• Remedy 9 - REST API - JWT Expiry

    Hi, Does anyone know how/where to set the JWT expiry?  I've seen it suggested that it's a server config value but can't see anything in ar conf that seems to do the job. Thank you, John
    John Adams
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  • Mid-tire Compatibility Tomcat 9

    We have got a vulnerability that related to Apache Tomcat.   Is tomcat 9 compatible with Remedy 19.02 ?
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Remedy Smart Reporting- is there a way to search for reports that contain a certain field?

    We have modified a field.  Is there a way to search or get a list of all reports (and their views if possible) that contain that field?
    Kristen Karl
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  • Deleting bulk People records in remedy itsm9.1

    Dear All,   I have a requirement to delete more than 4000 people records in remedy. Please let me know what are the possible ways to do that.
    S B
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  • How to configure overdue approval for BMC Service Request

    Hi all BMC Master,   We have customer request that every approval from SRM that passess 1 hours in state "Waiting Approval" will be Rejected automatically by system.   It seem that i have not yet successfu...
    Arie Retno
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  • API returns error for second function call: 'User is currently connected from another machine.'

    Hi All,   I am new to BMC API. I am trying to create an incident using api and I am trying to fetch details of newly created incident. Creation of incident is successful, however, if I use same token to get INC...
    Pratibha Gupta
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  • BMC Smart Reporting installation error

    Hi Experts,   We are doing fresh installation of BMC Smart Reporting on standalone server. Below are the environment detail :   Smart reporting version 19.08 OS Type : Linux Sever : Standalone (we are do...
    Saurabh Maheshwari
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  • Live Chat 19.08 Issue

    Hello experts,   I have the following error when enabling the Live Chat 19.08 in Smart IT :   HTTP Status 404 - /eschat/agent/   I have the latest version of AR,ITSM,Virtual Chat , etc...   All...
    rami ghoul
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  • Smart IT mobile app session time out

    Hello all,   I just want to ask about the session time out for the Smart IT mobile app, lets say when the agent log in to the Smart IT by the mobile app then he reserve a floating license for him, if he not work...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • Smart IT incident management stages

    Hello all,   Our customer asking about the stages in classical view for the incident management that is it exist in Smart IT or not?  like the image below:     Thank you
    Majd Alsadi
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  • Table Field Sort Order

    Hi All, I need a way to dynamically change the sort order of a table field using workflow only.  Does anyone know of a way to do this in ARS 6.3? Thanks, Marc
    Marc Simmons
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  • Ports used by Migrator?

    Hi everyone,   we are in the process of a Remedy Evergreen. New servers on Red Hat 7 and Oracle Database are installed with Remedy 18.05. My developer has installed Migrator and the connection times out when she...
    Benoit Petit
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  • How to consume REST web service in Remedy 9.1

    Greetings!!   Can someone help to find a way how to consume REST web service in Remedy 9.1 please.
    Karthikeyan Venkatesan
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  • Creating a tool for company and need some help with data source

    I am creating a tool in Excel that will make it more efficient to search for "Company" within Remedy, but I am unsure how to query the information into Excel via VBA.  Any and all information pointing in the righ...
    Cody Shanks
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  • More info regarding "arsystem.webreport.onscreen_max_concurrent_requests"

    Hi   Which log file can I interrogate to find the cause for the following error:   "Server is busy serving maximum number of reporting requests, please try after some time"   Regards Francois Ferreira
    Francois Ferreira
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  • Error(48255):Ticket Not Created through Web Service

    Mochan Solanki
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  • Active Directory Sync with Users Images

    Hello,   I have an inquiry,, Can I sync Users Profile Image (Personal Photo) if it stored in Active Directory?   Or at least, how we can fetch users images into people form and MyIT user profiles.   ...
    Mohammed Gharaibeh
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  • NextId not available in View form pointed to ARSCHEMA

    Howdy all!   In the past 7x I was able to create view forms on ARSCHEMA to search on name, schemaId, nextid, nextfieldid, etc. Just created a new view on ARSCHEMA on ARS version 1805 and there is no nextid avail...
    Yo Han Kim
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  • Error when to associate an Active Link with a Button

    I created an Active Link and associated with a button, then when I see the button attributes, the button has nothing associated   And when i search, My Active LInk is associated with other button but the id is n...
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  • Smart Reporting - SQL Database Transactional Replication?

    Environment: BMC Remedy 9.1.03 SQL Server 2016 Standard   We are configuring a standalone AR server with Smart Reporting using a read-only database. We are to be able to produce real-time dashboards, so we are...
    Jeff Brock
    created by Jeff Brock