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Remedy 19.02 release includes a new feature called as “User Preference Theme”. This is a Remedy MidTier feature and as the name suggests, it allows users to set preference to visualize mid-tier UI with select theme colors.

Users now have flexibility to select a theme from list of themes available in drop down allowing users with different look and feel of the MidTier UI than just out-of-the-box one.

Remedy Customers (administrators) can to build custom themes (CSS files) and publish it to ‘User Preference theme’ drop down list. Thereby allowing Customers to define theme as per corporate branding guidelines.

This feature is user specific - so user can choose their theme or go with the default theme (the current look and feel of MidTier).

The Remedy administrator can enable themes at the company level or if the themes are disabled then the users will continue to see the default Theme which applies to all users.


Pre-requisites: Remedy MidTier 19.02 (and above) is required to enable ‘User Theme’



Customers have been using the “Skins” feature in Remedy where the customer can change the look and feel of a field/form etc. With the advent of Themes feature, the administrator has a choice to either use Skins or use Themes. However, both cannot be used together.

Skins feature is applicable for all users in the system. Whereas the Themes feature is “user preference” based. So, the Remedy Admin can enable or disable Themes. Once enabled, User has the choice to select theme of his choice.

Skins requires Remedy development skills for changing the look and feel. Themes however are CSS based and have wide range of options available to change the look and feel.

User Theme can be enabled and disabled through MidTier Configuration at run time.

Theme applies to MidTier Forms only & not to any third party embedded components like BIRT or Flash player



Open “AR System User Preference” Form -- Create drop down Menu field with field ID “24016” in Web tab and save it to all Views, as shown in below screenshot


Import Menu “UserPrefTheme” and Add same into Menu name of User Theme field as show in image-1

Set Expand Box Hide available in side Display Property as shown in image -2


Image 1

Image 2

Change value of property arsystem.showCfgThemeField from false to true available inside MidTier

Put all theme CSS files inside MidTier “resources\userpreftheme\stylesheets” path and restart MidTier

  1. After restart, open MidTier Config tool à AR Server Settings and click edit or add server à two new fields will appear “Enable User Theme “ check box and ”Default Theme” text Box.
  • “Enable User Theme” mark this as checked and give some default theme CSS file name in “Default Theme”  à this applies to all user if user haven’t selected any theme from user preference

Image 3


After applying theme landing console look like


Available sample 2 themes are attached to this blog.



There are two CSS files shared with this post. If customer want to create new theme then they can do so by changing their Background color and font color based on need.

Alternatively, Customers could use css class listed available in shared CSS file and redesign it there as per their requirement. After creating new CSS file, add the file name in “userTheme” menu list and flush MidTier cache.


For example, if you want to change Tab background color just make changes in below listed CSS

.OuterOuterTab,.Tab,.OuterTab .Tab, .OuterTab .TabLeft, .OuterTab .TabRight, .ScrollingTab .Tab,.OuterTab .TabRightRounded,.ScrollingTab .TabRightRounded


background: #f0f0f1 !important; /*change background color for Tab */




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