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Edison Pioneer
Hi fellas,   We are facing this issue with only one person. He is trying to raise a CRQ but during the approval part it is not going through. We are getting this error →   Error 8755 - The… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Paridhi Jain
Hi,   I am trying to understand How widget works. 1. What is use of widget      -- I got from PDF that its kind of quiry builder which is user friendly  For example, a user can enter       … (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Mohammad Rehman
Note:- Not aware of idea or discussion on the similar situation already exist  or workaround within Remedy AR Server workflow (except use dummy email address and writing rules on exchange server…
Greg Donalson
Hi all,   Got an interesting requirement....since most people in our organization will not have access to Smart Reporting, is there a way to send something over to Smart Reporting that will generate… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Renato Orgito
With 9.1 how do I retrieve the list of work info for a specific change request?   I'm trying to use Change_GetWorkInfoList from CHG_ChangeInterface_WS but I cannot figure out what field name to put… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Sergey Smirnov
Hello! ARS 9.1.02 The table is set size chunk to 100, all records in the table is displayed, for example, 150 and on the basis of size chunk is divided into 2 pages. Active link in the guide runs… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Daniel Stolarik
Reference the following communities posts: Customers are wanting to use 3rd Party…
Hi, We are making a web service integration with our vendor. web-service wsdl url is like below:   Both… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Misi Mladoniczky
I searched but did not find it.   I presume that more people than me has, at times, experienced difficulties with getting your admin changes reflected in the browser running mid-tier...   I am… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Tushar Mohanty
Hi All We have done one integration using web service. If their is any network connectivity issue for 5 min. Please let me know how the integration will try those old record which is not process… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
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