• Smart IT - Ability To View Change Calendar

    Coming in Next Release
    279 votes
    At the moment there is currently not a way to bring up the change calendar in Smart IT without having to create/edit a change. I was told that the calendar view in Smart IT is only a purpose built calendar for change...
    Scott Weber
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  • Smart IT - Provide 'Advanced Filter Qualification' box for the 'Ticket Console'

    On Roadmap
    215 votes
    When defining Filters within the 'Ticket Console', the limitation is to the various filtering options provided, however these filtering options do not include the ability to use 'NOT' or 'AND/OR' syntax, i.e. to exclu...
    Ash Hall
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  • Smart IT Ticket Console - Extend Filtering Options

    On Roadmap
    190 votes
    This idea is about the Smart IT Ticket Console. At the moment it offers various filtering options. Nevertheless, our customer request to have filters for all underlying ticket fields. This includes at least customer ...
    Oliver Koplin
    last modified by Oliver Koplin
  • Support for SRD Actions in Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    184 votes
    When you create a service request via smart recorder it would be very helpful if the configured Actions will be supported in Smart-IT as well.
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Smart IT - Add custom fields as new columns to console

    174 votes
    Smart IT has the ability to add new fields to the forms, but there is currently no way to make new fields available as columns.  In addition to various custom fields, there are several OOB fields that are useful,...
    Evan Ruble
    last modified by Evan Ruble
  • Copy change option in Smart IT

    167 votes
    Hi All,   Most of the users use copy change feature which is really a user friendly option. It will reduce lot of work when changes has to be created in bulk. We should have an option of copy change in Smart IT ...
    KiranSingh Rajput Kishore
    last modified by KiranSingh Rajput Kishore
  • Smart IT : Activity Log should capture Assigned Support Group

    On Roadmap
    164 votes
    In Smart IT 1.5 the Activity Log captures only the Assignee name (the note is "Assigned to: Agent-X by Agent-Y"). But if after the Activity Log was updated with the Assignee name and after that the ticket is assigned...
  • Display of "Audit Log" from 'HPD:Help Desk Audit Log' into the "Activity" of Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    159 votes
    The Idea is to display the complete "Audit Log" from “HPD:Help Desk Audit Log” into the "Activity" of 'Smart IT' with the exact timestamp.
    Alexander Rudi
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  • Smart IT - Console Refresh Interval

    On Roadmap
    151 votes
    I would like to submit an idea for the below use case   The Smart IT Console does not appear to auto-refresh, and there is no refresh button.  Users who regularly monitor the Console must click on a differe...
    Vaibhav Wadekar
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  • Smart IT - Custom Dashboard KPI Configuration

    On Roadmap
    146 votes
    Within the Smart IT Dashboard, a number of KPI's are shown which are preset and cannot be adjusted by the end-user administrator. Companies all have differing qualification and terminology for their KPI calculation, t...
    Ash Hall
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  • Approval Console in Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    144 votes
    It would be very nice if the Smart IT appear Approval Console with the ability to manage agreement.
    Elena Zhuk
    last modified by Elena Zhuk
  • Needs attention flag in ITSM console tables

    On Roadmap
    141 votes
    Implement needs attention flag similar to what SRM offers in the SRM Request Entry console. Today, IT staff working with ITSM console have no insight whether someone else changed an ITSM record (changed field value, a...
    Peter Adams
    last modified by Peter Adams
  • Add Product Name & Product Categorization fields to list of filters in Smart IT Console

    On Roadmap
    138 votes
    It would be very helpful to be able to filter tickets in the ticket console in Smart IT by Product Name or any of the product categorizations.
    Susan Evans
    last modified by Susan Evans
  • Implement recommended performance tuning configuration settings by default

    136 votes
    This was suggested recently by a BMC partner in EMEA:  We often suppy performance tuning guidelines which include configuration settings which are recommended as a matter of course.   Can these settings...
    Jon Hall
    last modified by Jon Hall
  • Smart IT Ticket Console: Add Operational Categorization to List of selectable Filters

    On Roadmap
    130 votes
    In addition to several good ideas about enhancements for the ticket console in Smart-IT, I'd like to post this very specific one: Please, add the 3-tiers of operational categorization to the console filters. Very oft...
    Thomas Hammer
    last modified by Thomas Hammer
  • Smart IT - Email template

    On Roadmap
    130 votes
    We are sending a lot of emails to our users (eg. welcome message, mail with credentials etc...)   What we miss in SmartIT is an Email template function.   A function like from a work order, an incident, a ...
    Barthelemy Sigart
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  • Share Console Filter in Smart-IT

    On Roadmap
    129 votes
    Hi, it would be a great enhancement if you can share any filters in smart- IT with other users.
    Christoph Klapetke
    last modified by Christoph Klapetke
  • Selectable Support Group Visibility by ITSM Module

    On Roadmap
    123 votes
    I have seen many customers creating Support Groups simply to cater for Approvals, or for Process purposes which relate only to a specific ITSM module (i.e. Incident or Change) - the visibility of these Support Groups ...
    Ash Hall
    last modified by Ash Hall
  • Allow Incident Templates to have related Tasks

    On Roadmap
    123 votes
    Common types of service restoration incidents have a common set of research and resolution activities that we can create as tasks or even automate parts of with BAO. Why can't tasks and task templates be added to Inci...
    Cassius Downs
    last modified by Cassius Downs
  • Smart IT - Ability to Edit Activity Entries (Work Info)

    On Roadmap
    127 votes
    It is not only essential, but every user in our organization said it is a huge inconvenience to not be able to edit activities (work info) entries in Smart IT.  This should be a high priority to resolve and allow...
    Brett Aurich
    last modified by Brett Aurich