• Show Approval History of Service Requests in Smart IT even after they got approved

    Product Team Review
    111 votes
    Hi guys!   We have configured Service Requests which need approvals. As long as this request is waiting for an approval, you have access to the name of the Approver in Smart IT: Once the approval is done, th...
    Tamara Ehmoser
    last modified by Tamara Ehmoser
  • SmartIT - export console content /views  to file (XLS,CSV,PDF ...)

    Product Team Review
    81 votes
    Hi,   there are several useful bulk actions you can perform with Smart-IT  on console contents (for universal client only) with selected multiple tickets  (assign, share, follow, update status etc...) ...
    Igor Smrdelj
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  • Notification Problem

    There is an odd issue with notifications. I don't believe it is related to the e-mail service (more on that in a moment) because I can send e-mails directly from a Work Order or Support Request (I can also send e-mail...
    Timothy Mobley
    last modified by Timothy Mobley
  • Smart IT - Ability To View Change Calendar

    On Roadmap
    270 votes
    At the moment there is currently not a way to bring up the change calendar in Smart IT without having to create/edit a change. I was told that the calendar view in Smart IT is only a purpose built calendar for change...
    Scott Weber
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  • Smart IT - Session Timeout Notification

    24 votes
    Hi,   This implementation already exists, but only for ITSM. Link: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ars1808/enabling-notifications-for-mid-tier-session-timeout-820495929.html I believe that a similar feature would be...
    Stefan Dragomir
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  • Virtual Chat Notes in Incident Ticket Description

    0 votes
    Virtual Chat Notes in Incident Ticket Description.  Currently using Smart-IT version 18.08 with Virtual Chat.  When the chat session is closed and the Incident ticket automatically created the entire chat tr...
    Robert Dalton
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  • Smart IT - Knowledge article preview should contain article visibility status

    Product Team Review
    40 votes
    When viewing the preview of the Knowledge article in Smart IT, the article visibility options should appear (published to external audiences yes/no)  
    Cristian Baltoiu
    last modified by Cristian Baltoiu
  • Missing basic functionalities for Work Orders

    Below Review Threshold
    39 votes
    With the ticket type "Work Orders" we miss various basic functionalities that are available in the other ITSM modules. As an example I would like to name the following deficiencies: 1. The tab Categorization is miss...
    Yvonne Becker
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  • Filter ticket console by Follow marker

    On Roadmap
    53 votes
    Follow tickets you marked in SmartIT (following) and find them with a filter at the Ticket Console. Our support stuff is very interested in observing informations of running Incidents / Workorders / … which th...
    Christian Tschiderer
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  • Smart IT Activity updates should include Date time.

    Below Review Threshold
    33 votes
    As per the current Smart IT design when we make an update or for example we add a new Activity on an Incident. After adding the Activity in the Activities panel we see the Date/ Time activity was added.   But a...
    Rajesh Mokashi
    last modified by Rajesh Mokashi
  • Ability to boost article relevency adhoc

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    We need the ability for KM managers to artificially boost relevance of certain articles so they always show up the search list when the search condition matches irrespective of the view/use count of other articles. Th...
    Sanjay Pillay
    last modified by Sanjay Pillay
  • Incident Counter Reminder

    Hi everyone, I'm using Remedy 9.1, and I want to create a reminder for the assignee in order to notify them about the assigned ticket when the number of assigned ticket exceed 10.
    Mohaned Eltyeb
    last modified by Mohaned Eltyeb
  • Assignment rules selection in SmartIT

    Product Team Review
    50 votes
    When a user from Company A creates a new Incident, this ticket can be assigned to a Company B support group. This is done using "Auto Assign" feature in Remedy. When the submitter uses "Auto Assign" button in Reme...
    Manisha Patil
    last modified by Manisha Patil
  • Smart IT: Extend Auto-assign functionality for Incidents

    Below Review Threshold
    22 votes
    Issue: Service Desk agent can only assign an incident to the "best fit group". But if this group can't solve it there is no way to identify the second, third best fist group.   Current implementation in Smart I...
    Waldemar Rucha
    last modified by Waldemar Rucha
  • Remedy Task Phase Management - Change Module

    10 votes
    Currently the task phase management in the change module is reflecting only in the new Change templates and not with the existing template and adhoc tasks.   But it should be reflected in the existing change tem...
    Pabitra Subudhi
    last modified by Pabitra Subudhi
  • SmartIT - Copy/Paste Accelerators in the in-app e-mail

    1 vote
    Currently, in order to for the accelerators to work, we have to write the name of the accelerator. Although, if we copy the accelerator (!ID in this example) it shows "!ID" as plain text
    Alex Gravel
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  • Smart Reporting - variable for adding hours to a date value

    2 votes
    When we try to create a variable for adding hours to a date value, the variable is not calculated and displayed correctly into the report:           - either null values a...
    Florin Serban
    last modified by Florin Serban
  • Smart Reporting - Time zone date integration for the logged in user

    1 vote
    - Data extracted into the Smart Reporting reports to be automatically presented into the time zone of the logged in user, as it is similarly presented when logged in Smart IT interface - currently, the date fields ex...
    Florin Serban
    last modified by Florin Serban
  • Smart IT - Define rules for Action visibility

    Below Review Threshold
    3 votes
    Within Smart IT, you are able to create Actions (Web Actions, Provider actions) Unfortunately they are always visible to everyone.   It would be useful to show some actions only      - when...
    Michael Weber
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  • Promote the REQ Number when a ticket is submitted via Smart IT

    Below Review Threshold
    5 votes
    When a customer phones the Service Desk to log a ticket, at the moment in Smart IT, once the Service Desk have saved the record, they have to scroll all the way down to be bottom of the page and then click on the Rela...
    Rowan Ward
    last modified by Rowan Ward