• Application-Get-Next-Recurrence-Time with recurrence custom form

    Hi,   Under ARS 7.6, I've created a custom form with all field from 2300 to 2341 for the recurrence management which is called Support-GenerationActivites.   I've create an active links that calculates a d...
    Chantale Simard
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  • Can we setup a followers capability in Remedy for tickets like twitter?

    Is it possible to allow users to follow a ticket (like Twitter) based on interest (only if are allowed access to the ticket) and then get notifications on changes within the ticket?
    Jacques Tessier
    created by Jacques Tessier
  • ReOpen URL to be published on SR ticket Resolution notification

    Hi All,   We have received a request to publish a Re-Open URL on an email notification, once the SR ticket(REQ) is Completed/resolved.   Here most of SR tickets are mapped to create an INC ticket automatic...
    Kunal Pishe
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  • Patch not installed on mid tier

    Hi, I tried to install the patch 2 for version 9.0.00 on the mid tier server, but the process setup find only the BMC Smart Reporting to apply the patch. After the installing procedure the mid tier view the 9.0.00 2...
    Alessandro Fenzi
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  • Customize the Task form

    we are trying to add resolution categories to task form and to apply the SLA process, but it is not applicable to add fields to task form. please advice.
    Dawood Yawanseh
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  • Graph Query support for BMC Remedy

    Hi ,   just out of curiosity, Is there Graph Query support for BMC Remedy currently? or is there a plan to include the same in future?   If supported currently, is there any documentation for the same? ...
    Karthick Krishnan
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  • How can a Date/Time or Numeric fields, i can change to this format 2019-01-01T00:00:00

    Please help me with your thoughts?
    praveen kumar
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  • Error OSB-380000 on Webservice consumption

    Hello everybody,     I´m trying to consume a Webservice that I´ve configured, but I´m getting an error:     OSB-380000: General runtime error: com.bea.wli.sb.security.Credentia...
    Paola Franco
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  • Staging form of physical location needs to be migrated to BMC physical location class through spoon please confirm the steps in spoon job of pentaho

    Staging form of physical location data needs to be migrated to BMC physical location class through spoon please confirm the steps in spoon job of pentaho.   Team,   I have used ARInput from Staging Form to B...
    Vikas Mishra
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  • Incident & Change Form field values modifiable by Incident Manager only after status=Closed

    Hi All,   Recently i have created few AL, which will make the fields (eg: Notes,Summary,ops Cat1,etc) as read only once the status is set to Closed on Incident and Change forms. Which is running successfully. ...
    Kunal Pishe
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  • Jetty with openjdk issues

    Hello, We have recently upgraded our AR servers/ITSM from version 18.08.001 to 19.02 and using now openjdk 11.0.2. Since the upgrade jetty is working intermittently and because of openjdk it is having issues in recog...
    Danut Mosescu
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  • RSSO redirect the DWP to the HTTP URL

    I'm trying to access the https://dwp.***/ OR https://smartit.***/ then the login page of the rsso ask for username and password , then the rsso redierct me to the http://dwp.***/dwp OR http://smartit.***/smartit not h...
    Dawood Yawanseh
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  • In Developer Studio, when opening objects or modifying gives an error "Unknown system error; org.springframework.transaction.TransactionSystemException: Could not commit JPA transaction"

    This is a known issue,   Remedy - Server - In Developer Studio, when opening objects or modifying gives an error "Unknown system error; org.sprin…   and the solution, to reset the 'Record Object Re...
    Kelly Logan
    created by Kelly Logan
  • Approval based on IP range entered by user

    Dears   I have a requirement to do the below and hope someone can help me in this   I have SRD that has 2 text input fields   Field 1:source IP Field 2 :destination IP   The approval should...
    Sameer AlOmari
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  • Error while executing Remedy web service

    While executing set operation of Remedy web service (I'm testing using SoapUI), I get an error that does not tell much, just                 ...
    Bojan Furlan
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  • Custom Spoon job gets stopped when run in atrium integrator con

    i created a custom spoon job and its working fine from the spoon client but when run from atrium integrator console. It runs and then goes to stop state. In transformation log it just saya connected to server and then...
    Pawan K
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  • Remedy upgrade from V 7.6 to 19.x

    Hello,   We have a task of upgrading BMC Remedy from ver 7.6 to the latest 19.x. Any suggestions for best approach.     va
    V A
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  • Use of Platform/Innovation Studio

      Hello, I have a question about Innovation Studio/Platform, I understand that with it you can develop your own applications, but with this you can also modify the ootb forms of itsm as Help Desk, Change ....? T...
    Roxenis Sanoja
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  • Time addtion in date and time field

    Hi All,   I m trying to create a workflow which should calculate the time after a certain period (i.e 30 minutes) wrt to date and time value available in the field(i.e up Time, Actual Incident Time)   Plea...
    Amit Sambyal
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  • Password Change - Timeout during database update

    Hi, within 19.02 I'm facing issues on PROD server. When I change user password within Remedy, and user connect to Remedy, he gets window for password change. While in our TEST system it works without a problem, in th...
    Miroslav Horvath
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