-by David J. Easter, Product Line Manager, BMC Remedy Action Request System


The word "xerox" is commonly used as a synonym for "photocopy" (both as a noun and a verb) in many areas; for example,"I xeroxed the document and placed it on your desk".  In the USA, the Kleenex name has become genericized: the popularity of the product has led to the use of its name to refer to any facial tissue, regardless of the brand.


The term "Remedy" also has become genericized.  In some ways, it's good to become genericized because it means that the name has become the de facto solution for a problem.  I need photocopies; I know a Xerox photocopier will do it.  I need to wipe my nose; I know that Kleenex will serve that purpose.  I need a world class Business Service Management development platform; I look to Remedy.


The downside of this, though, is the difficulty it causes in accurate communication between people.  Just search through the BMC Developer Network and you'll find folks asking about "Remedy 6.3".  What are those people actually asking about?  BMC Remedy AR System 6.3.00?  BMC Remedy Change Management 6.0.00?  Or maybe even BMC Atrium CMDB 1.1 that integrates with BMC Remedy Change Management 6.0.00 and runs on BMC Remedy AR System 6.3.00?


While it may seem pedantic, it's important to be very explicit when asking or answering a question about a product within the Remedy family (sometimes called a "brand").  Failure to do so makes for confusing and potentially misleading conversations.  Let me give another side example to illustrate what I mean:


You go to an auto parts store and say: "I need new windshield wipers for my Chevrolet."  I'll bet the first question you'll get asked is "What model Chevrolet and what year?"  In the same way that you need to provide detailed information about a car, you need to provide enough detailed information about a BMC Remedy product as well.  In the case of a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro; "GM" is the company, "Chevrolet" is the make (or brand), "Camaro" is the mode (product)l, and 1986 is the year (version).


Similarly, if I'm talking about BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.5.00; "BMC" is the company, "Remedy" is the family (or brand), "Action Request System" is the product and "7.5.00" is the version.


Once you grok that Remedy has multiple products, the next step is to ensure that you use the product name when describing an environment.  Now I'm not advocating that, in typical conversation, that one has to say "BMC Remedy Action Request System seven-point-five-point-zero-zero" every single time.  We all truncate terms down to a minimum of effort.  But I bet that life will become less confusing on both sides of a conversation if one says "I loaded ITSM 6.0 on AR System 6.3 and got an error" rather than saying "I loaded Remedy 6.3 and got an error".




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