• Question about Remedy Smart Reporting

    Hello,   Can someone please advise me on the below issue.   I have created a Smart Report grabbing information about Parent and Child Assets. I need to compare the 'Room' assigned for the Parent and Child...
    Kamala Iragavarapu
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  • SRM / Work Order Approval History - 9.1.04 patch 2

    We have approvals set up for from SRs and they work perfectly. Once the SR is approved the Work Order is created - perfect.   Where can the support staff see WHO / WHEN approved the SR?   I see SRM:Request...
    T. D.
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  • Smart Reporting: Service Request Report to display related Incident numbers & its details

    Hi ,   Can someone put some light on how to display related Incident numbers and its details like summary, notes, status, work notes, resolution comment, Ops cat 1-2-3, etc.   To start with Incident number...
    Kunal Pishe
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  • Sections equals Poor Performance

    We are using Smart Reporting 9.1.   It seems whenever I create Smart Reports they run fairly quickly with no issues.   As an example I created a reported that listed 18,437 records that took 2 seconds to r...
    T. D.
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  • Is timezone managed in Change Management ?

    Hello, When using the ITSM Change management across multiple countries how is managed the timezone ? Thanks, Michel
    Michel JEANBERT
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  • Illegal argument exception error in SmartIT

    Hi Team,   Getting below error while trying to assign an incident to the support group member. Please let us know what could be the issue?  
    V Y
    created by V Y
  • Mid Tier to Smart IT

    Hi all,   We are using mid tier . now plannig to use smart it instead od mid tier. We have customizations. Is tehere a guide or sth to explain how to migrate or implement this customizations or functions on sm...
    ilhan KURT
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  • Has anyone experience in creating own Widgets in Smart IT, or other ways to customize it?

    Hi guys!   Some of our customers are used to customizations in Remedy and for some of them Smart IT is way too inflexible at the moment because they would loose a lot of functionality. This situation is really ...
    Tamara Ehmoser
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  • Calculated field using Date function on timestamp. Creating a calculated field on first field, it still considers time. How can I change that?

    I'm running into an issue where time on a column is causing issues:   If I create a Calculated Field and use the Day Function on a Start Date column and have a result in Start Date like 07/27/2017 12:00 AM then ...
    Devin Lindsay
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  • Smart IT

    Hi ! Is it possible to change the incident template when creating a ticket from the smart recorder ? Example : I select the template A, then I click on Create. But, after doing this, I am not able to change the tick...
    tommy chevrier
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  • Menu as a drop down in Smart-IT

    Hi all,   I have created a custom menu field and made it available in SmartIT, but I want it to be available as Operational Category i.e as a menu. How can this be achieved.  
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  • Time format H:MM:SS comparison using BETWEEN operator

    Hi All,   I am writing a CASE in BMC Smart reporting in which I am trying to compare Last Resolved date in H:MM:SS BETWEEN 07:30:00 AND 15:00:00 and I am getting an error Invalid DateTimeFormat. Please see the ...
    Nehal Ahmad
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  • Smart Reporting hyperlinks

    Is there a way to update the Hyperlinks on Smart Reporting reports so when users are emailed a report with the Hyperlinks to individual CR's, they can click on those links and get logged into the Mid Tier and taken to...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • Smart Reporting: Custom sort for Date fields

    How to create custom sort for submit date/report date in Incident. BMC docs video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw5DcIi_UHc ) says you can create Org Reference Codes to enable a custom sort for month or enum fields...
    Jamsheer KK
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  • Resolution Field displaying Syntax Error

    Good Day   I am experiencing a syntax error where adding the Resolution field into the canvas. I get this on both 9.1 and 9.0.01 environments has anyone encounted this, how did you resolve it. Regards, P...
    Phindiwe Moshoele
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  • Smart Reporting

    Hi, is it possible to make a graph with the top 10 and the eleventh column is the sum of the others? Something like the example below. Thx for the help.
    David Ribeiro
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  • More Information on Smart Reporting Broadcast Failure

    A job that has run daily for months just failed this morning.  It is set to broadcast from Smart Reporting at 7:45 AM this morning.  We had two reports run prior at 7:30 AM with no issue.  The only info...
    Crystal Crenshaw
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  • Resumen in same row Smart Reporting

    Hello. I need create a report in smart reporting. I have a detail for status changed. With the next columns (Incident number, Start date/time, Stop date/time, Assigned Group, Status, and Time in status. I have one re...
    Jesus Resendiz
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  • User smart reporting not sync

    Hello All,   We have issue job sync user smart reporting not working. We have checked and logging the escalation and the escalation running no issue. But we founded error when the job RSR:UpdateCompletedStatus...
    Baeny Khaeroni
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  • How to create a report level header in BMC Smart Reporting..?

    Hi All, I am trying to create header something like as in below screenshot which I am not able to achieve in Smart Reporting :   I have description already for a report which I don't want to display it at rep...
    Sweety Margam
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