• ARS 9.1.04 compatibility with Oracle 18c

    Hello! We would like to know whether ARS 9.1.04 is compatible with Oracle 18c database. It is not listed explicitly among supported versions, but ARS 9.1 Release Notes say: "Oracle 11g2 or higher is supported". Any t...
    Zoltan Nemes
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  • Can I create a custom table in ARSystem and then create its view form?

    For a workaround in SmartReporting, I had to create a custom table in ARSystem database that pulls data from other databases. I am unable to create its view form in Developer studio. Is this something not possible?
    Kishan Barai
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  • D2P - after DB backporting, all packages will be reinstalled, even if already installed on the server.

    I have observed a strange behavior, do you know it and what do you do about it?   Scenario Base: two environments (prod, qa), both version 18.08 and updated to patch 001 with D2P. Then I dumped the productive ...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Cannot build a Service Target as it is stuck in "Build in Progress

    Good Day,   May you please assist as i am trying to build service targets but they are stuck in "Build in Progress". I have enabled the logs the SLM preferences and i see the below error. I have attached the log...
    Loaone Seleka
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  • Service Broker Remoteaction.sh memory usage

    Hello,   Does anyone know if it is possible to limit memory usage for the remoteaction.sh process triggered by Service Broker on an AR Server? For example having multiple such processes running creates a high C...
    Catalin Pana
    created by Catalin Pana
  • Approval Notification - New Signature

    Hi All,   There is a existing approval process configured for WOI:WorkOrder and has a Notification created for "New Signature" which has Notification Tag. We made it Inactive and created the other one and trigge...
    Raghavendra Mudagallu
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  • Emojis causing ERROR (9130) while calling Orchestrator

    Hi Experts, We have a use case where we call BMC Atrium Orchestrator process with the content of a free text field and the filter that calls the orch ends up in the below error if the text being passed has any emotic...
    Arun Kumaar Gunaseelan
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  • Change a Users password via API

    I need to set a bunch of user passwords in remedy, so that we can use the mobile app.  I would like to use the API to do this, but it looks like the password is encrypted so I need to know how to encrypt the pass...
    Ross Jurek
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  • Delta Data Migration - Unique Index Violation

    Hello experts,   I kindly ask you here for discussion / tips / ideas.   We are doing a Delta Data Migration. Source is a Production Platform and the time difference of DB Dump on Destination Platform is ab...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Remedy-ARS-MIB file import error

    When we import the Remedy-ARS-MIB file(that comes within the arsystem server ), ıt gives the below error. Can you please help on this?         Found 2 error(s), 20 warning(s). Error: [Remedy-ARS...
    Ibrahim Salatan
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  • Java API - Any way to determine if an entry passes a qualification?

    With the AR Java API is there anyway to determine if an Entry object passes a qualification? I am looking for a method that would let me take an Entry object and a QualifierInfo object and return true or false if the ...
    Brit Weller
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  • ARERR 456 when try to apply change at Administration console ARS18.08

    Hello! ARS18.08/MS SQL Server After update from 9.1.04 to 18.08 at administration console show error message 456 when try to apply changes. "Правка макрокоманд" - it is translate like "edit macros"   The cha...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • How to validate an attachment (base 64 binary) in a web service

    Hello !!   I have created a web service that generates a record in a form with an attach file. This is the body of the method:   <urn:setAttachments> <!--Optional:--> <urn:AttachmentName&g...
    Sergio Tomillero
    created by Sergio Tomillero
  • Create file with CRLF (0A 0D) ARS9.1.04

    Hello! ARS9.1.04/RedHat7.4/Oracle Try to create file (.txt) with data from remedy (use for save at client side process PERFORM-ACTION-SAVE-ATTACHMENT). For creation of newline use template like: "text1 = " + $abc$ +...
    Sergey Smirnov
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  • Smart Reporting issue

    Hello guys,   I have an issue with Smart reporting, i have a numbers of dashboards sometime it's working fine and some times it keeps loading and this error appear:   I can't figure out what is the problem...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • Operational categorization in Service request Definition

    I am using service request definition to create a form for initiating Change request through digital workplace.   However am not sure how to set a operational categorization in the forms as I need Tier 2 to be p...
    Amritha k
    created by Amritha k
  • Best Practice for migrating transactional data from version 8.1 to 18

    Hi All,   Does anyone have experienced or any best practice reference on how to migrating transactional data (request, work order, incident, and their relation) from old version 8.1.01 to latest version 18.08? &...
    Mochammad Aditya
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  • RSSO redirection issue

    18.08 Description of the issue: Installed RSSO on the same box as AR Server and Mid Tier. installed RSSO integration with AR server Installed RSSO integration with Mid tier. Configured RSSO to use AR authenticatio...
    Guruprasad Balachandra
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  • Capturing IP address and Hostname

    Hi all,   We are trying to capture Ip address and hostname of the client PC, Provided below are the scripts and work flows that we are trying.   For some reason the script does not work in AR System versi...
    Anjay R
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  • Ports and Queues on a server group environment

    Good Day,   We have two app servers which i can see that the escalation threads are configured but they do not have the same values. Can this cause that some escalations not to run because i can see on our escal...
    Loaone Seleka
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