• Emailing a SmartReport for just once to a specific user

    Hi folks,   There's a SmartReport which I want to send out as a email to a particular user, for just once. I think the broadcast is enabled but even so, I want to run it once and email as a CSV file just once ...
    Edison Pioneer
    created by Edison Pioneer
  • Search for SmartReports created/ modified by a specific user

    Hi folks,   I want to search on Smart Reports for all reports created by a particular user. I have access to user's People profile. How can I find all the reports which have been -   1) Created by the ue...
    Edison Pioneer
    created by Edison Pioneer
  • SLA's getting attached twice to tickets

    Hi everyone,   We had this issue wherein SLA's would get attached twice to incidents.   We have noticed this happens to WO's as well.   Furthermore, we have been asked to find all tickets where SLA's...
    Edison Pioneer
    created by Edison Pioneer
  • BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1 - full text search is running too slow and ft_pending has many records

    Hello, last week FTS start created too many records and cannot processed them in real time. The most of record (special from HPD:Help Desk and SRM:Request) are repeated, as you can see here (this is a little part of ...
    Martin Kalina
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  • Bulk Editing Quantities per Site

    I've been doing quite a lot of work in Bulk Inventory, but one thing I have still not been able to figure out is a way to mass edit quantities-per-site for items. I have thousands of bulk inventory items and am while ...
    Timothy Mobley
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  • Smart Reporting - Broadcast - Recipients Advanced option.

    Hello, I need some examples more clear about the use of advanced option in the recipient filed (rocket icon) for broadcasting. Documentation says: "you can select a report that lists email addresses for broadcastin...
    Josep Estrada
    last modified by Josep Estrada
  • Accrue searches

    I'm attempting to perform an accrue search on asset records using the CI Name* field.  However my search results always return "No matches were found for your qualification. (ARWARN 9296)".  My script is ......
    Bonnie Miskiewicz
    last modified by Bonnie Miskiewicz
  • How to report on Asset site address (including postal code)

    Hi everyone   Can I ask if someone knows how to show the zip/postal code of sites listed in the OOTB Asset Management view?   I am trying to create a report to show the location of each asset that our comp...
    Omar Latif
    last modified by Omar Latif
  • Import SRD Error "This record already exists"

    I have a Change Management SRD that I exported from my test environment and am trying to import it into my production environment.   When I first went to import, everything went fine until I tried to promote it....
    Dawn Rawls
    last modified by Dawn Rawls
  • How to prevent SLT breaching though the Goal time is crossed

    Hi All,   I am trying to avoid the SLT breaching but it's not working as I have tried in all ways.   For example we have a p1 ticket and it's goal time defined for 15 minutes if customer doesn't respond wi...
    Raju Mangali
    last modified by Raju Mangali
  • SmartReporting on CAI:Events

    Hi all,   I would like to build a Smart Report on CAI:Events which would be delivered to my email address twice daily.   The qualification is simple, I just want all those records with 'Return_Code'="Err...
    Edison Pioneer
    last modified by Edison Pioneer
  • Smart Reporting - Calculated Field not allowed as a first parameter

    Hello,   After the upgrade to the latest ITSM version (20.02), some of Smart Reporting reports do not show up properly and show below error:        Error retrieving results An error occ...
    Jan Zacharjasiewicz
    last modified by Jan Zacharjasiewicz
  • Issue to install Smart IT 19.02

    Hi all,   Your help please, I tried to install Smart IT 19.02 and got the next error:   Throwable=[com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Invalid object name 'CONFIGURATION_PARAMS'. com.microsof...
    Natalia Cuesta
    last modified by Natalia Cuesta
  • Disable client field after save the ticket Smart IT 19.08

    Hi all,   It is possible to disable the client field in smart it once the client has recorded the name on the incident tickets and work order tickets.   Best regards,   NC
    Natalia Cuesta
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  • How restrict the selection of the implementers in Change Management

    Dear all,   Your help please, I need to restrict the selection of the implementer user in the change management, that is to say that only the user that belongs to the implementer group can select the implementer...
    Natalia Cuesta
    last modified by Natalia Cuesta
  • Querying across SRM:Request + AP:Detail-Signature

    Hi all,   We have been recently running into issues with our request approvals and I am longing to create a sort of monitoring solution around it.   My priority would be to implement in the below order of ...
    Edison Pioneer
    last modified by Edison Pioneer
  • Approval emails to an individual

    Hello together, Even after we turned off the individual and group notification for a customer, the customer still receives change approval mails from the approval server.   The steps we followed is in the below...
    Ugurcan Oktaylar
    last modified by Ugurcan Oktaylar
  • SmartIT: WO assignment not working

    Hi guys,   We are on Helix ITSM 20.02 version   I think this is happening only with newly created WO's which were never assigned, as far as I have seen and only on SmartIT.   Support Company - ALL, S...
    Edison Pioneer
    last modified by Edison Pioneer
  • Change stuck at Pending status

    Hi everyone,   We are on Helix ITSM 20.02 We have this change request which is stuck in pending status, which we would like to cancel.   I have taken an extract of the CHG:ChangeInterface, redacted some i...
    Edison Pioneer
    last modified by Edison Pioneer
  • How can I see what the root path is set to on my Smart Reporting server (W2016)?

    How can I see what the root path is set to on my Smart Reporting server (W2016)?   Any thoughts on other places to look?   Server was cloned from a different environment. I have updated the ARS SR Info fo...
    Toby Mitchell
    last modified by Toby Mitchell