• HTML Notifications not aligned

    Hello People,   Top of the day.   I am trying to send a html notification from a custom form to customers. The mail looks good when you view it from the web but once added to the filter, the field labels a...
    Michael Aligbe
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  • Remedy 5 slow

    Hi BMC Support.   I got a AR system 5 always slow and need reboot service to resume. Can help to send me to info to fix ? Many thanks
    Kin Yip Lui
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  • Opening Request Console over custom button - Popular Forms dont work

    Hi guys. We are using Service Request Management Console for users when they submit tickets. (rmd 19.02.01). To reach this console, currently there are few ways. 1. From SHR Landing Console, within the menu Applicati...
    Miroslav Horvath
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  • Unable to start service [ BMC:AtriumSharedPluginServer ], moving it to Failed to Start processes list.

    getting this error in armonitor.log Unable to start service [ BMC:AtriumSharedPluginServer ], moving it to Failed to Start processes list. <MNTR> <TNAME: main        ...
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  • Issue with uploading attachment

    Hi guys,   Having issue with Remedy 19.08 with midtier Apache 9.0 while uploading files in incidents/work orders.   What we get is:     We have enabled all type of attachments, no size limit...
    Svetoslav Iliev
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  • ARERR 1440038 -       The following requester fields require information: First Name, Last Name, Company, Support Group, and Organization.

    Hello   Everytime we try to modify a CR, we get ARERR 1440038. Even though all the requester details are filled in. On taking logs, i can see that the AL CHG:CRQ:ChgRqstorBlank_038 is firing the message. Even th...
    Preeti RG
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  • ARERR 623

    After installing AR System 9.1.4 and installing Mid-Tier, receiving ARERR [623] Authentication failed: MidTier Service   RSSO was not installed prior to installing MidTier.   Logging into MidTeir Config.js...
    Michael Giambrone
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  • Uncheck checkbox in Select All+Modify All

    Hi All,   I have some 100 records with checkbox ticked for all of them. Using Select All+Modify All , one can easily set the checkbox, however is there any way to uncheck checkbox for those 100 records using Sel...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • incident Create From DWP not able see in OVERVIEW CONSOLE

    Dear expert, From last Few days the Tickets (only Incidents) which are creating from the DWP, user  not able to see in overview console, all the incidents visible only in the incident management console. but whe...
    Smruti Ranjan Nayak
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  • Remedy integration with nodejs

    Require a remedy integration with nodejs and reference package url is remedy-rest - npm    Its quite old and that piece of code is not working.   Any specific requirement is there in BMC side
    karthickbabu dhamotharan
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  • Active link on Home button

    Hi,   I want implement a logic on ''Home'' button. I am unable to find the button in BMC Dev studio.   This home button is available on home page of BMC login.   Please help that how can implement an...
    Sri Vardhan
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  • If HPD:Help Desk- Assigned Group value changed then make Worklog Notes field Manadatory

    Hi   Remedy Version: 9.1.04v   We have a requirement where, if the "Assigned Group" value is changed, then the WorkLog Notes field which is on the "Work Details" tab to be made mandatory.   I tried...
    Kunal Pishe
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  • How to add users to support group and assign functional roles via REST API's

    Hi All,   We are trying to do some automation using remedy rest api's to add user to support group as a member and assign functional roles as well. Please let us know what are the things we need to consider If w...
    JCP Remedy
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  • How to troubleshoot Jetty service in ARERROR?

    Hi All, I'm getting an error as mentioned below after the 18.08 upgrade, has anyone faced this issue before? this is occurring when I restart my ARSERVER under arerror.log file. This seems like jetty error whereas m...
    Jijil Gopalan
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  • Character replacements in ARS which cause issues in eBonding.

    Here's one that comes up from time to time, when eBonding MS Word specific characters are in a message, it causes problems.  I think I have them all here, let me know if I missed anything or if there's a better w...
    Jaffer Mahsoob
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  • Remedy slow with functional indexes in version 19.08 & 20.02

    We were doing upgrade from 9.1.04 to the 19.08 and later to the 20.02.   DB: Oracle 12c ( Some key tables: count(*) on HPD_Help_desk - 340131 records count(*) on SRM_Request - 331052 records  ...
    Samo Puharic
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  • Using BIRT with selected entries

    I am sorry if this is a really basic question - I am not familiar with BIRT at all.   We have a BIRT report that works just fine if the entire search result from a form is used. However, if a few entries are se...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • How to generate UUID in Remedy

    Hi,   We have a requirement to send uuid to 3rd party gateway so i need to generate uuid intead of guid .   Please guide me on this .
    Praveen G
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  • Remedy RestAPI BasicAuth Fails on special characters in Password

    Hello,   LJ LongWing, Tejas Mehendale  guys I will name you directly as you are for me the best contacts for Remedy RestAPI implemnetation   We found a problem for a quite specific situation (even wh...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Encoding using Base64 in BMC Remedy 9.1.02

    Hi all,   I am with a requirement of sending URL of a page which is carrying incident related information to the respective customer. Incident number is appended in the URL. In order to avoid unauthorized interc...
    Rakhikrishna R Pillai
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