• SMTP issue after migrating mailbox to O365

    Hello,   We moved our remedy mailbox from on-prem to O365 and after the mailbox migration. One of sender shows as display name instead of full SMTP and it does not create any work orders in Remedy system!  ...
    Ozzie Shahmadar
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  • Audit User Login Events

    Hi All,   One of our customers would like audit user login events, while making a distinction between DWP and Smart IT users.   This requirement can be (mostly) implemented by activating user logging, stor...
    Adi Leibowitz
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  • AppDynamics integration with Remedy AR System

    Hi we are trying to integrate AppDynamics with AR System. We thought that the best is to put the configuration into the arserver.config but somehow the new added agent doesn't work. I am wondering if someone has al...
    Maximilian Jost
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  • Remedy slow with functional indexes in version 19.08 & 20.02

    We were doing upgrade from 9.1.04 to the 19.08 and later to the 20.02.   DB: Oracle 12c ( Some key tables: count(*) on HPD_Help_desk - 340131 records count(*) on SRM_Request - 331052 records  ...
    Samo Puharic
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  • ITSM_1902_Package Deployed With Errors

    Hello,   ITSM 1902 package was deployed with errors .   Content Type : Add Packing List   Content Description : 18.08:HPD:This Packing List contains the names of AR objects (forms and workflow)  ...
    Tamilselvan Parameswaran
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  • Related to View Field

    Hi, Currently I have created a View Field and  in that View Field we are showing the ticket status in progress through using an external web page .So example if the status of the ticket is "New" then the View fi...
    Swati Sharma
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  • Ideas to review Work Order details from a Task

    Hello BMC Communities:   As you already know, in the last versions of ITSM the permissions have changed. Now you cannot see all the Company tickets, just those assigned to one of your support groups. This is a g...
    Miguel Campoy
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  • Alternative to J2EP for Rest Api

    Hello folks,   Anybody know of an alternative to J2EP for redirecting Rest Api calls from mid-tier to Remedy App server? Willing to run redirector on Tomcat or IIS.   Thanks and Regards Paulk
    Paul Nel
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  • "Current mode: Search" bar is not showing in custom IC class forms

    How can I enable this toolbar?     I tried some config in developer studio and nothing worked.
    Wilder Andreatta
    created by Wilder Andreatta
  • Related to form View

    Hi , Is it possible to determine the homepage view name in ARsystem User freference Home page tab in the Form Name field ? Actually there is a requirement to change the UI of an application so normally when we login...
    Swati Sharma
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  • Form View Workflows

    Hi , Need a help regarding the form view workflow,The scenario is as follows:   By giving my credentials I m logging in BMC remedy so initially my BMC_Task_Manager OLD View is getting opened and once this windo...
    Sri Vardhan
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  • Can't login to mid tier happens daily

    Hi All,   I got this issue,  i can't login to the mid tier because something wrong with the ar server. but after i restart the ar server service i can login to the mid tier. it's always happens everyday. &#...
    Ricky R
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  • Regarding collapsible panels

    Hi, Can anyone help me how to remove the scroll bar from a collapsible panel ? I have created a collapsible panel and in that there are 4 panels added and when i seeing that in web the scrol bar is coming so users ar...
    Swati Sharma
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  • ITSM Deployment Failure

    Hi All,   I`m facing some issues when i try to deploy an ITSM package using AR System Deployment Management Console as the following:   I`m facing the following error when i use ITSM 1908: so i`ve tried...
    Mohammad Jedayeh
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  • Inssues at configuration Flashboard - Remedy  9.1.04

    ARERR [8755] The specified plug-in does not exist. : REMEDY.ARDBC.FLASHBOARD.FORM ( at DevStudio i not saw too a vendor plugin)   I need help configuring the flashboard vendor form plugin. I already configured t...
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  • Error whjile onboarding users in smart reporting

    Hi everyone,   appreciate your help .. am facing issue while onboarding users in Smart reporting 20.02 fresh installation. AR is 20.02 as well..   am getting generic error at the final step before it start...
    Owis Moustafa
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  • Turning OFF Case Sensitivity on OracleDB for Remedy App - Experiences ?

    Hi guys. We get often complains from our end users, that they face issue with our Remedy, because our Oracle DB was during the installation configured with Case Sensitivity turned ON. So, when users connect to Remed...
    Miroslav Horvath
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  • How can I add two integer fields in smart reporting?

    Thank you! Tammy
    Tammy Ding
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  • How to import SRD Entitlements?

    We have more than 100 SRD and need to add one Entitlement Rule to every SRD. Is there a way to import Entitlement Rules. I found a Form ENT:EntitlementInterface which seems to go in the right direction, but i do not...
    Matthias Werninghaus
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  • Error in plugin : BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEXT null (ARERR 8753)

    Hi All,   In our production environment getting below error after our DB team performing patching activity   Error in plugin : BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEXT null (ARERR 8753)   Please help in fixin...
    JCP Remedy
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