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The Remedy Management Console can be used to manage server group operations. This console simplifies the server group management by providing a single location to perform many of the server group configuration related activities.


The Remedy Management Console also known as the Server Group Administration Console was initially introduced in Remedy 9.1.04 (1802) as an unsupported version available from the BMC Communities. In Remedy 1805 release, a supported version was introduced.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of monitoring operations and administration in a server group without having remote access to actual servers
  • Visibility into server queues for critical processes
  • One-click operation to start or stop server processes and enable or disable logs
  • Apply configuration settings consistently to all ARServers in a server group


Introduction to different options on the Remedy Management Console


Server Group Dashboard – 6 flashboards showing status on important ARServer activities for monitoring purposes. Shows number of records FTS indexing, CAI events, Application Pending, SYS:Action, Pending outgoing emails and Number of days for oldest email message. Please see Connect with Remedy webinar for more information on customization.



Server group Configuration – Shows ARServer configurations same as Centralized Configuration form. Helps to manage all ARServer configurations of server group at one location. User can add, update configuration as it is allowed from Centralized Configuration form. You can use this interface to ensure that your settings are consistent across all the servers in the group. It can be also user to setup Global settings that can be set once and then adopted on all servers



FTS Management – Allows you to view and update ARServer configurations for Full Text Index and Full text search. User can view and update FTS configuration for all ARServers in group. User can perform complete and form level re-indexing and monitor the status




Manage Processes - User can manage different ARSystem processes without having remote access to actual host server. Form allows to perform stop, start, refresh, restart, add, update actions for specific process. This can be useful when it is required to make a change such as increasing Java Heap for plugin servers across the server group and you do not want to restart all the ARServers. A specific process can be modified and restarted without having whole ARServer restarted.



Logs – Form helps to Activate and deactivate log files for each ARServer in group. Also allows to download log files from respective ARServer. Helps to capture longest running API and SQL statistics quickly. During troubleshooting logs can easily be enabled and disabled on multiple servers in the group.




Manage User Licenses- View and manage server, application and bundled licenses in server group. This is the view same as License Review form except that it shows data from all the servers in the group at once. You can use this interface to see which users are consuming various licenses and allow to release active user sessions.




Current Operation Owner – View ARServer name owning AR System operations in server group in real time. Useful while checking failover activity of specific operations in server group



Ranking – Redirects to the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form. User can manage operation ranking for each ARServer in group


Failover – Redirects to the AR System Service Failover Ranking form. User can view service failover ranking for different operations. Service failover is used to manage Email Engine and Normalization operations


Group – Redirects to the Group form. View, add, update all groups configured


Users – Redirects to the User form. User can manage all Remedy users


Configuration – Allow to customize environment such as customizing server group dashboard, setting configuration preferences, creating server name list, component list and settings list



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