• Smart-IT : Assigner un site dans une tâche

    Bonjour ! Comment pouvons-nous ajouter un site dans une tâche dans un incident ? Lorsque nous voulons ajouter un site, il ne sort rien. On dirait que le lien avec la BD ne se fait pas. Sous ITSM, tout fonctionn...
    tommy chevrier
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  • Problem Performing Ticket Query and Validation with RemedyForce Ticketing system using SOAP API

    Hi again,       A bit of background;   We have a client following an ITSM implementation in which they are trying to use RemedyForce ticketing system to perform a tickets validation    ...
    Urooj Hussain
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  • Help populating Operational Catalog Foundation Data

    Hi all,   We're going through an implementation of BMC Remedy ITSM and are struggling to know how to structure the data for the Operational Catalog foundation data spreadsheet.  I've come across several pos...
    Chris Brownsword
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  • How to delete incident workinfo record

    Hi Experts,   Is it possible to delete erroneous workinfo entry  in incident record. If yes, what permission is needed for user to perform this action. I know as an Admin user I can delete workinfo entry di...
    Mahamadou Traore
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  • SRM 8.1, diffirent approvers for srd

    I have one srd, where is 3 fields, field1, field2 and field3. Every field has its own approver and also incident.   Example when customer answer field1 and field3, it goes for approval1 and approval3, when appr...
    Timo Arvola
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  • Translate a character field from arabic to english

    Hi,   We have an integration with Third party, where they are sending a Character field value in Arabic while pushing the data to our staging form. At our end, we need to convert that value to English and later...
    Kritika Prajapati
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  • Issues with configuring cognitive service

    i would like to use the cognitive Data Setup with training data and so on. But if i use the Cognitive Service Setup and test the connection i get always the error:   How can i fix that? Thank you! Best...
    Eduard Cipes
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  • SmartIT / MyIT default language

    Hi,   Is it possible to force the default language for the SmartIT interface ? My customer has multiple sites and needs to ensure that all IT guys will use the English interface. End users in myIT can still v...
    Arnaud Delcroix
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  • BMC Virtual Chat 9.1- How to Change Customer Greeting In Self Service Portal

    Hi All,   We need to Change Customer greeting on Self Service portal as below link.   http://midTierServerName:portNumber/eschat/     We referred BMC DOCS - Changing the initial customer greet...
    Rahul Priyadarshy
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  • SRM - REQ Activity Log

    Is there a way to show the status of Work Orders (and the Tasks associated to the WO) on the REQ Details tab under 'Activity Log'? If someone adds a public note to the Work Order it will appear on the Activity Log of ...
    Kyle Smithey
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  • Remove 'Reopen' Button in Service Request Details Page - Smart IT

    Hello,   I would like to remove the 'Reopen' option in the service request details in Smart IT. This button only shows if the request has moved to a completed status. I tried the steps listed at Hide "Reopen" in...
    Jonathan Baggett
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  • Remedy 8.1 Pull Summary* From Incident That Owns Task

    Hello. I'm writing a report to pull the tasks for a group that are ready to be worked. I need to get the Summary* field from the incident that owns the tasks. Is that field available on the task form?
    Rob Gilbert
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  • Smart Reporting Failure Notifications

    How does Smart Reporting notify the administrator or user group listed in a failure notification when a broadcast fails? Is an email sent out?
    Sean Hutchison
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  • Where can I find a list of components by capability for ITSM?

    I am unable to locate an architecture document that shows what modules are used for each capability in ITSM Problem Change - atrium, SLM, ...... Release Incident - Atrium, SLM, notification ......   etc.
    Jacques Tessier
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  • Integration with Oracle JDE and HCM

    Can we integrate BMC Remedy ITSM with Oracle JDE and HCM? Synchronization is required between Remedy & HCM to get users update. Further we need to get asset (CIs) update as well. Any suggestion?
    Babar Shamsi
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  • Submitter of Change Request w Change User permission cannot edit the CR after submitting it

    Release Notes for Smart-IT 19.02 are mentioning several changes https://docs.bmc.com/docs/smartit1902/19-02-enhancements-837864941.html#id-19.02enhancements-Whatelsechangedinthisreleas…   They are liste...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • BMC Remedy LLD

    Hi All,    From where I can get the BMC Remedy low level diagram (LLD)?   Thanks 
    Mohammad Al Taj
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  • BMC Remedy 8.1 Last_Modified_By = AR_ESCALATOR instead of real username

    When I modify an Asset in Asset Management Console I expect to see my name as Last Modified By in Reports. Instead of my login name I see Last_Modified_By = AR_ESCALATOR. The same name I see in the AST_ComputerSystem ...
    Vlad Kovalchuk
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  • Smart-IT : Make a Field visible in the Available List?

    In Smart IT Ticket Console, Is it possible to make a custom field available in the Available List rather than the Visible List ?
    Karthick Krishnan
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  • How to integrate BMC Remedy with Microsoft Azure

    Team,   Please suggest if BMC has a tool that allows integration of BMC remedy with Microsoft Azure?
    Cloud World
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