• How to upload relationships between Assets ?

    Dears,   Kindly I need advice, where I did upload for some asset like the Rack and Netwrok Devices using the Spoon, and now we need to build the relationships between these assets.   my concern if there is...
    Dawood Yawanseh
    created by Dawood Yawanseh
  • After upgrading to 19.09 Web Service says java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException

    After successfully upgrading our AR Server to 19.08 the Web Services stopped working as if the server didn't find the keystore anymore. Meanwhile the arserverd.conf stayed untouched...     # JVM search pa...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • Tooltip table field issue

    Hi,   I have an Issue with tooltip on table field. I created an active link with execution option "Hover on data" that display a tooltip when the mouse cursor is on a record of the table field.   Everyth...
  • Need to exclude SLA calculation for some support groups in 24/7 Service Target

    Hi All,   In our environment  we have 24/7 Service target defined for all the support groups but however some support groups only operate from INDIA and those groups need to follow SLA from 8:00 AM to 7:30 ...
    JCP Remedy
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  • Capture HTTP Header Attribute from Other Single Sign On in Midtier Login Page

    Hi all,   i got requirements which the midtier login page will automatically gets the username and password (in forms of http header attributes) from the other single sign on to the midtier login page for author...
    Ricky .
    created by Ricky .
  • Unable to create new fields or forms on production Remedy server

    Any attempt to create new fields (on a Regular form) results in a SQL error as follows: INSERT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL'. Verify that SET options are c...
    Timothy Hulmes
    last modified by Timothy Hulmes
  • Virus scanning attachments BEFORE they are inserted into the Remedy Database.

    Hi All,   Has anybody come across a solution whereby an attachment is virus scanned before being inserted into the remedy database?   ARS 7.6.04 SP5/ SQL Server/ Tomcat 7.0   Thanks M.K.
    M K
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  • RegEx for Run If condition

    Hello BMC'ers,   I'm trying to check a value on a field to see if it follows a certain pattern. Here's a sample valid input:   Field1 = x123456   The value should always starts with the letter 'x' an...
    Gabby Gabz
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  • History of Status

    Hi,   I trying to found all the status that a ticket has during all the period of resolution of this   So I want to know where I can found all the change status since is create until is closed!?   Th...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • Can someone at BMC fix this documentation please?

    About Cluster ID - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation   The image doesn't display and nothing has been done about it since 2018...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • Need to check if current date is configured as holiday or not

    Hello Experts,   I need to check if current date is configured as business holiday or not ? I have an an custom escalation which is currently executing every day and it performs some action. I want to execute th...
    Ankit Tiwari
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  • Records not coming from Spoon using transformation

    I have a custom form where I import People records file using Spoon Tool and I wrote several workflows which all process the records from custom form and update records also on CTM:People form. This functionality was...
    Rajeev Rai
    last modified by Rajeev Rai
  • BMC REmedy 8.1 Relese Floating license by SQL script

    Instead of releasing a user license from form I need to automate this process and  release(delete) them using a script. I am looking for a view or form name that shows me current users with theirs licenses. &#...
    Vlad Kovalchuk
    last modified by Vlad Kovalchuk
  • How to convert LastScanDate into human redable format?

    Hi   How can I convert LastScanDate field from bmc_core_bmc_computersystem int yyyy-mm-hh format? I tried epoch conversion and got way further date? At the moment there is: 1566812818 number value that looks lik...
    Szymon Zycinski
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  • Error message when trying to delete a form

    Hi, I get the following error when I'm trying to delete a form :   The SQL database operation failed. : org.springframework.dao.EmptyResultDataAccessException: getSingleResult() did not retrieve any entities.; n...
    Chantale Simard
    last modified by Chantale Simard
  • Issue with flashboards in BMC Remedy Version 9.1.05

    Dear All,   We are getting this error while opening the customized dashboard build from flashboards. The customized dashboard shows tickets from different support groups which are breached/about to breach/ not...
    last modified by PIYALI DAS
  • How to compare 2 column using LIKE in smart reporting 9.1.04

    Experts,   We have a requirement to partially compare 2 columns. for this we are creating one calculated field and comparing two columns using Like but its not allowing to save the field. we are receiving Invali...
    Sharvan Singh
    last modified by Sharvan Singh
  • RE:Deploying the latest Deployer (ARS will not proceed further

    Hi Team,   RE:Deploying the latest Deployer (ARS will not proceed further We have deployed this patch on One of our Dev Environment (1-ARS and 1-MidTIer)with no issues and it errors with multiple is...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
    last modified by Abdul Moid Mohammed
  • Need to show tickets opened by helpdesk versus tickets opened by end users.

    Hi,   I have a request from an IT Manager to build an open tickets report that shows the number of tickets opened by the IT team using the 'Smart Recorder' option versus the number of tickets opened by end users...
    Martin Geoghegan
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  • Validation of Remedy encrypted fields

    Hi everyone,   After encrypting a Remedy character field, is there anyway to validate via Remedy workflow (be Active Links or Filters) if the field in the DB has been encrypted or not?   We have a scenario...
    Tshepoeng Mogwera
    last modified by Tshepoeng Mogwera