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Welcome to November’s new AR Server Blog post and we are discussing D2P.



What is D2P? This stands for Development to Production (Dev to Prod).  This action is done via the Deployment Management Application that is included with the AR Server since 9.1.03.


The Deployment Application includes, the Deployment Management Console is used for all deployment functions –Import, Export, Create, Deploy, and Rollback. Let’s look at more specific examples for using this console and D2P packages, you can perform the following activities:

  • Apply BMC Hotfix and Patches
  • Installation of Applications like ITSM, SLM, SRM and Smart IT
  • If you performed Reconciliation, migrate Overlays between environments
  • Create and Deploy your own Custom Packages to Migrate data/definitions


For applications ‘ITSM, SRM, SLM  & Smart IT’, D2P packages are used as an Installer from version 18.08 (9.1.06) and higher.


To upgrade these applications there is a requirement to have these at version 18.05 (9.1.05); post which using D2P packages you can upgrade to a higher version.


For Midtier, AR and Atrium D2P packages are used to patch and it's available from 18.02 (9.1.04 002) onwards.


From version 18.02 onward, BMC also ships Hotfix through a D2P package.


Another main benefit you can get from this console is, you can create your own Custom Packages which can have a set of workflow, object definitions, data, or Service Request Management objects that you created in a development environment which, you can promote across environments, such as QA or production.


Using this console, you can patch, migrate data or upgrade all your servers in Server Group in a single go. You will IMPORT the D2P package only once and can DEPLOY the contain across all servers in a server group environment.


From Remedy version 19.02 onwards, you can perform Simultaneous Deployment or package Rollback.


The following diagram depicts the functionality of the BMC Remedy Deployment Application utility:



Reference Information for additional information







  • Deploy Packages using Command Line Interface


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