• Advanced Options tabs not showing on AR System Email Messages form

    Hi all,  I'm hoping you can assist us with the following issue.       On AR System Email Messages form, when choosing "Yes" on 'Display Advanced Options:' drop-down, the Advanced Tabs d...
    Tshepoeng Mogwera
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  • BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1 with Oracle 12

    Hi every body   What problems may exist, if I install BMC Remedy IT Service Management 9.1 on Oracle 12, since in the compatibility matrix, it is not related.
    J. Jesus Baena
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  • Is there any possible way to calculate the time spent on each status? I'm using Smart Reporting 9.1

    s there any possible way to calculate the time spent on each status? I'm using Smart Reporting 9.1. It seems that i'm missing the history on status..Is this stored somewhere?
    Raluca Mlaceanu
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  • RSSO token to REST API auth

    Hello!   We have RSSO with AR System 9.1. Currently, for a project, I got a requirement to use REST API and make calls from a custom View (which points to a page on mid-tier) back to Remedy. I found this article...
    Yuliya Melikhova
    created by Yuliya Melikhova
  • Error AR Server is not reachable

    Hi, we using BMC Remedy 9.1.04 version. Today we getting 'RPC call failed : 15000 ONC/RPC call timed out (ARERR 91)', then 'ARWARN [9505] AR Server is Not Reachable', and now I'm getting this error while release user ...
    Dwina Andilla
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  • How can I bypass or handle returning codes from external app

    Hi experts.   We have an integration with an external application that returns a response code in every interaction, so remedy shows this message as an error window, stopping de workflow.   The question...
    Henrry Vargas
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  • Remedy 9 Smart Reporting - Freehand SQL - SubStr

    Hi all, good day and happy Fridays!   Wondering if there is an SQL wizard out there that could assist please.   I'm looking to search for a value, after X before Y.   I have the following, but having...
    Mark Breeze
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  • Upgrading 1908

    Hi Everyone,   We are on BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM Suite along with RSSO and DWP.   Would like to know best approach for upgrading our Environments to 1908.   Can we directly upgrade to 1908 fol...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • BMC Smart Reporting installation error

    Hi Experts,   We are doing fresh installation of BMC Smart Reporting on standalone server. Below are the environment detail :   Smart reporting version 19.08 OS Type : Linux Sever : Standalone (we are do...
    Saurabh Maheshwari
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  • Installing ARSystem- Using DB User as an Application User

    Hi Team,   What would be the consequences if the same ARAdmin (and its password) is used as Application User and DB User?   Thanks, Neha Pateria
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  • Javascript error is thrown when user connection is switched to another midtier node during failover

    Dear all,   It will be appreciated if anyone can shed any light on the following issue:   There are two tomcat server setup in a cluster, and both sticky session (by using nginx in front of tomcats) and se...
    Bo Zhang
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  • Are comments/inputs to BMC Documentation being ignored?

    Hello   I am just curious as to what is going on with BMC Documentation these days as things appear to have changed considerably over the years.   A few years ago, I was able to put in comments about in co...
    Leonard Warren
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  • RestAPI User Name: ARAdmin From: <server> AR Error (623) Authentication failed : ARAdmin

    Hi Members,   I am getting the error "RestAPI User Name: ARAdmin From: <server>1 AR Error (623) Authentication failed : ARAdmin" in the arerror.log. Do I have to reset Application Service  password in...
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  • User can't change Title in Known Error Form in Knowledge Database

    Remedy Version 9.1.07 OneIT   A user can't properly create the Known Error entry in Knowledge Database. The problems are created when there is at least one image in any text field. With pure text, everything is ...
    Mateusz Gzowski
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  • error trying to find system form

    Hi Experts,   I have installed Remedy 9.1 and while staring service it show error in arerror.log as -   error trying to find system form,   Any idea what form it is trying to find?   Thanks, P...
    Pramod Devkate
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  • Oracle 18c support - Version 18.3.

    Hi, does anyone has upgraded his Oracle DB to the version 18.3. ? According to the docu, the current supported version of 18c is  18.1. We are on ARS 19.02 and are thinking on upgrade to 18.3.
    Miroslav Horvath
    created by Miroslav Horvath
  • Can you limit ticket priority settings by submitter?

    Is there a way to set a users ability to open a ticket in only a low status?  We have users who repeatedly open high priority tickets for low priority issue.  Thanks
    Kathy Martinez
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  • How to concatenate column values from Table List into a character field?

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to concatenate the column values of a Table List into a character field by using an Active Link Guide looping through all the rows of the Table List. Here is a graphic representatio...
    Cosmin Orhean
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  • How can I connect to the Smart Reporting configuration database?

    Please, I need help.   How can I connect to the Smart Reporting configuration database?   How do I open the database shell, to perform queries against the metadata?   Thanks a lot!
    Levi Tavares
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  • Problem restarting AR service.

    I am getting the following: Unable to restart Remedy AR System Server service. Event ID 4096, error "The Java Virtual Machine has exited with a code of -1, the service is being stopped"  The service stopped witho...
    Kathy Martinez
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