• Startup failure on 18.05 with new Java version

    Hi,   ARMonitor fails to start my ARServer 18.05 in my test system on Linux.   This happened after I did pretty much nothing, but as it seems the Java had been automatically updated.   I changed the ...
    Misi Mladoniczky
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  • Can we get a support from "BMC support" on external BIRT tool which we use to generate reports?

    We have some problem with our report here. It looks like it is some general issue in reporting engine or drivers which are related to it. For some and not obvious yet reasons all columns in report starting form 13th ...
    Ľubomír Pervan
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  • Incident report to capture time spent on each status

    What would be the best way to generate an incident report based on a time span The report should capture the below fields. There should be only 1 row per incident.   incident number summary status - new time spe...
    Saurabh Malviya
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  • Ehcache error

    Hi folks   We are getting this error and it is impeding our business.   I got this from the mid tier logs -   <MTIER><TID: 0000000096> <CATEGORY:com.remedy.log.SESSION  > /* ...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • Branding RSSO

    Hi. We have 2 RSSO installed and we install 2 more. What we want to do is that the 2 new RSSOs have the same login page style as the ones that were already installed. The branding feature only allows you to change the...
  • How to use filter prompt values in calculations in BMC SMart Reporting 19.02

    Hi Team,     In report requirement, wanted to use user prompt filter values in calculation. Is there any function available in smart reporting to get prompt values in calculated Field ?   For example...
    Meera Hande
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  • Smart Reporting license?

    Good morning,   On the admin console of our Smart Reporting instance it says we only have 58 days remaining until the license expires, but I don't remember needing any kind of license to begin with.   Plea...
    Paul Bastin
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  • Remedy AD integration

    Hi All,   We have remedy and AD integration using LDAP. below is how it works:- the data from AD comes to a vendor form from where it is populated to a staging from via an escalationa nd then to people form via...
    Pawan K
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  • Database temporary Disconnected

    When database disconnects for few seconds or minutes, it causes the AR System hanged and would only be resolved by restarting AR System on all app servers.   we will have down times due to frequent security and...
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Remedy User long time to connect

    Hi, when I connect to AR Server by BMC Remedy User, on the AR Server, the connection time is about 20 sec. How I can investigate to find the bottleneck? I kwnow than Remedy User is not supported but I use it to the t...
    Alessandro Fenzi
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  • FT_Pending table entry count keeps increasing even after Disable FTS Indexer = True

    Hi All,   Please shed me some light.Thanks in Advance   ft_pending table is growing rapidly.      Configuration : ===================== Disable FTS Indexer = True Full-Text-Disable-Ind...
    M K
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  • Spanish Course Remedy

    Hi to all!!!   Reciently i searched courses, docs, guides and tutorials of BMC Remedy in language spanish, but not found, then i was think start a serie of courses for all spanish comunity and publish in courser...
    Jose Daniel Sosa Posadas
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  • Drill Through in Smart Reporting

    Experts,   We are on 9.1.04   We have reports created using Drill Through feature. It works fine for Smart Reporting admins where in they open parent report and can click on the value in column defined for...
    Sharvan Singh
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  • Smart IT mobile app SLA date format

    Hi Team,   Why does in smart it mobile app  the SLA status bar shows as "Next SLA in 1 week 'ago'" for future due date.   Please find attached screenshot.   Smart IT version id 19.02   I h...
    S B
    created by S B
  • Users are not able to change incident status

    Hi Team,   Few users are unable to change the incident status and receiving below error.   The SQL database operation failed. : ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit ORA-06512: ORA-...
    S B
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  • Private queue for specific user

    Hi All, I would like to know if there is any way to configure Remedy to use a specific private queue for a specific user. Is it possible to achieve this on 1808 version?
    Shankar Krishnamoorthi
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  • Different Excel Webreports from 9.1.07 compared to 8.1.02 ?

    Hi, we have upgraded our system from 8.1.02 to 9.1.07 (19.02). We are running RHEL6, midtier is on tomcat 8.5.39 and java OpenJDK 11.0.2. First, when I tried to export XLS files from 19.02, I've got an error. Found wi...
    Miroslav Horvath
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  • Change Management problem

    Hi,   I was wondering if someone can help me with this problem   ARS 7.1   It appears that since there have been restarts that the Change Console is not working as expected.   There are two Change ...
    Marouane Bourhane Eddine
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  • Email notification

    Hello,   I have a requirement to create an email notification whenever a particular support group transfer tickets to another group when outside of business hours. So how can we mention business hours in Run-if...
    Dhushanth Ganesan
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  • History WO and INC

    Hi,   Do you know where I can found all the history transition of the WO and INC since is created with what status until this moment?   I need for a report.   Thaks.
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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