• Adding Custom Field to Smart IT Knowledge Screen

    Hello,   Is there anyway to add a custom field to Knowledge Screen on Smart IT?
  • In Remedy there is feature that if a user sends an email to a specific email address (of course remedy email address) with the incident number in subject field under brackets, that email will attach to work notes section of subjected remedy incident

    I am a remedy user and work with the remedy incident.   I am aware there is possibility/feature in Remedy that if a user sends an email to a specific email address (of course remedy email address) with the inci...
    Yusuf Bhurawala
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  • Does BMC Helix ITSM Suite (Remedy) free trail supports Rest API.

    need this for versioning testing
    Arun t
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  • Large Smart reports can't be exported in XLSX when 'Suppress Duplicate' is extensively used?

    Hi,   Large Smart reports can't be exported in XLSX when 'Suppress Duplicate' is extensively used     If 'Suppress Duplicate' is applied to a lot of columns and the records are plenty (20 columns with...
    Conrad Hemingway
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  • ITSM 9.x Archiving Policy - Date Qualifier based on Submit Date - WHY?

    BMC has decided to use the Submit Date as  the default date qualification field to determine the age of a record to be archived. See following screen shot a s an example   What is the reason for this dec...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Mid-Tier crashes when the User clicks on Request Entry console

    Hi Team,   When Users select Service Request Management -> Request Entry then the page uploads but after a while the Mid Tier crashes. Please suggest.   Server Version: 9.1.08 201908111543   Thank...
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  • Smart Reports - Exact time frame for reporting

    When using dynamic filter, Can I have an exact time frame for reporting   scheduled report by last resolved time: report start time end time report1 2020-01-01 1200 2020-01-08 1200 report2 2020-01-08 1200 2020...
    Kenny Ng
    created by Kenny Ng
  • Smar IT Permissions

    Hi folks,   In Smart IT I want a support group to use only WorkORder module not Incident module.   Is it possible to do that ?   Regards
    ilhan KURT
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  • Smart Reporting Scheduled Broadcast on Dashboard

    Hi, I have created a Dashboard which includes 3 different Reports. The first reports is a report for all major incidents in the last 24 hours the second report includes all change requests which are scheduled for t...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • 19.11 for SaaS Only

    Don't mean to start a flame war BUT why is 19.11 (ARS, ITSM, Smart IT) only available for SaaS customers.  Although DWP 19.11 is available for OnPrem.   As an OnPrem customer, this release strategy (?) is v...
    Michael Gould
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  • ITSM Beta Program Plans 20.02

    Hi Peter Adams, what you mentioned in ITSM Beta Program Plans is fine but for the 20.08 release. What does it mean for the 20.02 release?? Is no Beta planned for 20.02?     Thanks! Christoph
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • SMART IT Session timeout

    HI Team,   Need suggestion on below use case     1) Customer login to SMART IT 2) Customer has session timeout of 5 minutes, just an example 3) As soon as he login it he type some thing in activity,...
    Alok Dewhare
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  • BMC Helix ITSM Suite (Remedy) integration with Oracle EBS R12

    Please guide how to integrated BMC Helix ITSM Suite (Remedy) with Oracle EBS R12. Our client have data in Oracle EBS R12 and need to migrate it to BMC Asset Management.   If possible please share documentation o...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • SLM:ServiceTarget - Custom Data Source, Custom Form

    Hi All,   I would like to use the field "Use Goal defined on the Application Form" in SLM for a measurement on a Custom form. First I defined this using the associated Custom Data Source. Then I generated the ...
    Petra Plate
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  • MarkAsDeleted not set correctly in AST:Attributes form

    Can someone please  help me to resolve this issue?   1. Create a new CI in Sandbox Dataset and keep MAD =Yes. Save the CI.     2. Run the asset sandbox recon job.     3. The CI is merged ...
    Susmita Patil
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  • Smart Reporting 9.1 - Calculated Field (Month) Defect

    I wanted to let others know about a defect in Smart Reporting 9.1 using the following Calculated Field (see Figure 2):   Month, ARJDBC   This calculated field returns the numeric value of the month.  ...
    T. D.
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  • 1902.001 - Archived tickets have no more worklogs?!

    Hi, I'm playing around with the archive function for the first time now and have already archived 50k incidents with all dependent elements. It works really well and noticeably relieves the live environment.   ...
    Stefan Hall
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  • UDM:StepLog clean up

    There is some 60 million records in our UDM:StepLog. Is this normal? How is this and other log table supposed to be kepts small?
    Thomas Miskiewicz
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  • Restricting support group to viewing other support group's ticket

    I have many support group under the company, can I restrict all support group to read their ticket only.   support group structure  and hierarchical configuration Cmpany organization group parent A OA 1 1 A...
    Kenny Ng
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  • attaching an email message into the incident

      I have this inquiry from a customer, when attaching a document in the incident , is there a way to attach an email from outlook directly ?   The customer wants to attach an email without going through...
    Yousef Anaya
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