• Accelerated Upgrade Method is from 9.1.02 deprecated ?

    Hello together,   Till 9.0 there was an Accelerated Upgrade Method described: Setting up upgrade servers using accelerated method - BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment 9.0 - BMC Documentation the idea is clear. Take th...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • To use both RSSO for domain users authentication and also ByPass RSSO for other users authentication.

    Hi every one,   We are using Remedy 8.1.02 and it has been integrated with RSSO for user authentication. Remedy single sign on authentication is working fine and users are able to login without any issues. Our ...
    Shiva Vallur
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  • Notification Engine Issue

    Hi Team, when i am creating incidents or problem Notification are not triggering, no record is created in "view audit log" , Email Configurations (incoming and outgoing) is working fine.   Please help on this &...
    mahesh m
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  • New Environment Build/Upgrade with Clone of Production DB which is on Server Group

    Hi Team,   I would like to know what it takes/involves if we Install/Upgrade the New Environment with the Clone of Production DB which is on Server Group with 3-Application Nodes and 2-Midtier Nodes.   I w...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Is there a way to skip the Rollback when an upgrade fails for 9.1.04 version?

    Hello Experts & Communities members,   While working on upgrades of multiple customer environments, I have come across multiple scenarios that if the upgrade fails for any minor reason like (def import faile...
    Ravindrakumar Rodge
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  • callback-url doesn't work upon logout from Remedy MT

    We have integrated Remedy MT 9.1.04 with Remedy SSO 9.1.04. The rsso-agent.properties on the mid tier is configured for logout-urls=/shared/loggedout.jsp?callback-url=http://www.google.com. Upon clicking Logout from R...
  • Supports log management for multiple servers

    The new Server Group Logs Management form provides a single location so you can enable logs on multiple servers. These log files refer to the relative path because different servers in a server group might have differ...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Remedy Server Group Administration Console for 9.1.04 (unsupported)

    BMC’s new version of Remedy continues to drive innovation into the ITSM experience. Along with supporting multi-cloud environments and bringing cognitive intelligence to service management, BMC continues to evol...
    Douglas Reif
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  • Improved client side logging

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    I am looking for a better way of performing client side logging. This is not a radical idea. As a long term Remedy consultant we are used to reviewing different logs. I just need something that makes is simpler for me...
    Terje Moglestue
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  • Wrong URL in MyIT notification e-mail

    Dear Community   I am hopign you can help me out with the following issue:   There is a SYS:Notification Messages called "SRM-REQ-Approver_Notification" this triggers when a Service Request opened via MyIT...
    Alexander Schmidt
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  • Web Servivces

    Hi all,   I have a requirement, which is to create a web service that performs get list operation by passing certain parameter as request.   So I need a solution in which the response xml returns a particu...
    Anjay R
    created by Anjay R
  • Configuring BMC Mid Tier with a reverse proxy

    Does anyone know how to configure BMC Mid Tier (9.1.04) with a reverse proxy (running on IIS)?   The customer is using Webseal. This might be similar to other reverse proxies like Siteminder.
    Henri Retief
    created by Henri Retief
  • Rest API C# attach document to Work Details

    Hello,   I ask this question a few times on this forum but never got an answer. Would anyone have a working example of a way to attach a document in Work Detail/Work Info in a c# environment?   We are usin...
    Alexandre Viegas
    created by Alexandre Viegas
  • Required name parameter (or name field in a parameter) is empty on form import

    Hi all - wonder is someone might be able to help me!?!   I am getting the follow error when i am trying to import a form in Dev Studio: Required name parameter (or name field in a parameter) is empty.; [Form Na...
    Matt Chalmers
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  • AR Server 7.6.4 to 9.1.03 FAILED!

    Hi there,   Precheck was clean yet the upgrade has failed… (Linux RedHat Enterprise 7, Oracle 12)   In the manualInstall.txt we found this   Permissions prohibit the modification of the file: /et...
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • 8.1.02 ARSystem install failing due to Oracle client incompatibility error

    App Server: RHEL: 7.3 64 BIT Oracle Client Paths (tried both): /u01/oracle/product/ /u01/oracle/product/11g/client   DB Server: Oracle DB: 64 BIT   Notes: Receiving the follow...
    Michael Rousseau
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  • Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server : Dell-PC:9556 (ARERR 8760)

    Hi Team,   I am getting this error while creating and submitting SRD.i have not changes any thing in plugin _servr.xml file or in ar.cfg file.   i have attached my ar.cfg file and pulginserver.xml file. p...
    Abhilash Gupta
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  • Remedy Email Engine - Auto Recovery

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    Good Day All,   Our customer is running an ITSM 9.1.00 installation. We recently experienced and issue with the email daemon where in the log file we observe the following:-   Extract from the log : " <...
    Basil Webster
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  • AR Service/Status/Plugin Server Manager

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    It becomes rather tiresome when troubleshooting/managing ARS and having to use command line functions to verify whether or not services are running, and also to stop/restart services (Approval Engine, Plugin Server, F...
    Ash Hall
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  • AR Error(382) The value(s) for this entry violate a unique index that has been defined for this form

    Hi all, Somebody has removed (by mistake) a user's login id from CTM:People while changing the user to non-support staff. Now I'm trying to update Login ID on CTM:People but it gives me the error below: AR Error(382...
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