• Remedy 9.x, Oracle Case Insensitivity and SQL with LIKE conditions

    Remedy 9.x is written in Java. One of the features that was introduced was to avoid sending literal values in Remedy SQL statements as was the case in 8.x and prior versions.   Instead the statement is prepared i...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • Remedy AR System 9.x / 18.x Security Vulnerability Hot Fix

    BMC Software has identified a security vulnerability (CVE-2018-19647) that could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to gain arbitrary code execution as the system user. The exposure is limited to scenarios where...
    John Weigand
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  • Trending in Support: AR server, the SOAP client (really)

    Integration with 3rd party systems is, of course, always important. After all, we need ways to get data in and out of Remedy, we can hardly keep it to ourselves. Data shared is value gained - you can get more business...
    Justin Bakker
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  • Top Viewed AR Server Knowledge Articles

    December 2018 list of top viewed AR Server knowledge articles, this will be regularly updated.   Article Number Title 000114508 REMEDY 9.x Release - CONFIGURATION CHECKLIST from the BMC R&D PERFORMANCE ...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • How To Directly Export ARS Tables to CSV

    Many moons ago, BMC deprecated the Windows ARUser client in favor of the web-based Mid-Tier client, and since that time there has been a scenario I have repeatedly run into that does not have a satisfactory solution b...
    Andrew Hicox
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  • Trending in Support: A new API for the REST of us

    Version 9 is released and with it come some new features. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to list everything that’s changed, but I’d like to have a look at one specific new feature: the REST API....
    Justin Bakker
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  • Apache Struts vulnerabilities

    Some Customers are asking us if AR Server / Mid-Tier is affected by the following Apache Struts vulnerability. https://www.hkcert.org/my_url/en/alert/16042801   Apache Struts is not used by any version of AR Se...
    Abhijit Rajwade
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  • The AST:Base Element view and Remedy 9.x

    If you are running a version of Remedy that is older than 9.1 SP3 you may notice the following join condition in the view definition of AST:Base Element when you open it in Developer Studio:      ...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • Using the Elastic Stack with Remedy Logs - Part 3

    The Story So Far... The grok Logstash Plugin Index Pattern Refresh Making Use of Remedy Specific Fields in Kibana Filtering Visualizations Wrapping Up The Story So Far... In parts one and t...
    Mark Walters
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  • Using the Elastic Stack with Remedy Logs - Part 1

    Introduction What is the Elastic Stack? Why Use Elastic to Collect Remedy Logs? Setting Up Elasticsearch and Kibana Install and Configure Filebeat on the Remedy Server Configure Kibana Browse R...
    Mark Walters
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  • Using the Elastic Stack with Remedy Logs - Part 2

    Introduction and Recap Enter Logstash... Installing Logstash Configure Logstash Conclusion and Next Steps Introduction and Recap In the first post we saw how to setup Filebeat to collect Remedy log...
    Mark Walters
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  • Remedy SQL, SQL Plan Directives & Oracle 12c's optimizer features

    If you have SQL statements that are running poorly in an Oracle 12c database and their Explain Plans are showing "... SQL Plan Directive used for this statement" under "Note" you may want to look into turning off the ...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • Using the Elastic Stack with Remedy Logs - Part 4

    Introduction More Logs Please How Many Lines Should a Log Line Log? Getting More Data From Log Lines It's Just a Matter of Time... mutate the date Further API Log Parsing Wrapping Up In...
    Mark Walters
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  • AR SQL log file(s) not recording the entire SQL statement?

    BMC Support or R&D might have asked for a "slow" SQL's Execution Plan and it is possible that the SQL might have aged out of Oracle's Library Cache or MSSQL's Procedure cache and hence no Execution Plan is availab...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • Hard Parse? Soft Parse? Execution Plan? session_cached_cursors parameter

    So what does the Oracle database do when a SQL statement comes in to be processed?   A SQL is HARD PARSED the first time it comes into the database:   SYNTAX CHECK       ...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • D2P Overview

    D2P OverviewKnown as Dev to Prod(D2P) is a feature used to push stuff from QA/Dev environment to production environment , this feature was initially introduce in AR System 9.x and later was enhanced a much over the re...
  • How do you provide the log without providing all of your sensitive information

    Quite often when you have an issue, the first thing that is asked of you is for you to capture logs and send them off.  The problem with this is that these logs quite often contain sensitive information, they con...
    LJ LongWing
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  • Help the Community to Help You (asking better questions).

    You've run in to a problem with a BMC product and you're looking for help from other users of the same software. People with more experience who may have run into the same, or similar, problems in the past.  Befo...
    Mark Walters
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  • Remedy 9: Full Text Search FAQ

    Some of the common questions and answers regarding Remedy9 Full Text Search!   Answer 1. What's New in Remedy9 As far as Full Text Search feature is concerned?  • Implemented FTS HA Model (Similar ...
    Manish Kotulkar
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  • Operating Mode

    Operating Mode  Operating Mode is an feature of AR System introduced in 9.1.02 Release. its called as Operating mode.   Why was Operating Mode needed ?  When upgrading the server, CMDB, or any AR app...
    Rahul (Remedy) Shah
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