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This blog post is really just to gauge interest and gather feedback on something I've spent a lot of the last year working on - which is sanitizing the ar.conf parameters that are published in the wiki docs here:


A-B -

C-D -

E-M -

N-R -

S-Z -


In the comments section of each page I see questions being asked, so I wanted to ensure that the parameter information we provide is accurate and relevant.


The current published list could use improving in the form of:

  • Updating the parameters to include any unpublished ones and exclude any obsolete ones
  • Mapping each parameter to where in the application you can find it
  • Providing a link to where in the wiki docs you can read more about the parameter to understand it's context
  • Clearly identifying the default value


As a sample I've provided the A-B parameters that I've sanitized so far.

Unfortunately there's simply too much information to put it into a table inline to this blog post, so the only other alternative was an Excel file that is attached.


Let me know any thoughts/questions/suggestions etc. Bear in mind that this is still very much a work in progress so there are some gaps and parts that need to be modified further.


Some highlights of what's been changed so far are:


  1. All superscripts have been removed and each parameter now either explains where you can find the option in the UI or has a black cell indicating they don't map anywhere. Many of the parameters that had superscripts (which denoted you cannot set of view using the Server Information form) were incorrect, 44 on this page alone.
  2. URL's are added to where you can read up more on the parameter. Any that don't have a URL it's either because the correct page hasn't yet been located or one doesn't exist. For the latter, this will become an action point for our documentation team.
  3. The default value for each parameter has been added in a separate column to make it easy to identify what these should be without reading through the whole parameter description.
  4. The parameters for the Alert tool have been added back to the list. Although support for the Alert tool has now ended, Alerts are still used in Remedy for BMC Atrium Orchestrator.
  5. Parameter names have been corrected from where they were once wrong (for example: AE-Worker-Threads from AE-Worker-Thread and ARDBC-LDAP-Base-Dn from ARDBC-LDAP-Base-DN)
  6. The Atrium SSO parameters have been added
  7. Each parameter has now been categorized by component. This is for easy reference when you want to identify which component(s) use a particular parameter. This will be a filter option on the table once published the documentation pages.


My goal here is to make them easier to consume for you the customer/admin user.


I'm planning on trying to reduce the size of some of the parameter descriptions also, to make them more concise.

The corresponding page listed under the URL column should contain all the finer details of the parameter. This an action point for later though.

I'd also like to have an icon or similar to identify new parameters that were added to the version the page is published in (for example: 'API-SQL-Stats-Control' in 8.1.01)


I look forward to the feedback.