• Attachment testing using SOAPUI

    Hi All,   I'm trying to test an Remedy WSDL file for attachment using SOAPUI. I'm following the steps mentioned in below link: SOAP Attachments and Files | SoapUI   I'm getting below error when I run t...
    Ankit Tiwari
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  • RBE trusted email address

    Is it able to use mask or wildcard for RBE rules to ignore emails ? We just need to get email from trusted domain only not all internet.
    Pavel Prokoshev
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  • SmartReporting 9.1 Upgrade to 20.02 failed with error THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Webservice call failed ::],Detail=[Not able to connect to provided Smart Reporting URL]},

    Hi,   is there anyone who tried to upgrade Smart reporting 9.1 to 20.02? I have problem with installation process. everything looks fine before I run the installation. I can access the smartreporting. but after i...
    Apriadhie Ramadhan
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  • Issue while creating fulfillment ticket from Service request

    Hello,   We are facing an issue with SRM module. The SR is getting stuck in Submitted status. And there is no error in CAI:Events form.   While investigating we found that the entry in CAI:Event form does ...
    Anuj Dua
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  • Need to automate terminated people records using Remedy REST API's

    Hi Team,   I wanted to automate the clean up of people records in remedy using rest api's. We get an auto email from ad team that whenever users left company will get a list of users in the email. Using this I ...
    JCP Remedy
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  • Authentication error accessing ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP vendor form after updating password.

    I am receiving error message trying to access ldap vendor form after updating the service accounts password on AD. The LDAP operation has failed :   javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 -...
    Steven Pataray
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  • ITSM Deployment Failure

    Hi All,   I`m facing some issues when i try to deploy an ITSM package using AR System Deployment Management Console as the following:   I`m facing the following error when i use ITSM 1908: so i`ve tried...
    Mohammad Jedayeh
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  • Incoming mailbox creating a entry

    Hi!   I have an issue regarding with incoming mailbox. Whenever I replied thru email it created a ticket.   Is there away that I can disable the function that whenever I reply thru email it will not create...
    Kevin Marvin Austria
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  • Remedy Mid-Tier Configuration

    Hello All,   Upon successful installation of BMC Remedy Mid-Tier, is there any configuration needed in order to integrate with the primary Remedy Ar System Server?   My initial thoughts are no because BMC ...
    Richard Carl
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  • ARERR 1440038 -       The following requester fields require information: First Name, Last Name, Company, Support Group, and Organization.

    Hello   Everytime we try to modify a CR, we get ARERR 1440038. Even though all the requester details are filled in. On taking logs, i can see that the AL CHG:CRQ:ChgRqstorBlank_038 is firing the message. Even th...
    Preeti RG
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  • Suppress Approval Server on silent install

    Does anyone know if you can suppress the installation of any of the "helper" applications? Specifically, Approval Server.   Thanks, Jay
    Jay Rohrer
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  • The customer would like to know which order is used to display outages for a specific asset. Currently the order seems random:

    The customer would like to know which order is used to display outages for a specific asset. Currently the order seems random:
    Amit Kenton
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  • Disabling Current Mode: Search

    Hi All,   We have a requirement to disable the top bar of the remedy form which shows "Current Mode: Search". This bar visible every time when we open this form in search mode.   Could you please let us k...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Can I pre-create database for smart report

    If I can not get sa access to SQL Server, is it possible to precreate database for Smart reporting like it can be done for AR Server installation?
    Uday Joshi
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  • 3rd part Web Service

    Hi Community,   I have to consume 3rd party web service in Remedy 9.1.   This WS has an operation to get list of records from external server. How I can store all records in Remedy Form.   Using filt...
    Inal Al Sharaa
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  • Smart IT set value for field

    Dear All,   I have a field and i need to set a value when some specific condition are met, now its working if its one condition but its not working if its have 2 condition like the below:   1 condition: (...
    Majd Alsadi
    created by Majd Alsadi
  • Report in Remedy Report console limited to 2000 entries

    I am using Remedy 20.02. While using native report console, any report whether Web or ARSystem does not give output of more that 2000 rows.   I have set following is ar.cfg Max-Entries-Per-Query: 6000 Server-...
    Uday Joshi
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  • Consuming REST API in 9.1.00

    Hi,   I am trying to use the custom plugin built by RemedyLegacy LJ LongWing Restful API Plugin – A Programming Legacy     However, after following the steps, i seem to get a different plugin ...
    Sherwin Russel
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  • Custom error message not showing up in smart IT

    Team,   I am facing some weird issue in smart IT 19.08. I am able to create and update tickets in smart IT but when there is any error message to be shown up during an update due to sem validation at that time n...
    Pawan K
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  • What is the name of the form for quick links in Applications

    Bonjour, I   I managed to access smartIT by going through Remedy ITSM, the only problem is that it is not in the right menu. I'd like to find that choice in the quick links.  Currently, it is placed in F...
    Chantal Blais
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