• Post Upgrade 9.1.04 - Issues with Request Entry and ticket creation

    Hi Team,   We have successfully upgrade our Production Environments from to 9.1.04(ARS,Atrium Core CMDB and Atrium Integrator)   We are experiencing issues while accessing Request Entry with the...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Email Integration with MAPI to support HTML Templates and SMTP to support NTLM Authentication

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    Hi Team,   Currently AR Email Integration with MAPI doesn't support HTML email templates for outgoing emails and also doesn't support SMTP with NTLM authentication. The only supported authentications for SMTP a...
    Mamatha Ronanki
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  • ERROR (9130): Error encountered while executing a Web Service; Transport error: 505 Error: HTTP/1.1 505 HTTP Version Not Supported

    We just upgraded from ARS 8.1.00 to ARS 9.1.04 and we have an integration with Openview (OMI) via a 3rd party application called CLIP. This integration pushes into our system via API and then we have a single Filter t...
    Levi Lippincott
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  • To change Mid Tier/Tomcat from running as a local service account to a windows domain user, what permissions/config is needed?

    The Mid Tier Tomcat server (version 9.1.02, latest patch) was installed to run as the local service.   I've searched through the docs site, the pdfs and google - all have failed me...   What permissions an...
    John Hood
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  • Numerical discrepancies between the comments to be shown in different places in 'My activity' schedule in MyIT

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    a) From the 'My activity' schedule • On the one hand, comments are shown (only if they have "title" and with or without file) = 3 • On the other hand, attachments are shown like that (they have a file, w...
    Anu Singh
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  • Remedy REST API stops responding after a period of time

    Hi,     We are testing the REST API to develop an integration with a trhird party application, but after a period of time, the API stops responding:       The other components, like access...
    David Garnica
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  • Issue with adding a new attachment

    Hi,   I have a requirement to build Forward functionality for an incoming email into the remedy case worklog. I have built the functionality but stucked with a issue while adding a attachment and sending.  ...
  • reprocess request

    Hello,   Do you know how to reprocess a ticket? A request was opened, and due to some errors regarding the connectivity to midtiers, the request did't appeared in smartit. I don't see errors, nothing.  ...
    Rebeca Lacramioara TIMAR
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  • Lock the close status in Incident Management - Remedy 9.1.3

    Hi all,   I need that only the users admin and AR_ESCALATOR can closing the incident tickets. I created a filter with this qualification   ('Status' = "Closed") AND (($USER$ != "admin") OR ($USER$ != "AR_...
    Natalia Cuesta
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  • Remedy Server Group Administration Console for 9.1.04 (unsupported)

    BMC’s new version of Remedy continues to drive innovation into the ITSM experience. Along with supporting multi-cloud environments and bringing cognitive intelligence to service management, BMC continues to evol...
    Douglas Reif
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  • Force Active Link post login

    Hi, We are looking at allowing subcontractors basic access to our Remedy application, but only in a very controlled way. Is there a mechanism of running workflow post login, regardless of initial form opened or rou...
    Andy Rogers
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  • Reminders created are in Pending Status

    Hi Everyone,   We have upgraded our Non Prod Environments with Server Group Environments with 2- Application Server and 1-Midtier Server to 9.1.04.   Everything works fine but we have an issue with the Rem...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Guest/Unknown Users are not able to login to Request Console.

    Hi All   We have recently integrated active directory with chaining mode as "ARS-AREA-OS". Now users are able to login to the remedy system but not able to login to Service Request Console to raise any service r...
    Pravashini Nayak
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  • AI Errors

    We are getting the blow error when we ran the our AI job for CTM:People AR Version 9.1.04   Line 1: <FLTR> <TID: 0000000468> <RPC ID: 0001265826> <Queue: List      ...
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • AR Server terminates every 1 month and had to manually stop and start Application in

    Hi All,   we have recently upgraded ARS from 7.6.04 SP4 (HPUX) to (RHEL 7.5). I have observed a strange behaviour in  AR Server and Email engine where AR Server abruptly goes down ever...
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  • Using XML for REST API calls

    Dear All,   is it possible to use XML instead of JSON to POST a request to arserver ?? if yes, then kindly share the sample code.   Thanks...
    Nadeem Ansari
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  • Effort Time Duration - Smart Reporting

    I have pulled in Assignee Effort Duration and Actual Duration to track Time Spent on tickets. Are these the correct fields to use? The data does not seem correct. I have pasted an example of what I am seeing below. I ...
    Angie Schwingel
    created by Angie Schwingel
  • a way to see what escalation is being executing

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    Hello. Sometimes escalations execute high consuming time tasks, and until that tasks would not finish, the pool will not execute the next escalation. If you active the log before it starts, you won't see activity in...
    Jesus Diaz-Ropero Simon
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  • Issues with Remedy Single Sign-On 9.1.4 upgrading

    Hi,   We have for a couple of days struggled with upgrading the Remedy SSO 9.1.3 to version 9.1.4. SSO was working correctly before the upgrade and the upgrade process itself has been working fine with no issue...
    Jens Sunde
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  • Is there a way to skip the Rollback when an upgrade fails for 9.1.04 version?

    Hello Experts & Communities members,   While working on upgrades of multiple customer environments, I have come across multiple scenarios that if the upgrade fails for any minor reason like (def import faile...
    Ravindrakumar Rodge
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