• Automated Utility to update ARS/ITSM/SRM etc Server References

    On Roadmap
    259 votes
    The need to update 'Server References' when moving a DB to a new environment is an important but lengthy task and is required at multiple points during the lifecycle of an upgrade project. Server Reference updates are...
    Ash Hall
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  • 'Add All Fields' button added to 'AR System Report' Form

    193 votes
    When using the Mid Tier (without access to the AR User Tool) you can only export ARX files by creating a report of type 'AR System'. When defining such a report, you must select the fields/columns to include in the re...
    Ash Hall
    last modified by Ash Hall
  • Utilize Functions in workflow Run-If commands

    On Roadmap
    182 votes
    Currently you can use Fields and Keywords in Run-If qualifications, but not Functions.  Currently if you want to compare, for example, parts of two strings, you must do one workflow to set the values you are look...
    LJ LongWing
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  • Zero Downtime (ZDT) Upgrade

    On Roadmap
    160 votes
    BMC has a prototype for an idea that would enable an application to be upgraded on a production server gorup while the original version of the application remains available to users.  Once the application has bee...
    David J. Easter
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  • Smart Reporting for non-ITSM

    142 votes
    Please make Smart Reporting available for non-ITSM systems.   The new reporting capabilities are a huge value-add and should be available at the AR platform level: no matter what Remedy applications you have ins...
    Jason Miller
    last modified by Jason Miller
  • Install AR System Object List by default with the Mid-Tier

    Product Team Review
    136 votes
    Since the Remedy User Tool is not provided anymore on version 8 and later, the AR System Object List .def must be installed by default when installing ARSystem and Mid-tier. The Remedy Administrator can then decide t...
    Luciano Muller Nicoletti
    last modified by Luciano Muller Nicoletti
  • Consume REST Web Services OOTB

    125 votes
    It would be good to provide this capability OOTB instead of customer creating their own plugins. I know there are couple of other options like Spoon and custom plugins that can be leveraged to make this functionality ...
    last modified by NARESH GANNAMANENI
  • Disable Users

    Product Team Review
    119 votes
    I would like to suggest that an improvement be made to the current system, in that when you set a User record to 'Disabled', that it actually invalidate the user, harvest the licenses, etc.  Right now, unless you...
    Matt Reinfeldt
    last modified by Matt Reinfeldt
  • Add the "Take No Action" option to the "Set Fields" Action as it is available with the "Push Fields" Action

    Product Team Review
    106 votes
    For a Push Fields action you can select from three options, If No Requests Match and from four options, If Any Requests Match   For a Set Fields action only two options are available, If No Requests Match: ...
    Thomas Hammer
    last modified by Thomas Hammer
  • Support chrome browser for Remedy Mid-Tier

    105 votes
    The chrome browser is the most popular browser in use at the moment (Usage share of web browsers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), and its usage is growing all the time. I would like to see it officially supported ...
    Zac Murray
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  • Optimize Indexes in CMDB and ITSM Suite

    On Roadmap
    98 votes
    According to our experience with BMC Remedy ITSM Suite and Atrium CMDB there is room for improvement regarding existing indexes.   Some indexes are set Out-of-the-box (ootb), but they make no sense in real life ...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Developer Studio - __c suffix removal

    Product Team Review
    98 votes
    Hello,   When working in Best Practice mode, developer studio always add the _c suffix everywhere.   There should be an option in Dev Studio to deactivate the addition of this suffix.   Typically I l...
    Yann Baumgartner
    last modified by Yann Baumgartner
  • Different Tab Colors in Dev Studio Based on Server

    On Roadmap
    95 votes
    Being able to login to multiple Remedy servers and navigate back and forth in the same Dev Studio instance is very powerful.  However it is also very easy to accidentally update an object in the wrong environment...
    Jason Miller
    last modified by Jason Miller
  • Add a 'System Default' record for AR System User Preference Form

    Product Team Review
    89 votes
    It is quite common to have the need for defaults to be applied to new users to the system, whether it be locale, timezone etc. The 'Application Preference' form has an OOTB record called 'System Default' which allows ...
    Ash Hall
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  • New AR System Keyword for Mid Tier Server Name

    On Roadmap
    89 votes
    With Mid Tier becoming the only BMC supplied user client (without additional cost) and load balancing becoming more common there are times when you need to know which Mid Tier server a user is accessing.   Addin...
    Jason Miller
    last modified by Jason Miller
  • Developer Studio enhancements for faster development

    Product Team Review
    73 votes
    The following enhancements to Developer would make development faster: Automatic field id generation from a configurable range (e.g. id's per form range or per developer range or per application range). This is one o...
    Fernando Avendano
    last modified by Fernando Avendano
  • Spoon: ARLookup step missing

    Product Team Review
    75 votes
    Although each of CMDBInput, CMDBLookup and CMDBOutput step types exist, in comparison, there are only ARInput and AROutput step types, with no matching ARLookup step type.
    Gustav Stieger
    last modified by Gustav Stieger
  • Mac OS support for BMC Tools

    Product Team Review
    72 votes
    Hi, it would be nice if BMC Tools like BMC Remedy Developer Studio, BMC Remedy Import Tool, Penthao Spoon Client will be supported for Mac OS as well.
    Christoph Klapetke
    last modified by Christoph Klapetke
  • Mid-Tier cache: allow to recache specific files

    Product Team Review
    69 votes
    The problem Mid-Tier sometimes makes a mistake in caching content. The HTML of a form can be incorrect for whatever reason and if you know the form name, there's no way to get Mid-Tier to recache this particular file...
    Justin Bakker
    last modified by Justin Bakker
  • Built In AR System / Remedy health dashboard

    On Roadmap
    68 votes
    Many hours are spent tracking down the performance of the platform  / Remedy system.  While this is not the only cause of "Remedy seems to be slow today", a built in dashboard to see critical performance cri...
    James Dunmore-Smith
    last modified by James Dunmore-Smith