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Now that the Remedy 9 is successfully released and we see a lot of excitement in the customer base, the BMC product team finally finds some time to address an action item that has been open for quite a while.


We've heard feedback from many of our BMC community members that the placement of this Remedy AR System space under The specified item was not found. is hard to understand and makes it difficult to find and use, especially for new community members.


BMC is blessed that Remedy AR System is such an active community space for Remedy platform related discussions. It's the most active community space across all BMC offerings. And therefore we plan to give this space the credit (or rather the place) it deserves: starting next week the Remedy AR System space is planned to move to become a top-level community space and thus will be more easily accessible from the Products menu. This will bring the Remedy platform specific community space to the same level as Remedy ITSM (for discussions about Remedy ITSM applications) and BMC Helix (for discussions specific to the delivery of Remedy as SaaS service), and it reflects BMC's renewed focus on the Remedy developer community. Here's how this change looks like:


New Remedy Community Structure.png


Please note that this move is part of a wider discussion about how we can make the BMC Communities work better for our Remedy customers.  We already streamlined the community structure by archiving some of the low-traffic sub-spaces.  This has reduced the number of spaces our community members have to deal with.  And we plan for further simplification of the Remedy community spaces (including The specified item was not found. space). So, stay tuned for further optimizations that will help make Remedy community even more active, engaging and valuable.