• how do I download Remedy ticket data to DB2 tables for analytics?

    looking for a way to better manage our ticket data from Remedy (outside of Smart Reporting).
    Angie Borgsmiller
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  • Smart Reporting - "Number Of Flagged Articles - Detailed Report"

    Hi Community, I have a question about a report named "Number Of Flagged Articles - Detailed Report" from Knowledge Management. The report does not return any values, because the field "Article Flagged ? (Flag It) was...
    Robert Pidde
    created by Robert Pidde
  • AIF Not working in Chrome - Digital Workplace

    Happy holidays everyone !!   We have an issue , when we open an AIF in Digital workplace. it is working fine in Internet Explorer. But in Chrome I have to enable "Load Unsafe Scripts".   We installed SSL C...
    Vinayak Navada
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  • Does anyone know if there is a timeline for ITSM to support Oracle 19c and remove all Flash?

    I was told last year the 2020.02 version would most likely support Oracle 19c , but the release notes that just came out still show 18c.
    Amanda Jaber
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  • SmartIT → "Activity" tab blank on all KA's

    Hi all,   We are on 9.1.004 ROD.   Today, I found a rather interesting phenomena, in which the "Activity" of all KA's is blank. Upon more inspection, I realized that the "Activity" tab of any KA's I open ...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • Smart IT Knowledge Template Labels Localization

    Hello,   I am trying to localize Smart IT and localized all of the descriptions, labels, fields, etc. But i cannot find the knowledge template labels. Is there anyway to edit that labels?
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  • Issue in archival of associated forms

    Hi All,   We have enabled the archival process few days back and could observe Archival process in archiving the Incident records and its associated forms.   However, there was an issue in archival of asso...
    Vinod Katta
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  • Smart Reporting calculating percentages with null values

    Hi,   I have 2 columns of data in a Smart Report, each column comes from a separate sub-query.  I want to calculate the percentage of each value against the sum of the two, which works fine until there's a...
    Bill Jordan
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  • How to assign an incident to another support group when a mail is sent and the incident is resolved? ITSM 18.08

    Hello,   we are trying to assign an incident to another support group if the customer replies by mail and the incident is resolved already. The support group should also be notified of the new assignment, and th...
    Frederik Huschebeck
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  • How the default values are loaded in SmartIT while creating any new Ticket

    Hi Experts,   We need to know how these values are auto populated. Does anyone know this ?      As shown in screenshot, these values are loaded automatically when we click on Create New >&g...
    Datta Kurkut
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  • SmartIT - Following 1million items

    Hi all,   In SmartIT console there is a following updates section on the left pane.   At the top left corner, we have "Updates" followed by "Following X Items" to the right.   For one of our users, u...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • Create SLA based on Custom Date Field

    How to build an SLA to be measured based on two custom dates i.e. 'my_custom_start_date' and 'my_custom_end_date' noting that these fields may changed during the ticket life cycle.
    Mohammed Gharaibeh
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  • How to add a Product (like Knowledge Management) to a existing ITSM version 19.08 ?

    On a test/training environment a have a BMC Remedy ITSM installation with only BMC Service Desk. It was installed normaly: First with the version 18.05 wizard installer, and second update with the deployment package ...
    Rolf Stockem
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  • Date Difference Issue - Smart Reporting 9.1.04 patch 2

    I created a report with a calculated field using Date Difference. Reported Date and Last Resolved Date.   I added this field to the report and it works perfectly.   When I add a Sub Query (Left Outer Join)...
    T. D.
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  • BMC reporting doubts [based on ITL]

    Hi team I have these couple of doubts related wit the SLA_Response & SLA_Resolved monthly reports.   Which is the correct way to filter a SLA_Monthly_Repor ?        ...
    Alejandro Rodriguez
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  • Capture Date (Timestamp is Fine) of Assignment of Work Orders to a Specific Support Group

    Hello All.   I have been tasked to create a report that lists all of the Work Orders, each containing the same string within the Summary & Submitted during a stipulated timeframe, (monthly) and assigned to a...
    Jerome Walker
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  • Unit price field for Assets

    When we load assets to assets management console using DMT, the Unit Price field sets the the currency to USD. I need to load this as GBP. Any ideas on how to this?
    Mayank Kumar
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  • Using columns of different type in a Case Statement

    Hi, I want to create two simple calcs in my report that joins work order and task management.  Basically the number of hours between work order submit (create date) and completion of Discovery Analysis and Assess...
    Stephen Long
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  • The installation of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 8.1.02 failed.

    Hi all,   I'm busy building a secondary Remedy server in our environment.  I've installed on Windows 2012 R2 server, Remedy ARS 9.1.04, CMDB 9.1.04 and Atrium Integrator 9.1.04 successfully without any erro...
    Tshepoeng Mogwera
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  • Adding asset people relationship on Smart IT

    Is there a way to relate an asset to People profile on the people console in Smart IT, like we can do on Remedy mid tier? I have checked and found that there is no option to add or remove asset relationship on Smart I...
    Mayank Kumar
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