• RE:Notes Field on HPD:Help Desk and SRM:Request

    Hi Everyone,   We are on BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM,SRM,SLM along with RSSO DWP We were to add custom fields on SYS:Notification Messages and things went on well by following few of the knowledge articles f...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Provide Entity Relationship Diagrams for Products

    On Roadmap
    114 votes
    This idea might apply to other BMC products but I am submitting it with Remedy and ITSM in mind. I went to look for an updated Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for ITSM 8.1.  I came across this page https://docs...
    Jason Miller
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  • Smart Reporting - ERROR (233): Invalid parameter setting in function definition.; SUBSTR

    Hi All,   I have created two calculations for 'CI Name HPD UA' as SUBSTR(`HPD:Associations`.`Request Description01`,17,63) and 'CI NAme HPS CI' as SUBSTR(`HPD:Associations`.`Request Description01`,0,63)   ...
    Conor McGinn
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  • Change Calendar - Data Presentation

    Not Planned
    4 votes
    It would be nice to have some possibilities in how the informations are displayed in Change Calendar. Last experience showed, that the actual displaying can be quite confusing and un-useful. The reason are Long Runni...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Creating a new SRD using a query menu does not return values.

    After upgraded from 201606141104 to 9.1.02 201710270306 creating a new SRD using a query menu does not return values. Exsiting query menus created in the previous version work but cannot create new ones. &#...
    Elmo Gentry
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  • Remedy Personal Instance for Users/Administrators/Developers

    4 votes
    Similar to its competitors, BMC should provide personal instances(time based) to users/Administrators/Developers with the latest releases launched(Not BDC which is provided, there should be a provision so that anybody...
    Tausif Shaikh
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  • Bulk updates of Tickets

    5 votes
    Often, people want to update multiple tickets at once - for example, change dates on  five incidents or modify values in custom fields   Currently in Smart IT this can be done - not for all fields, but for s...
    Sreekanth Gangavarapu
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  • Smart-IT - Option to copy Work Order

    Product Team Review
    40 votes
    Hi, similar to the idea Copy change option in Smart IT it would be nice to have the feature as well for work orders.   Cheers Christoph
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Display of "Audit Log" from 'HPD:Help Desk Audit Log' into the "Activity" of Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    162 votes
    The Idea is to display the complete "Audit Log" from “HPD:Help Desk Audit Log” into the "Activity" of 'Smart IT' with the exact timestamp.
    Alexander Rudi
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  • ITSM ServiceDesk / Change Management: Work Info 'Notes' as RTF field

    On Roadmap
    68 votes
    In Remedy ITSM Incident / Problem / Change Mgmt. forms and other forms and consoles, the 'Notes' field in the Work Info panes should be defined as Rich Text Field, so that formatted text / images can be entered and di...
    Christian Weber
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  • Smart IT Preset issue

    I am using SmartIT 2.0 version. Once the custom preset is configured am not able to re-arrange the columns. Could you please provide the details regarding this.
    Prathap PB
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  • Smart IT - Session Timeout Notification

    48 votes
    Hi,   This implementation already exists, but only for ITSM. Link: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ars1808/enabling-notifications-for-mid-tier-session-timeout-820495929.html I believe that a similar feature would be...
    Stefan Dragomir
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  • Show Approval History of Service Requests in Smart IT even after they got approved

    Product Team Review
    123 votes
    Hi guys!   We have configured Service Requests which need approvals. As long as this request is waiting for an approval, you have access to the name of the Approver in Smart IT: Once the approval is done, th...
    Tamara Ehmoser
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  • Escalation processing is slow

    Hi All,   We have a scenario that an escalation configured in a separate pool and to be triggered at every 1 minute interval. We are having more records say 300 which matches the escalation criteria. From escala...
    Indumathi K
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  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError : Java heap space - Error on ARS's email.log

    Hi, we currently using BMC Remedy 9.1.04 version. We face out of memory java heap space error on ARS's email.log, and we suspect this error makes email notification not recieved by user. We have increase the maks java...
    Dwina Andilla
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  • SRM / Work Order Approval History - 9.1.04 patch 2

    We have approvals set up for from SRs and they work perfectly. Once the SR is approved the Work Order is created - perfect.   Where can the support staff see WHO / WHEN approved the SR?   I see SRM:Request...
    T. D.
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  • Smart IT - DWP requests should be visible in Relationship tab

    25 votes
    At the moment, if you open a DWP Advanced ticket in Smart IT you are able to see the related tickets, however in the related Incident/Work Order/Change, you cannot see the request ID.   It should be possible to ...
    Bianca Radu
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  • Problem Management Task Templates

    Not Planned
    5 votes
    Our company uses task templates heavily within the Incident Management module, and would benefit from the availability of task templates in the Problem Management module.
    Benjamin York
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  • Customer Specific Chat Panel

    Not Planned
    5 votes
    As per the current OOTB,(Virtual Chat v 9.1) support agent console is displaying all the available unassigned chat requests as a default irrespective of the customer to which it belongs. Which is difficult for the su...
    Bimalesh Sethi
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  • Smart IT: The ability to relate KBAs to CRQs

    Not Planned
    5 votes
    We would like the ability to associate a KBA to a CRQ template and CRQs for a couple of reasons. We would like to record the SOP for Standard Changes in a KBA, and be able to associate them to a CRQ via the CRQ temp...
    Abby Wilson
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