• Is timezone managed in Change Management ?

    Hello, When using the ITSM Change management across multiple countries how is managed the timezone ? Thanks, Michel
    Michel JEANBERT
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  • Illegal argument exception error in SmartIT

    Hi Team,   Getting below error while trying to assign an incident to the support group member. Please let us know what could be the issue?  
    V Y
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  • Browser tab titles should be descriptive/unique throughout the whole ITSM suite

    On Roadmap
    36 votes
    Some of the forms/dialogs in the ITSM Suite do have a descriptive title in the browser tab like "Application Administration Console" or "Request Entry Console". But the majority of the forms will only display somethin...
    Daniel Schaefer
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  • Attention: BMC Communities Moderator

    Good morning.   I signed into BMC Communities this morning and found quite a few of my posts approved by the moderator and some rejected.   It is odd because these are old posts. Why would posts need to be...
    T. D.
    created by T. D.
  • Mid Tier to Smart IT

    Hi all,   We are using mid tier . now plannig to use smart it instead od mid tier. We have customizations. Is tehere a guide or sth to explain how to migrate or implement this customizations or functions on sm...
    ilhan KURT
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  • User Record should be disabled when People Record status is changed to Offline or Obsolete

    Product Team Review
    74 votes
    Its observed that that the Change in People Record Status (in CTM:People form) has no effect to the status of the User Record. This creates confusion and specially when Customers have LDAP Integration, this is a funct...
    Vignesh Nadar
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  • Align AR System and Atrium Core REST APIs

    Below Review Threshold
    32 votes
    Following capabilities are missing or hard to specify in AR System REST API compared to Atrium Core REST API: Parameter AR System REST API Atrium Core REST API Default limit - 500 Total records - num_matches=true Quer...
    Antoni Zahariev
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  • BMC Virtual Chat - Quantify workload

    23 votes
    Hi,   This RFE regards BMC's Virtual Chat product. We are currently running version: with the latest fix: VC_910200_2019FEB15_CU_CNT. Previously raised Case: "00730170 - Quantify workload" with the sam...
    Stefan Dragomir
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  • Has anyone experience in creating own Widgets in Smart IT, or other ways to customize it?

    Hi guys!   Some of our customers are used to customizations in Remedy and for some of them Smart IT is way too inflexible at the moment because they would loose a lot of functionality. This situation is really ...
    Tamara Ehmoser
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  • Email notifications to Assigned Support Group or Asignee after ticket is updated

    Product Team Review
    41 votes
    At the moment, whenever a ticket (Incidents/Work Orders) is updated by the customer or different agent than the assignee, the Assignee will have no way to be notified. If agents are working with hundreds of tickets, i...
    Bianca Radu
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  • Question about Remedy Smart Reporting

    Hello,   Can someone please advise me on the below issue.   I have created a Smart Report grabbing information about Parent and Child Assets. I need to compare the 'Room' assigned for the Parent and Child...
    Kamala Iragavarapu
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  • Calculated field using Date function on timestamp. Creating a calculated field on first field, it still considers time. How can I change that?

    I'm running into an issue where time on a column is causing issues:   If I create a Calculated Field and use the Day Function on a Start Date column and have a result in Start Date like 07/27/2017 12:00 AM then ...
    Devin Lindsay
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  • Smart IT

    Hi ! Is it possible to change the incident template when creating a ticket from the smart recorder ? Example : I select the template A, then I click on Create. But, after doing this, I am not able to change the tick...
    tommy chevrier
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  • Smart-IT - Option to copy Work Order

    Product Team Review
    37 votes
    Hi, similar to the idea Copy change option in Smart IT it would be nice to have the feature as well for work orders.   Cheers Christoph
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Display of "Audit Log" from 'HPD:Help Desk Audit Log' into the "Activity" of Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    159 votes
    The Idea is to display the complete "Audit Log" from “HPD:Help Desk Audit Log” into the "Activity" of 'Smart IT' with the exact timestamp.
    Alexander Rudi
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  • Smart Reporting Crosslaunch

    The first ever touch point for any Smart Reporting user involves logging into Smart Reporting with a crosslaunch, typically from Midtier or Smart IT. Hence it is important to understand the required configuration and ...
    Amol Kale
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  • How to implement filter in Dashboard of Smart reporting

    I have created a dashboard, no issues. Problem what I am facing is to implement filter in Dashboard? My report is containing filter in Submit Date and I want to see the filter in Dashboard also. Can anyone locate me w...
    Nehal Ahmad
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  • Nandu Mahadevan Honored by Computerworld

    We are extremely pleased to share that the leader of the BMC SaaS Operations has been honored by Computerworld as a Premier 100 Technology Leader for 2017.   Nandu Mahadevan is the Vice President of SaaS Operat...
    Crystal Miceli
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  • Remedy to Smart Reporting field mapping guide

    Smart Reporting for customers has been an extremely useful and powerful reporting tool. With its easy-to-use report writer for non-technical users, and drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection, this ...
    Manny Ramirez
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  • Crank Up Your Contents on BMC Smart Reporting

    Vyom Labs invite you to join our webinar on Crank Up Your Contents on BMC Smart Reporting Aug 23, 2017 | 11:00 AM CST   Join us for 30 minutes to learn: Background on Smart Reporting & its platform An...
    Ganesh Balu
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