• Using BIRT with selected entries

    I am sorry if this is a really basic question - I am not familiar with BIRT at all.   We have a BIRT report that works just fine if the entire search result from a form is used. However, if a few entries are se...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • Remedy Smart Reporting - Best Practice Resources

    Reference to next information to make your BMC Remedy Smart Reporting implementation successful.   Support Product Documentation Main Support Product Page Architecture Recommendations Smart Reporting Onboardin...
    Alicia Beltran
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  • Change request ID for join forms to not include the pipe character

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    Recent versions of Tomcat 7 and 8 restrict the use of the pipe character. This affects the use of direct URLs to join forms that pass the eid parameter.   The eid parameter for join forms includes the pipe ...
    Sally Ludwig
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  • Tomcat Upgrade 8.5.54( from 8.5.34) - Error 404

    Hi Everyone,   As per the earlier Discussion( i have checked on the details mentioned @Tomcat Upgrade from 8.0.36 to 8.5.34 ) but the issue remains the same with the error - Error 404.   We are to upgrade ...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Create JWT with RestSharp

    I am trying to create JWT for authenticating REST api. Please find my code below. private static string getJWT()         {          ...
    Girish G
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  • BMC Remedy Integration with OS3

    Hello All, Have anyone done integration or BMC Remedy with OS3, is there any document where we can have detailed information about integration of BMC Remedy with OS3. Any leads would be helpful
    Suyog Aptikar
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  • RE:Notify requester when task is closed

    Hi Team,   We are in BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM,SRM, SLM along RSSO and DWP We are with Windows as OS and Oracle as DB.   We would like the notification triggered/sent when task is closed.   I did try thi...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Helix Support: Archiving Concepts

    Welcome to May’s new AR Server Blog post and we are discussing Archiving.   The Archiving feature available with BMC Remedy ITSM helps to maintain system hygiene and performance. It’s the feature wit...
    Sanket Patil
    created by Sanket Patil
  • Smart Reporting - Draft reports automatic Clean up process

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    It would nice to have some housekeeping operations added where removal of old (DELETED) reports (ReportHeader) and broadcast (BroadcastReport) records can be pruned along with a clean operation to remove old  unu...
    Daniel Marrujo
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  • Changing the default URL in Smart Reporting?

    Hello,   I am wanting to changing the default URL for Smart Reporting (1908) from http://server to http://server/smartreporting   Any assistance on getting this done would be much appreciated, thanks for y...
    Paul Bastin
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  • Smart Reporting: 2 Trend lines/Graph in 1 Report

    Hi   I tried creating the same by modifying the OOTB report "Incident Submission Trend" by changing the chart type to Auto Chart. Below is the screenshot. However, it shows count of tickets same for both Submis...
    Kunal Pishe
    created by Kunal Pishe
  • Remedy Smart Reporting - Export to Excel with tabbed section separating each tab on different pages

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    20 votes
    When a report contains a section that is formatted to be displayed on separated tabs and the report is exported to Excel, all information is placed in same page.   Example of the Section Formatting:   Ex...
    Alicia Beltran
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  • Show overlapping days in the Date field popup

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    It appears that on just about every other calendar widget popup on the internet, you are shown the overlapping days from the previous/next month that fills in the grid of the current month. However, in Remedy, that is...
    Jay Rohrer
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  • Compatability Matrix for BMC Remedy ARS/ITSM Suite/DWP/RSSO for Java/Apache_Tomcat

    Hi Team,   As we are on BMC Remedy with Windows as OS and Oracle as DB. We would like to know the compatibility for Java and Apache Tomcat for Supporting the Higher version of BMC remedy Tools as (BM...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Helix Support: Deployment Management Log Analysis

    Welcome to March’s new AR Server Blog post and we are discussing D2P Log Analysis.   When working with the Deployment Manager Console, if you experience an issue, the following logs are automatically gener...
    Smita Naik
    created by Smita Naik
  • Helix Support: Deployment Management - Simultaneous Package Deployment and Rollback Feature

    Deploying D2P Package to upgrade Application or to apply Server Hotfix in a Large Server Group environment can be a time-consuming process.   From Remedy version 19.02 onwards, you can apply the Deployment Packa...
    Smita Naik
    created by Smita Naik
  • Upgrading 1908

    Hi Everyone,   We are on BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM Suite along with RSSO and DWP.   Would like to know best approach for upgrading our Environments to 1908.   Can we directly upgrade to 1908 fol...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Checking and Monitoring Remedy Database Size and Records

    One of the biggest questions you'll have when setting up a new Remedy environment is "How big will our Database get"?  This will drive so many different changes to your overall architecture.  Even well estab...
    Adam Lawson
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  • Compatibility matrix - 7.6.04

    Hi Team,   We do have one of our Archive server with ARS 7.6.04 along ITSM,SRM and SLM. with Windows 2008 as OS and Oracle as DB. Currently Windows team would like to Upgrade OS and would like to know if ARS7....
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • RE:Updating the user permission Errors(ARERR 92)

    Hi Team,   We are with BMC remedy ARS,ITSM Suite with Oracle as DB and Windows as OS. We are experiencing an issue while updating the permission to one of the user on Prod Environment which works fin...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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