• Help please - incident costings

    Good afternoon,   Friday afternoon and my brain is fried.   I've gotten as far as I can by trial and error - and now I know I need a mortar round under me to jump to the next level.   ------ Problem...
    Steve Mitchell
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  • AR Email Engine windows service couldn't start

    hi guys,   i have some issues here regarding the AR Email Engine Service in the windows platform. This happened after i tried to change the email engine services to use 32 bit java from 64 bit java. * i want to ...
    Ricky .
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  • Setting up replication to Read Only ARS database for Smart Reporting.

    sorry if this isn't the right place for this questions.   But is anyone using Smart Reproting with a Read only replciated ARS database in Oracle?  if so how are you replicating it?  How often are y...
    Randy Evans
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  • Source Control: exporting def files

    Hi,   While exporting def files from source control it creates a consolidated def file, how can I create a def file of every object separately not consolidated. Is there any script/plugin available to do that o...
    Siddharth Mahajan
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  • BMC Drift Management 8.1.01 installation issue (it displays a non-existent authentication failure and does not allow to continue the installation process)

    Hello everyone   I've been attempting to install BMC Drift Management but everytime I enter the correct data (which I've verified several times with people around here) I got the "Authentication Failed" error &#...
    Pedro Guerrero
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  • How do you remove the favicon.ico reference for Midtier 7.6.03

    Hi All,   We are currently running version 7.5 of the MT's and we are going to upgrade to 7.6.03 P2.   With the 7.5 MT there is no favicon set in the HTML generated and our framework's icon is used, with t...
    Paul Ryder
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  • Not able to log in to AR server - 9505 server not reachable

    Hi folks,   We have been facing this issue in our dev environment wherein we were not able to login at all.   Initially, we thought it was a memory issue, so I cleared some unwanted stuff and tried again. ...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • D2P - after DB backporting, all packages will be reinstalled, even if already installed on the server.

    I have observed a strange behavior, do you know it and what do you do about it?   Scenario Base: two environments (prod, qa), both version 18.08 and updated to patch 001 with D2P. Then I dumped the productive ...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Delta Data Migration - Unique Index Violation

    Hello experts,   I kindly ask you here for discussion / tips / ideas.   We are doing a Delta Data Migration. Source is a Production Platform and the time difference of DB Dump on Destination Platform is ab...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Approval Notification - New Signature

    Hi All,   There is a existing approval process configured for WOI:WorkOrder and has a Notification created for "New Signature" which has Notification Tag. We made it Inactive and created the other one and trigge...
    Raghavendra Mudagallu
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  • Best Practice for migrating transactional data from version 8.1 to 18

    Hi All,   Does anyone have experienced or any best practice reference on how to migrating transactional data (request, work order, incident, and their relation) from old version 8.1.01 to latest version 18.08? &...
    Mochammad Aditya
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  • Home page: Quick links

    Hi,   How can I make a form appear on the quiclinks list? Also, was searching; are default forms automatically configured to appear on the quicklinks list?  Was validating and they do not have the entryp...
    toty NameToUpdate
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  • Arapprov.log keep growing when Approval Debug Mode is disable

    Hi,   I have issue about approval log. Its still growing even the approval debug mode is turned off. I've tried to turn it on and then turn off the debug mode again. Any ideas why this happened?  
    Fritz Erlangga
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  • Smart Reporting issue

    Hello guys,   I have an issue with Smart reporting, i have a numbers of dashboards sometime it's working fine and some times it keeps loading and this error appear:   I can't figure out what is the problem...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • Service Broker Remoteaction.sh memory usage

    Hello,   Does anyone know if it is possible to limit memory usage for the remoteaction.sh process triggered by Service Broker on an AR Server? For example having multiple such processes running creates a high C...
    Catalin Pana
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  • REST API fields parameter

    Having read the docs (Operations on entry objects - BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation ) I try to limit the number of fields returned in response from REST API, but get en error.   Lets say...
    Mike Chepaykin
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  • How to validate an attachment (base 64 binary) in a web service

    Hello !!   I have created a web service that generates a record in a form with an attach file. This is the body of the method:   <urn:setAttachments> <!--Optional:--> <urn:AttachmentName&g...
    Sergio Tomillero
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  • How to take ARX report from Web for all fields in a form

    Hi Remedy Admin,   Since in the recent version of remedy we do not have BMC Remedy User Tool, it becomes difficult to take the backup of the records in arx format , in web report we could add individual  fi...
    Rajesh Talari
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  • ARS 9.1.04 compatibility with Oracle 18c

    Hello! We would like to know whether ARS 9.1.04 is compatible with Oracle 18c database. It is not listed explicitly among supported versions, but ARS 9.1 Release Notes say: "Oracle 11g2 or higher is supported". Any t...
    Zoltan Nemes
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  • Cannot build a Service Target as it is stuck in "Build in Progress

    Good Day,   May you please assist as i am trying to build service targets but they are stuck in "Build in Progress". I have enabled the logs the SLM preferences and i see the below error. I have attached the log...
    Loaone Seleka
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