• Parsing Data in Smart Reporting

    Hi,   We have a need to parse data from the Description field of a ticket in Smart Reporting to make reports easier to work with.   In this example we'd like to pull out the Database from the Description ...
    Bill Jordan
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  • Time to resolucion SQL

    Hi I need to know which is the form and the table where I can have the relationship ticket time to resoluction.   As appear this window   I need to have the time when the ticket is created (This I have ...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • What is the Activity table in Incident, Work Order, Change in SmartIT?

    What is the Activity table in Incident, Work Order, Change in SmartIT? I need delete records in the Activity section in INC, WO, CHG, etc
    Felipe Riofrio
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  • I want to import definition file through API or webservice. Means I want to import it from backend.

    I am looking for importing definition file through Jenkins. So I am looking for some API which can import definition file or web service. Please suggest
    Rajeev Dave
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  • changing the sequence of task record

    Hi Experts,   Cancelled a specific task in  a group of task record in parent ticket (work order, change, ect.), we cannot move up (changing the sequence) any task record that come below the one canncelled. ...
    Mahamadou Traore
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  • SmartIT Global Search Parameters

    Our global search from the SmartIT 1.6 console was taking more than one minute to return data when searching for people, assets, or tickets. We removed all of our software from the BMC Base Element via RE job. This im...
    Christopher Janovich
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  • Visibility of Digital Workplace Catalog Requests in Smart IT

    Hello,   we use Digital Workplace Catalog Service Requests (not ITSM SRM). After Integration of DWPC in SmartIT, we can see all Service Requests created in DWPC.   Problem is:   We have more then one...
    Matthias Vierling
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  • Onboarding error when Smart Reporting services are started with non-root user

    Good day,   I am facing an issue with Customer onboarding when the Smart Reporting services are started by a non-root user account. The installation was performed with root user, however access to this account w...
    Peter Mabina
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  • Extend the priority values in the service target Management.

    Hallo,   is there a possibility to expand the priority values for the Service Target in BMC Helix Business Workflows?  the default values are (critical, high, medium, low). I need to add other priority lev...
    Mohamed Magaiez
    created by Mohamed Magaiez
  • OOTB filter that pushes data from INC to PBM

    Hi folks,   I have a custom field on Incident console form and the same custom field on the Problem console.   Whenever I send any some data from the Incident custom field to the problem custom field, some...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • What role/permission for user can create report on BMC Smart Reporting?

    Hi, we using BMC Remedy 9.1.04 version. We want to add a user to have create report role on BMC Smart Reporting. But we can't found the menu to edit the role of the user. Please help and advice. Thank you.   Reg...
    Dwina Andilla
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  • Error occured while triggering RSR:UserSync Escalation

    Hi Team,   Please find the error captured in the Escalation logs while manually triggering the RSR:UserSync.   <ESCL> <TID: 0000000345> <RPC ID: 0000000181> <Queue: Admin  &#...
  • SR is stuck in In progress when WO is closed successfully

    Hi,   Please let me know if anyone has faced this issue. When workorder is closed(work order was reopened and it is closed with successful) but SR is still in progress status.   SRD creates 2 work orders...
    Suhasini Palabhavi
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  • Request Entry/Default SRD

    We have a continued issue where our users select the first SRD on the Request Entry screen because it defaults to this.   Then the SRD routes to the wrong team and creates delays.   I'm trying to i...
    Diane Price
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  • cannot add 12/24 tasks to my change template

    I'd like to add 12/24 tasks to my change template to have a change with a task every hour or every 2nd hour for a day.   When adding my tasks from task templates to my change template, is sometimes can add 4, so...
    Matthias Hataj
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  • Round Robin Assignment based on Resolvers Leave plans in Remedy 9.1.02

    Hi All,   We would like to implement round robin assignment in incident management. While Remedy does that, it should also check whether resolver has applied any planned leave. Do we have this check on people's...
    Rakesh Singh
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  • User is currently connected from another machine or incompatible session

    Hi, we using BMC Remedy 9.1.04 version. We have this error while the user still on work on Mozilla's normal window, with 1 tab stand by, and other 5 tabs still on work. He's leave to drink in 5 minutes, and when get b...
    Dwina Andilla
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  • Access Smart IT outside client network

    Dear Experts:   How can we enable Smart IT and DWP via internet so that employees and support staffs can access them without connecting to company’s intranet. I would like to get the architecture and secur...
    Viknesh PS
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  • Inbox aware RBE?

    AR / ITSM 9.1.02   I am researching if anybody has made RBE Email Engine inbox aware? Basically I am looking to setup RBE use cases and rules based on the inbox that the email was read from.   From what I ...
    Jason Miller
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  • Smart Reporting: Clob error as soon as we display the simple calculated field.

    Hi,   We are facing strange issue on Smart Reporting during creating Service Request Reports and Problem ticket Reports. We want to create a simple graph of ticket counts for each Customer Department. For whic...
    Kunal Pishe
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