bokov
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  • Is there a REST API a third party application can use to submit Tickets in the system or query data from it?

    I'm new to the product family and I need to understand how to integrate Remedy with a custom solution we have to develop. My questions are: - is there a REST-API allowing my application to submit Tickets to Remedy a...
    Riccardo Chirra
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  • Automated Mid Tier cache flush and sync cache

    Hi,   We need to schedule autmoated cache flushes and sync cache once a day. Does anyone know how to do this in an automated manner ?   - Raj
    Gururaj R
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  • Error 8755 - The specified plugin does not exist: ARSYS.ARDBC.PREVIEW

    Hi fellas,   We are facing this issue with only one person. He is trying to raise a CRQ but during the approval part it is not going through. We are getting this error →   Error 8755 - The specified...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • AR Application server getting Choked

    Dear All,   We have ITSM 9.1.04 along with smartit/Myit. ARS is installed in two servers in server group. Both the servers have 32 GB RAM and 16 Virtual processors. We have allocated 30 threads and Heapsize is 2...
    Vinayak Navada
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  • Install Remedy 8.1 and 9.1

    Hi,   I have a question, a client need to update the software and they have Remedy 8.1 they want to have de version 9.1.   They want the same servers, so my question is if I can install two versions of Rem...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • REST API Work-log Update Doesn't work

    Hi All,   I am trying to update an Incident Worklog using the below given POST REST API form and its body contents. The POST method returns only "204 No Content", while I take a look at the incident no worklog i...
    Gunasekaran Loganathan
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  • Midtier - Trouble with Session Affinity (Sticky bit) - need the opinion of a loadbalancer expert

    We have a little stress with our affinity session and I would like to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.   Our Loadbalancer admins attach great importance to a continuous ...
    Stefan Hall
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  • View Form Error 552

    Hi,   I creating a View Form from a external DB and when I try to save appear a message whit the error 552 (attach image of the error)   I also create a view form connecting to a other DB but it doesn&a...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • Few fields modified on Test_Archive Form.I have backup of Test Form but not of Test_Archive Form

    Few fields have been modified on Test_Archive Form which is an archival form of Test Form.I have backup of Test Form but not of Test_Archive Form.   Can I use Test Form to make it as Test_Archive Form as it was ...
    Vikas Mishra
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  • RBE Add WorkLog - Exclude Original Email

    Hi All,   Having finally migrated our Incident and Request Management functions from ITSM to Smart IT we are now looking to optimise and enable RBE.   One of the comments that has come out of our initial t...
    Ashley Foster
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  • A fresh 1902 installation lacks all IBxxx indexes - right or wrong?

    When I compare a fresh 1902 installation with an upgraded installation, we lack several thousand indexes in the fresh installation! A closer look reveals that 1902 no longer create IBxxx indexes.   Now the ques...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Remedy Api Question

    I am having trouble updating the status of a change ticket to "Completed".   I was able to create a ticket through the api using this end point /api/arsys/v1/entry/CHG:ChangeInterface_Create   When I try t...
    Sean Cheevers
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  • Disable TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1

    I'm looking for some guidance with regards to enabling TLS 1.2 and disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1.   I'm initially trying this on my Dev environment which consists of Remedy 9.1, SmartIT 1.5, MyIT 3.3, SmartReporting...
    John Cook
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  • How to Extract attachment data from SQL

    Is there a way to pull all ticket information with the attachments or if you can pull attachments on tickets with ticket number from SQL or any other way?     Please confirm  
    Nilesh Sawant
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  • Problem on ARS upgrade: .def failed to import.

    Hi people,   I'm facing to a difficult problem on my ARS upgrade from 9.1.04 => 19.02. Same error with 18.05 version. A rik command failed to make ARSystemServerGroupAdministration.def import.   RIKERR...
    Samuel Lambert
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  • ARerror 552

    Hi,   i am getting below error when escalation pushing values to BMC Person form.. AR Error :552 :Failure during SQL operation to the database, could any one help me out what could be the reason   Than...
    Srinivas NameToUpdate
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