• Converting inetorgperson lastLogonTimestamp to human readable format

    I created an inetorgperson Vendor form to access my ldap Active Directory data. I have a separate display form and would like to pull the lastLogonTimestamp date (and others) to a character field or date field so it c...
    Steven Pataray
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  • Arabic Text sent via Webservice issue

    As part of a functionality, Remedy is consuming third party webservice and sending them a Character field containing Arabic text, but the field value is appearing null at their end. Checked Webservice logs and found ...
    Kritika Prajapati
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  • Is there any possible way to calculate the time spent on each status? I'm using Smart Reporting 9.1

    s there any possible way to calculate the time spent on each status? I'm using Smart Reporting 9.1. It seems that i'm missing the history on status..Is this stored somewhere?
    Raluca Mlaceanu
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  • Change password requirement when loggin in RSSO

    Hi!   I just want to ask if how am I going to make the user change their password before logging -in.   Please take note that I'm going to do this with an RSSO.   I've already enable the user to chan...
    Kevin Marvin Austria
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  • Incident report to capture time spent on each status

    What would be the best way to generate an incident report based on a time span The report should capture the below fields. There should be only 1 row per incident.   incident number summary status - new time spe...
    Saurabh Malviya
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  • Add custom notification for SRM:Request

    Dear all,   I have a custom fields in SRM:Request and i want to use them in SYS:Notification Message to send email notification.   Any one give me the clear steps to do it, i read many discussions but i di...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • ReconciliationMergeStatus behavior?

    Experts,   We are on 9.1.04   We have one use case where ReconciliationMergeStatus attribute is not getting updated to "Ready To Merge" From "Merge Done". May be its expected behavior because that update i...
    Sharvan Singh
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  • Display an active web page in a Remedy form

    I know this can be done, but I simply forgot how to do it.
    Scott Carpenter
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  • https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-122501 gone?

    We're trying to upgrade to ARS 19.08 on Linux and get that nice error   LOG EVENT {Description=[Failed to executed Add Indexes on Columns BTable Server Utilitiy com.bmc.arsys.artools.ARToolsException: Unable to ...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • Flashboards: Dynamic Qualifications

    Hi all   I have built a Flashboard which shows historical values. Now I need to create some dynamic qualifications for the Flashboard - so e.g. to limit the time scale of the x-axis. I read the corresponding s...
    Helmut Pfeiler
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  • Reconciliation identification rules

    Hi,   I am working with reconciliation job.   I see that identification rules for several CIs doesn´t works.   Identification (and merge) is working over records with hostname(Integration) != ...
    Jose Rodriguez
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  • Upgrade from 9.1 to 18.08 - staged or in-phase?

    Hi,   We are thinking in upgrade our AR System from 9.1.02 to 18.08. We read the documentation available at bmc site and we saw that there are two ways to do this upgrade: in-phase and staged.   We searche...
    Marcus Carvalho
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  • What is difference between AROutput and CMDBOutput step and difference between ARInput and CMDBInput..?

    CMDB data is getting stored on join forms so we can create or update it using AROutput step instead of using CMDBOutput step so what is difference between this steps
    Amol Bodhe
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  • SQL query to delete users from CTM:People

    Hi Experts,   How to delete users in CTM:People from directly using SQL query? In which tables information about these users will be stored?   I know it’s not good to delete records directly from ba...
    Sandeep K
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  • Got a good one for ya, Armonitor just sits there and does not start  RestApiActivator

    Here is the issue. We are trying to upgrade from 9.1.03 to 9.1.05 on our way to 9.1.07. I ran the upgrade on our admin server part of a 4 server setup (1 admin, 3 server group members) The upgrade failed because the...
    Joseph Newmark
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  • KB 000160561 download not working

    We're trying to install the security patch for Mid Tier 19.08. Didn't work but we found this Unable to deploy Midtier 18.08 patch 1 deployment package on 9.1.04 server - ERROR 9713, ERROR 306   But there are tw...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • Getting timeout ARERROR-93 while running the Escalation

    Hi All,   We have written an escalation. It should run after every 300 sec when it meets its criteria. Sometime we are getting the Time-out error when escalation is triggering. We tried to run the  escalati...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Thread deadlock on pool-Fast-thread AR Server

    Hi, I have an abnormal situation in a server group enviroment: sometime happens threads deadlock error involving a pool-Fast-thread. One RMI TCP Connection vs pool-Fast-thread and other pool-ARSchedulerJob-thread v...
    Alessandro Fenzi
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  • Can we install the 2 Mid Tier and 1 AR server in Same VM Server

    HI All,   We have one challenging while migrating the B2B customer in remedy.   - Customer is having 1 VM , in 1 VM 1 ARS and 1 Mid-tier is running in Http. Can we install 1 more mid-tier on same VM ? - I...
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  • How to make RSSO services automatic restart post reboot of linux server?

    Hello Guys, I am not able to make tomcat services of rsso restart automatically post reboot of linux servers. I have NAME="Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server" VERSION="7.7 (Maipo)" ID="rhel"     RSSO Ver...
    Vaibhav Kapoor
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