• How to Secure the UDM file path for server group environments.

    Our IT Risk department does not allow network shares on the network. Per the documentation it needs to be a UNC \\<servername>\<yourFolderName>\. They also do not allow using the $Admin shares on our Windo...
    Steven Pataray
    created by Steven Pataray
  • Smart IT - Reminder function for Incidents

    On Roadmap
    101 votes
    Hi all,   in the Midtier you have the possiblitiy to add a reminder to your Incident.     I would like to see the same function in SmartIT, so that an Agent can configure a reminder for an Incident....
    Calogero Lucia
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  • Can Smart Reporting utilize CSV file as input/view?

    I have some external data that I would like to add to the reports within Remedy Smart Reporting.  The details are in a CSV file.  I know that yellowfin introduced this capability sometime in 2017 and wondere...
    Jill Robertson
    created by Jill Robertson
  • Work Order Approvals stalled in approval central

    Hi Everyone,   I'm setting up approvals for work order, following Integrating Approval Server with an application - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation and I've run into a snag...
    Michael Stafford
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  • Notification to approver

    Hi,   I have a requirement to send a notification to the approver of service request if the service request is not approved with in 7 days. can you please let me know hot to achieve this?     thanks
    V Y
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  • SRM 8.1, diffirent approvers for srd

    I have one srd, where is 3 fields, field1, field2 and field3. Every field has its own approver and also incident.   Example when customer answer field1 and field3, it goes for approval1 and approval3, when appr...
    Timo Arvola
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  • Google-like search in Smart IT and DWP

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    20 votes
    Hello,   the idea is to implement a search technology that will, just like google, search not only for exact matches, but will be able to use the options:   - case insensitive search (regardles of the case...
    Damir Suban
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  • Ability to restrict supportgroups to one or more ITSM-applications

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    15 votes
    In CFG:Assignment it is possible to configure standard-assignments based on some ticketdata like Customer,Service, etc. Also you can choose for which application you want to setup the assignment.   The same fun...
    Rainer Volkmer
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  • Change Management - When selecting Company, the user should only see Requested For people who belong to the selection in the company field.

    1 vote
    Change Management - When selecting Company, the user should only see Requested For people who belong to the selection in the company field.
    Ron Kuschmider
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  • Way to pass the RKM article body in the oob wsdl?

    Hi All,   I have been looking at the RKM wsdl, RKM_KnowledgeInterface_WS.  Is there a way to include the Article body?   The current output values are only ArticleID, Status and Title. The form that ...
    Steven Seitz
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  • Time taken to Assign Ticket report

    Hi,   I am trying to create a report that tells me when a ticket has been left unassigned in our Service Desk queue for more than 30 minutes.   I have created a report based on the below logic:   &#...
    Sam Cross
    created by Sam Cross
  • Smart IT: Please support active Hyperlinks in all Kinds of Text Fields

    Product Team Review
    133 votes
    In a modern application, regardless whether mobile, client or browser based it is a standard feature to recognize a URL (or URI) as an active hyperlink. Copy and paste any http: or ftp: or file: urls (or their secure...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Link SmartIT on HTML Email template (Remedy 19.02)

    Remedy 19.02 I created a HTML Email template How can I add the Smart Link for incident on template ? I tried add the following but they are not working   1- https://[servername]/smartit/app/#/incident/$Instan...
    Mohammad Khdour
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  • SmartIT - Enable Decision Trees in SmartIT from Incident and Work Order

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    29 votes
    Request that Decision Trees be added to SmartIT. We use Decision Trees on a daily basis, but there is no access to these Decision Trees in SmartIT.
    Garron Christie
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  • Add Sorting capabilities to Smart IT Global Search

    8 votes
    In Smart IT Global Search results, after a search for tickets has been performed, it should possible to sort the search results in ascending or descending order by certain parameters (like Ticket ID or Last Modified D...
    Stefan Heringklee
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  • Help regarding Smart Reporting

    Hello Team, Please help me with way to add BMC.Document class in smart reporting so I could be able to create dashboard on CMDB  data. I am able to find Asset Management in  smart reporting but that does n...
    Gopal Deshpande
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  • Smart Reporting Failure Notifications

    How does Smart Reporting notify the administrator or user group listed in a failure notification when a broadcast fails? Is an email sent out?
    Sean Hutchison
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  • People search not working in Smart IT with the global menu set to People

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Remedy with Smart IT COMPONENT: Remedy with Smart IT ...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Smart Recorder should also list PBI and KE rather only Incidents in the Outages and Recommended Ticket section.

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    26 votes
    As per the BMC doc and places I read through the "Recommended Tickets" and "Outages" section on the Smart Recorder would only show up Incidents. https://docs.bmc.com/docs/smartit20/overview-of-information-displayed-on...
    Jayson Skaria
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  • Problems and changes in Smart IT - Recommended tickets

    In SmartIT the Resources tab shows Incidents only in the list of Recommended Tickets. Is there an (easy) way to get Problems & Changes included in that list as well?
    Sriram Pattabhiraman
    last modified by Sriram Pattabhiraman