• Invisible custom field.

    Hi Experts,   I've added a new custom field, specifically in Incident form. It has been added well in Mid-Tier, Smart IT (create Incident view), but it's invisible in incident view.   Notes: I've added t...
    Mohammad Jedayeh
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  • ITSM_1902_Package Deployed With Errors

    Hello,   ITSM 1902 package was deployed with errors .   Content Type : Add Packing List   Content Description : 18.08:HPD:This Packing List contains the names of AR objects (forms and workflow)  ...
    Tamilselvan Parameswaran
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  • Push Fields - Create a new entry on no results found

    Good morning Remedy community; I have a tricky one...   I have a new requirement.   If one of the apps that integrates with our custom ARS application consumes a get operation on one of our published web s...
    Phillip Brockhaus
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  • Upgrade from 9.1.02 to 9.1.04,ARS installer fails and rolls back due to failure in RIK Command

    All the checks in the config checker were successfully treated.   When i ran the ARS installer (had to use root access as there were errors in copying folders), the installer ran for 14 minutes, and in the end w...
    Harsh Baua
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  • Modifying Remedy Web Service Response

    Hi All,   I have an issue while integrating with a third party using SOAP Web Service. The issue is they want a synchronous response in very specific format.   They want the response in below format(all x...
    Rohit Varshney
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  • Server Timezone Offset Show Incorrect Time Zone

    Hi Experts!   Our user complaint that on the Change Approval email template, the 'Server Timezone Offset' shows 'GMT7' while when checked on 'Server Time Zone' is already in GMT8. How can we amend this? &#...
  • Create an entry with attachments

    I read the Remedy document and tried to use the REST API. If I have an attachment and try to call REST API, I always got a bad request.   Could you help me out? Thanks.     Request Header Url: https:...
    Jason Liu
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  • SRD Approval Issue.

    Hi all,   I am facing a problem with the approval when i create an SRD in which when i make a new request, the ticket shows that the status is "waiting approval", but the concerned person does not receive the no...
    Mohammad Jedayeh
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  • How to create a report with more than 2,000 records?

    Hello, greetings to the community. I use BMC Remedy Mid Tier 9.1. I need to generate and export a report to excel with more than 2,000 records. I have tried from "reporting console" but it only allows me 2,000 recor...
    Emerson Ramos
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  • Email Box Configration

    Hi,   In the BMC, is there any possibility of that we can use to different email domains ?   Explanation: I have configured one incoming email mailbox function and one outgoing mailbox function. So, all cu...
    Sri Vardhan
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  • How to insert a work log when the incident status change?

    How to insert a work log when the incident status change?. I think that is OBB functionality but i cant find it.     Thanks
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  • Remedy 5 slow

    Hi BMC Support.   I got a AR system 5 always slow and need reboot service to resume. Can help to send me to info to fix ? Many thanks
    Kin Yip Lui
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  • http://arinside.org/ is down

    Anybody knows what´s wrong with http://arinside.org/. It´s down:-(
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Smart Reporting Oracle Data Guard?

    Hi Experts,   For AR we can setup Oracle Data guard and mention both primary and standby instance details in ar.cfg and in DR situation we don't need to change anything manually(https://docs.bmc.com/docs/brid91/...
    Sharvan Singh
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  • ARS File Deployer not working as it should

    Hello guys, Need your help! We have installed two new AR servers 20.02 in server group.  When trying to import the deployment packages from the primary one we get the following error from the file deployer: ...
    Svetoslav Iliev
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  • How to get Values of SRD Questions from Database?

    How to get Values of SRD Questions from Database?
    Amit Kenton
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  • Active Link Guide on Multiple Selected Rows from 2 Different Tables

    Hi,   I have 2 tables in a Display only form, pulling records from 2 different forms. Both the tables have multiple selection enabled.   Selected records from Table 1 has to be pushed to Table 3 (form 3),...
    Sherwin Russel
    created by Sherwin Russel
  • Install/use Atrium Core only

    Hello, is it possible to install and use only ARSystem and Atrium Core (without ITSM)? To be honest, nobody ever asked me such question and I am not sure what is the answer.   Regards, Rob
    Robert Radwanski
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  • Remedy AR Licence issue

    I have recently installed Remedy AR System Server and Remedy Mid Tier on two separate servers. I have attained a temporary licence which I have added to the AR system.   I am now attempting to install Atrium CM...
    Ryan K
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  • During WO creation with template WOI:WorkOrderInterface_Create and getting error -Required field cannot be blank WOI:WorkOrder : Business Service

    Hello Team,   Can you please suggest why this template (WOI:WorkOrderInterface_Create) is referring to WOI:WorkOrder : Business Service.   I tried through rest API with this URL -https://XXXX/api/arsys/v1/...
    venkatesh visam
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