• Remedy 9 Smart Reporting - Freehand SQL - SubStr

    Hi all, good day and happy Fridays!   Wondering if there is an SQL wizard out there that could assist please.   I'm looking to search for a value, after X before Y.   I have the following, but having...
    Mark Breeze
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  • BMC Smart Reporting installation error

    Hi Experts,   We are doing fresh installation of BMC Smart Reporting on standalone server. Below are the environment detail :   Smart reporting version 19.08 OS Type : Linux Sever : Standalone (we are do...
    Saurabh Maheshwari
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  • Installing ARSystem- Using DB User as an Application User

    Hi Team,   What would be the consequences if the same ARAdmin (and its password) is used as Application User and DB User?   Thanks, Neha Pateria
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  • RestAPI User Name: ARAdmin From: <server> AR Error (623) Authentication failed : ARAdmin

    Hi Members,   I am getting the error "RestAPI User Name: ARAdmin From: <server>1 AR Error (623) Authentication failed : ARAdmin" in the arerror.log. Do I have to reset Application Service  password in...
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  • User can't change Title in Known Error Form in Knowledge Database

    Remedy Version 9.1.07 OneIT   A user can't properly create the Known Error entry in Knowledge Database. The problems are created when there is at least one image in any text field. With pure text, everything is ...
    Mateusz Gzowski
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  • error trying to find system form

    Hi Experts,   I have installed Remedy 9.1 and while staring service it show error in arerror.log as -   error trying to find system form,   Any idea what form it is trying to find?   Thanks, P...
    Pramod Devkate
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  • Oracle 18c support - Version 18.3.

    Hi, does anyone has upgraded his Oracle DB to the version 18.3. ? According to the docu, the current supported version of 18c is  18.1. We are on ARS 19.02 and are thinking on upgrade to 18.3.
    Miroslav Horvath
    created by Miroslav Horvath
  • Can you limit ticket priority settings by submitter?

    Is there a way to set a users ability to open a ticket in only a low status?  We have users who repeatedly open high priority tickets for low priority issue.  Thanks
    Kathy Martinez
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  • How to concatenate column values from Table List into a character field?

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to concatenate the column values of a Table List into a character field by using an Active Link Guide looping through all the rows of the Table List. Here is a graphic representatio...
    Cosmin Orhean
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  • How can I connect to the Smart Reporting configuration database?

    Please, I need help.   How can I connect to the Smart Reporting configuration database?   How do I open the database shell, to perform queries against the metadata?   Thanks a lot!
    Levi Tavares
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  • Problem restarting AR service.

    I am getting the following: Unable to restart Remedy AR System Server service. Event ID 4096, error "The Java Virtual Machine has exited with a code of -1, the service is being stopped"  The service stopped witho...
    Kathy Martinez
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  • How to get all related Task of a change in a Single row of BIRT report.

    I have a Birt report related to change and have some calculation based on the time spent for each Task. But in the report for each Task it is coming in different row for a same change ticket and messing my calculatio...
    Sameer Doshi
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  • Reduce minimum floating license timeout to 30 minutes

    Vote on this idea if you agree it would provide more efficient use of Remedy Floating Licenses. (wasn't my idea, but I voted it up)   There is an Idea in the Remedy AR System area to let us lower the floating l...
    Gilbert Fendrick
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  • Install Midtier or User Tool on local host?

    I cannot disable antivirus software on my server, nor can I create firewall rules. I cannot continue my install via the mid tier. I need to be able to add licensing and disable escalations via the server config form t...
    Christopher Janovich
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  • https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-122501 gone?

    We're trying to upgrade to ARS 19.08 on Linux and get that nice error   LOG EVENT {Description=[Failed to executed Add Indexes on Columns BTable Server Utilitiy com.bmc.arsys.artools.ARToolsException: Unable to ...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • SRM - Backend ticket not generated

    Hi Experts,   Remedy ARSystem verson-  8.1.   Today we faced with our SRM. Request number was getting generated but related backend ticket was not. I restarted the plugin and issue got resolved. But s...
    Saurabh Maheshwari
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  • Removing a server from a server group

    In AR Server version 9.1, it has been mentioned that : Server Group Member  - Indicates whether the server is a member of a server group. By default this option is selected and is not changeable. The information...
    Prajakta Iyer
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  • Custom Escalations are not triggering in a timely Manner / nor being listed in escalations log

    Hello,   We are observing a strange behavior that custom escalation created in our Production server are not triggering in a timely manner and they are not even listed in escalations logs. While other escalation...
    Dhananjaya Chinnaraju
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  • Smart Reporting license?

    Good morning,   On the admin console of our Smart Reporting instance it says we only have 58 days remaining until the license expires, but I don't remember needing any kind of license to begin with.   Plea...
    Paul Bastin
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  • Checking and Monitoring Remedy Database Size and Records

    One of the biggest questions you'll have when setting up a new Remedy environment is "How big will our Database get"?  This will drive so many different changes to your overall architecture.  Even well estab...
    Adam Lawson
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