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Hello everybody,


I can't believe it has been almost 4 years since my last blog post. I haven't really had anything earth-shattering to share and/or some of the discoveries/tools I would have normally shared since my last post were lost in the shuffle of work and life.


First a quick update... I have recently switch roles from customer to consultant. It was odd at first, not having a production system to take care of. I still leave my phone turned on by my bedside at night. Even though this is the first time in almost two decades I have not had official or implied oncall duties. The first week or two was also hard not having a Remedy system to touch and poke at. I now have a fresh install of ITSM 19.08 so I can once again reference an environment and get my Remedy fix.


Traditionally I have worked for the same company years-on-end (13 year total at one company) and I am usually part of a small team (sometimes a team of one) that "owns" the Remedy system. I admit I have liked the stability, owning a system long-term, and the friendships built with teammates that go beyond work. However these situations also come with some limits. Maybe my choice to openly start engaging in this Community and the ARSlist before it, was driven by a desire to collaborate with people outside of my corporate silo?  (I am certainly not qualified to analyze that too deeply)  A mutual friend to many of us in this Community (his name rhymes with "KongBling", here is a picture of us together at WWRUG12) has had the opportunity to work as a member of larger teams and in a few more positions than I. Sometimes it seems like everybody in our little Remedy world has worked with this fellow at one point or another. I admit, I am a little jealous of that. I expect my new role will allow me to work with many more people than I have in the past and I am looking forward to this opportunity.


Now for the goods... A peace offering for my lack of posting goodies to the Community the last few years... I was inspired recently by Adam Lawson sharing his PowerShell script How to Restart All of Remedy, With One Click!. I thought to myself "I have something similar but different that I could share with the Community": PowerShell Script - Service Restarter


Both of our scripts do more or less the same thing but in different fashions. Adam's stops multiple Windows services on multiple hosts and them starts them back up while the script I created restarts multiple Windows services on multiple hosts in a rolling fashion. With a little modification his script could be used to easily bring down a whole Remedy environment and then start it back up again when needed (good for MS patching outage windows). My script is geared towards restarting services in a high availability scenario.


I spent much of yesterday enhancing the script to accept host and service pairs as well as some code cleanup and commenting. Previously the script would only restart one service across multiple computers, for example AR Server or the Remedy Email Engine or Apache Tomcat. At my last organization I kept 3 different copies of the script, each configured to restart one of those services on the appropriate hosts. With yesterday's update the script can now handle restarting any combination of services and servers you configure. Of course I built this with Remedy in mind however you restart any Windows services you choose so feel free to share it with other system admins.


Having options is a wonderful thing! Now you have scripts to stop then start all of your services at once or restart a bunch of services one at a time. I have never used PowerShell on Linux but I am hoping it would not take much to make Adam's or my script work on other OSes that can run PowerShell (a little reading made it look like Get-Service wasn't supported at least in earlier versions of PS Core for Linux).


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