• Remedy Web Service ends with name but cannot create web service; error code 5245: Web service Publishing Location must end with web service name

    Not sure if I found a defect or not with Remedy ARS. Version is OS is Windows Server 2012 R2.   Was trying to create a Remedy Web Service today in Remedy Developer Studio. Nothing crazy. Very basic. ...
    Jeff R
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  • Can't see my disk drive

    Hi all,   Can you help us on this problem please?   our service desk team are not able to view client$ drive folder from local remedy all of sudden, this client$ drive is used to view the files from the lo...
    Marouane Bourhane Eddine
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  • System notifications to Support Staff vs. Customer

    Greetings,   One of our support staff was listed as a customer on a ticket and received an email notification saying that the ticket was Completed. He asked why the link in the email notification didn't take him...
    Kyle Smithey
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  • 19.02 Vendor form ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP - getting only 1990 entries out of 6000 over escalation

    Hi. I need some advice. We have migrated our TEST system from 8.1.02 to the 19.02.001. Everything works ok, except one thing. We have a VENDOR form connected to ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP and within it, we took some fields to ...
    Miroslav Horvath
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  • REST API Parameter Encoding

    We're using SoapUI to query a REST API Web Service. It looks like it's forcing me to use HTML type of encoding i.e. /api/arsys/v1/entry/User?q=%27Request+ID%27+%3D+%22000000000000204%22 instead of more user friendly a...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • Pushing "Locale" value in "AR System User Preference" form.

    Hi everyone,   We are using :      - AR System version: 18.08      - ITSM  version: 18.08      - Oracle BD     I'm trying to change...
    Pascal Lalonde-Brodeur
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  • SmartReporting Error while accessing through SmartIT for some users

    Hi all, When I click on Reports via SmartIT i get below error. ServiceException: Incorrect report server url mentioned in the report server settings.   I've verified the reporting server name and reporting ...
    Dawood Yawanseh
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  • Email approval Error in Change management

    Hi , I am getting below error while approving change ticket by email.   Getting below mail. Your approval / rejection could not be recorded successfully.     Error No: 46416 Message: You are not c...
    Ramanee Samal
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  • In myIT, on the right side window box or pane, I used to be able to use () parenthesis and it will hide the Similar Items or Resources window that saves me real estate to view my article. It no longer works for me. Has anyone done the same?

    Tess Pfeiffer
    created by Tess Pfeiffer
  • java.lang.RuntimeException: Central Log Store is not initialized!!!

    When we start our server we see on the Solaris Console Java.lang.RuntimeException: Central Log Store is not initialized!!!   Any idea what that means and how to get rid of it?   Attached start.txt which co...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • RSSO token to REST API auth

    Hello!   We have RSSO with AR System 9.1. Currently, for a project, I got a requirement to use REST API and make calls from a custom View (which points to a page on mid-tier) back to Remedy. I found this article...
    Yuliya Melikhova
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  • Blank password from User Form

    Hi All,   Is there a way to know if the password field is blank or not from the User form? I need to know if the user has a local password. The External authentication is on with cross Reference Blank Password....
    Dennis Pereira
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  • What kind of token format is used in RSSO oAuth2?

    Hi all!   Different version documentation for Remedy SSO show different types of Bearer tokens, such as a hex string, JavaWebToken and I guess another hex type with separators. Which is correct? Is it possible...
    Yuliya Melikhova
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  • Connect external seach engine to Remedy indexes

    Is there anyone who has experience in connecting a external search engine to index databases in Remedy? For example make FindWise i3 index knowledge articles and other stuff so search results can be presented to users...
    Jonas Henning
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  • Can't find dependent libraries...

    I am having a problem: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\bsin050.EC\Workspace\check\lib\win71p1\lib\arapi71.dll: Can't find dependent libraries.   I have tried everyting, settin...
    Balraj NameToUpdate
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  • ARS Rename (arsrename) -del flag

    Hi,   I am following the guidance on migration of a database from one environment to another and attempting to follow the ARS Rename steps (link below). All goes well until i try and use the -del flag to prevent...
    Andy Rogers
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  • Failed to find any suitable JVM to launch

    Hi,   Please help, I'm installing atrium integrator client to a server, and after clicking the installer, it propmts me an error:   "Description: Failed to find any suitable JVM to launch"   What sho...
    McHarry Chito
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  • https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-122501 gone?

    We're trying to upgrade to ARS 19.08 on Linux and get that nice error   LOG EVENT {Description=[Failed to executed Add Indexes on Columns BTable Server Utilitiy com.bmc.arsys.artools.ARToolsException: Unable to ...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • Need to validate the string in the character field

    Hi Team,   I need to validate the string entered by user in the character field. We have a character field called Distribution List field and the user enters the value in this field. Now i want validate the val...
    JCP Remedy
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  • Is there going to be a Remedy AR System 2020.02 this month or next?

    I have implemented 19.08 on all my AR Servers and Mid Tiers...will I be able to upgrade them to 2020.02 in the next 30 days or so? I don't care about the Apps all my stuff is still custom.   Thanks
    Barry Lindstrom
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