• Application - Navigation Panel

    Hi all,   Since severals day ago we can not access using navigation panel. A message saying that No applications or entry points.   Could anyone have idea for the problem?
    Jose Meco
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  • Remedy on-premises architecture and ports configuration

    Hi, I have 2 questions: I am looking for a document that shows the architecture and  configuration of the ports between the 4 tiers:Client tier, Web tier, Server tier, Data tier. I am looking for a document sh...
    Eyal Kedem
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  • How to download all users list on Remedy?

    Hi, we using BMC Remedy 9.1.04 version. We want to download all users list info from BMC Remedy application? How to do that, please advice.   Thank you. Regards, Dwina.
    Dwina Andilla
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  • Active Directory Sync with Users Images

    Hello,   I have an inquiry,, Can I sync Users Profile Image (Personal Photo) if it stored in Active Directory?   Or at least, how we can fetch users images into people form and MyIT user profiles.   ...
    Mohammed Gharaibeh
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  • Cannot change license type of a user to Fixed more than 3 times in 1 week (ARERR 9090)

    We recently had to pay for overconsumption of licenses. So, to avoid charges in the future we modified several users from fixed to floating. After doing so - across the ARSys license and the sub-licenses (per module/p...
    Lorenzo Fletcher
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  • Is there a way to calculate time taken by each group on incident along with status updates?

    Is there a way to calculate time taken by each group on incident along with status updates? I am using smart reporting
    Swapnil Badwe
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  • Setup data

    Hi All, we have installed BMC Remedy 19.08 and this is the first time we are trying out BMC. Is there a way to import Master data and get a quick start?   Any inputs or pointers is highly appreciated.   Th...
    balaji suriyan
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  • Escalation causes ARERR 623

    I don't understand what happens here.   I have an escalation E1 that sets a display only filed on form F1.   That display only field on from F1 triggers a filter push fields action on form F2.   This...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • Remedy 19.0.8 Change Login Names

    We have a requirement to change all login names to abc\firstname.lastname, the data wizard will do this , but only one name at a time and we have 5000+ users that will need to be changed.  Has anyone done this be...
    Chris Fleming
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  • REST API Authentication with Remedy SSO

    I'm trying to setup a REST API call to AR System using Postman as described in various threads and the BMC Docs.   The issue I am having is with Remedy SSO.   Has anybody leveraged bypass URL to bypass...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication

    Folks,,   the requirement is to use microsoft multi-factor authentication mechanism along with RSSO. does any configuration required from SRRO side, or just to enable the multi-factor authentication in RSSO and...
    Mohammed Gharaibeh
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  • Remedy SRM Survey

    Hello Dears,   I want to make the survey working on Closed Status in SRM not on the Completed, Anyone can guide me how to change the workflow and what are the steps to achieve that??   Regards,
    Majd Alsadi
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  • Email Error (MAPITransport.java:38)

    Hi, I make a debug of AREmail and appear the following error:   DEBUG: Exception loading provider, THROW: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException         at sun.reflect....
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • Copy FORM A view to FORM B new view ?

    Dear's,   Is it possible can I copy the FORM A view to another FORM B new view ?   ex,   1.HPD:Help Desk view name default 2.Copy default view to ABC_Help Desk   Thanks, Rakesh
    Rakesh Rajasekar
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  • How to use filter prompt values in calculations in BMC SMart Reporting 19.02

    Hi Team,     In report requirement, wanted to use user prompt filter values in calculation. Is there any function available in smart reporting to get prompt values in calculated Field ?   For example...
    Meera Hande
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  • Where are a user's Saved Searches stored

    Hi I have a user who after an upgrade wants me to restore their old searches, they have a lot of them We are using preference server, are searches stored in the database somewhere or are they in a file?
    Rowan Lock
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  • how to get application data in remedy connector using rest api

    how to get application data in remedy connector using rest api
    shibin m
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  • Error "unable find service by name" for Integrating RSSO on ARS

    Hello! Windows Server platform Try integrate RSSO 19.08 on ARS 19.08 but get error - unable find servicce by name "C:\BMC\ARSystem\armonitor.exe"     At log file it's check servoces that not running: ...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Manager's Name+

    Am trying to update manager's name in people form for one of the users, but am getting the following error message  
    Mohaned Eltyeb
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  • Install Chatbot in BMC Remedy on premise 19.08

    Hello Community,   Can we have Chatbot in BMC Remedy on premise 19.08 or it's exclusive to Helix ?   Thanks,
    Omar Abushanab
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