• SQL Query to search on People form

    Hi folks   I am looking for an SQL query to search on my CTM: People form. Need to run this on my database - ('Client Type*' != "Vendor") AND ('Last Name*+' LIKE "Willia%")   This is a simple question act...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • Can a POC with every application be installed in only one server?

    Hi,   We are thinking to install the BMC AR System / ITSM / MyIT and Digital Workplace in the same server. Is this possible? Or we need to have another environment to that? This server would be a POC only, we ar...
    Marcus Carvalho
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  • I have a issue with connection at new database with clone server arsystem 9.1.04

    I just cloned my remedy servers (virtual windows servers) and created a new database in which I uploaded a backup of the production database. Arsystem is 9.1.04, database is sql server 2016. the arsystem service get...
    Lalo Vivanco
    created by Lalo Vivanco
  • How to archive records from parent, child and child's archive forms?

    Hello,   I have such business request in which I need to delete records - for GDPR purpose, from main form (parent "A") and all related forms (children "B", "C", "D", etc). Some of the child forms have its own a...
    Piotr Sadowski
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  • ARS1808 and server name in server group

    ARS1808/MS SQL Server Hello! Update from 9.1.04 to 18.08 and my workflow on form "Configuration ARDBC" (vendor) stop to work as it should. This form need me to determine the current server for substitution into the ...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Options for locking down the REST API?

    All,   I am trying to find a suitable way to limit the interactions via the ARS REST API, but I haven't had much luck.  I would like to limit the inbound requests to only "authorized" clients/users/systems....
    Ezra Wise
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  • Approval Mail not setting Request ID in Approval Mail

    Hi All,   I have created a Custom Approval Notification in which  the Approve and Reject link is there. I have used the OTB Email Template Approval_By_Email_Content_en which is used by the OTB Approval Noti...
    Abhishek Tiwari
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  • Display support groups based on logged in user

    Hello,   Can we create a support group which should be only visible for its members?   Thanks,
    Dhushanth Ganesan
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  • No Approvers visible within Additional Details of SRS Request Details

    Hi, within I have some problem. When users submit a request, where there is an approval behind, they dont see the approver details within SRS:Request Details. Everything works, aprovals also,but they dont...
    Miroslav Horvath
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  • Version Control for Devops

    Hi Everyone,         Do we have a tool to handle version control and to integrate with Devops?   Thank you Haytham
    Haytham Hosny
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  • Apache Tomcat services had consumed 100% of CPU utilization in Remedy Midtier server

    Hi,   Remedy web link was down due to Apache Tomcat services had consumed 100% of CPU utilization in Remedy Midtier server. We had killed the process and restarted the service then the CPU utilization becomes no...
    Roopadevi HR
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  • Add license "ARERR [130] One of the entries in the character menu is invalid."

    Hi All,   I installed Remedy AR 9.106 on Windows 2008  r2  Enterprise stand alone server. Now when I am adding the license I am getting below error. "ARERR [130] One of the entries in the character me...
    Varsha Mundra
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  • ARS9.1 Custom field overview console

    Hello! ARS9.1.04/Oracle Can I forward a field directly from the form SRM:Request to overview console? At SHR:ARDBCFields i can select event like MAINCHANGE or MAINHELPDESK and etc. but can i select Request?
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Assign Service Request to specific person

    Hello all,   There is a department in my project that need to assign the service requests to a specific people not to a group (Example: some requests are assigned to person A.and some to person B and etc.  ...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • Getting 390603 : Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server : <servername>.xxx.com (9999) REMEDY.ARF.CAI : RPC: Miscellaneous tli error - System error (Connection refused) (ARERR 8760)

    Hi All,   In one of our application production server we noticed the below error is continuously captured in the arerror.log file.   390603 : Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In ...
    JCP Remedy
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  • ARS 9.1 and ARWARN 66

    Hello! ARS9.1/Oracle At system, if search records at global search, users (not all) has warning - ARWARN [66] The query matched more than the maximum number of entries specified for retrieval and record not find (but...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Effective Transport for BMC Remedy ITSM

    Where can find Effective Transport for Remedy ITSM to download?
    Alfia Fisher
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  • ARERR 303 when importing def file - overlay vs. custom

    I am trying to import .def files, via the 18.5 Dev. Studio, from an ARS 8.0 server to an ARS 18.8 server.  Both systems are in Best Practice Customization Mode.  When I attempt to import certain active links...
    Joe Castleman
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  • Smart Reporting | Splitting Checkboxed items into list

    When requests come in through MyIT as a checkbox with multiple items they are concatenated with a semicolon.   I thought about using the SQL Replace() function to replace the ; with a | so Smart Reporting automa...
    Joseph Ruiz
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  • Poor Smart Reporting performance probably due to AR System SQL generation

    Hi Experts, to focus more on AR SQL generation, I have created this spin off of We want to start, but our Smart Reporting is very slow ((goes more in the direction of missing caching). --- We want to use Smart Repo...
    Stefan Hall
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