• Hot Off The Press: August 2020

    Welcome to the August 2020 issue of Hot Off The Press, our regular newsletter to bring you the latest news and information on BMC Digital Service Management products. This month, we cover the following topics: Now ea...
    John Weigand
    created by John Weigand
  • Business Days Calculation in Smart Reporting 1902

    Smart Reporting 1902 release has now capability to leverage entire set of RDBMS functions and it gives ability to achieve complex calculations and use-cases which were not possible in previous releases. More details c...
    Abhijeet Teli
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  • Trending in Support - Understanding Assignment Engine

    The IT business necessitates resolving issues/requests in well-timed, efficient manner. Thus it is important that tickets/record are instantly assigned to an individual for attention. Since we are talking about severa...
    Ajey Darwatkar
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  • Working with Approval Reminder Notification in SRM

    Hi Team,   I thought to create this blog because approval reminder notifications in SRM do not work only by configuring them in AP:Process Definition form likewise in change management.   For example, ther...
    Sidhdesh Punaskar
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  • Replacement of remaining Adobe Flash capabilities in Remedy

    Adobe announced the end of development and distribution of Adobe Flash Player by the end of the year 2020. BMC has taken proactive steps over recent releases to manage the deprecation of the Flash-based capabilities i...
    Peter Adams
    created by Peter Adams
  • Helix Support: How to troubleshoot issues with customization in Remedy with Smart IT

    This article will help you troubleshoot typical issues with custom fields in Smart IT   In Smart IT you are able to add the following types of custom fields:   Character Large Character Date/Time Select...
    Ricardo Lamas
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  • Hot Off the Press: July 2020

    We have a lot to share in this issue of Hot Off The Press. Read on for important information on underlying Remedy technology updates, training and more. This month, we cover the following topics: New survey on BMC He...
    John Weigand
    created by John Weigand
  • Giving your remote workforce access to IT Service Management

    Many of our customers have raised the question on how we can expose IT Service Management to the remote workforce. High level steps Architectural Diagram Resources   High level steps Create Web Ser...
    Volker Scheithauer
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  • ITSM Zero Down Time Upgrade

    It was not that long ago when the thought of an ITSM upgrade generated a feeling of dread amongst ITSM administrators. The thought of a seamless ITSM upgrade, that too without any down time was deemed far fetched. ...
    Raj Cheruvu
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  • Hot Off the Press: June 2020

    Welcome to the June 2020 issue of Hot Off The Press, our regular newsletter to bring you the latest news and information on BMC Digital Service Management products. This month, we cover the following topics: BMC Digi...
    John Weigand
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  • Trending in Support: Working with Auto-Approval and Ad-hoc Approval in BMC Service Request Management

    This blog discusses the use case for Auto Approval and Ad-Hoc approval. Recently I have seen many questions around the auto-approval area within BMC Communities and the purpose of this Pulse blog is to give guidelines...
    Vaibhav Wadekar
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  • Calculate Ageing buckets in Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1

    Ageing buckets are useful when analyzing open Tickets in the Report, It helps to identify and Prioritize Open Items, Below steps illustrates how to create ageing buckets in Smart Reporting.   Prerequisites: AR...
    Abhijeet Teli
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  • Hot Off The Press: May 2020

    Free trials, new releases, betas and more! There is a lot of great content in our May 2020 newsletter, so don't miss this one! This month we cover the following topics: Struggling with the Covid-19 ‘new normal&...
    John Weigand
    created by John Weigand
  • Always LIVE on Latest Applications

    Over the last 2 years the Remedy based applications distributed by BMC leveraged cognitive abilities exposed by the Helix platform while continuing to make incremental updates for performance as well as consuming of f...
    Abhijeet Gadgil
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  • Hot Off The Press: April 2020

    The world is quite a different place right now, and BMC wants to help you navigate some of these new challenges. This month, we cover the following topics: Tools to support your organization working from home during ...
    John Weigand
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  • Alderstone CMT - Fastest data migration tool designed for the BMC Remedy platform

      Alderstone CMT is the fastest data migration solution designed for the Remedy ITSM platform, other solutions can take several weeks, require complex catch-up runs and sophisticated processes to complete an upg...
    Mohmed Kamruzzaman
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  • Ideas Delivered in BMC Helix / Remedy ITSM Feature Releases 20.02

    With every feature release we deliver a set of enhancements that are based on ideas from our customer community. Now that the BMC Helix ITSM / Remedy ITSM 20.02 feature release is fully available, I'd like to summariz...
    Peter Adams
    created by Peter Adams
  • Need to securely support remote workers due to the Corona Virus? BMC can help!

    Due to the current situation with COVID-19, things are definitely not business as usual right now. Many organizations are faced with needing to support remote workers for the first time. In response to COVID-19, orga...
    Pradeep Kumar
    created by Pradeep Kumar
  • Trending in Support: Managing Your UDM Data Load to BMC Remedy ITSM Applications

      In this month’s Remedy Product blog we will discuss Unified Data Management (UDM). This feature was introduced starting with IT Service Management 8.x Application version.  In this blog post, I will...
    Smita Ithape
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  • Removal of SAP Crystal Reports Viewer from Remedy AR System

    With the announcement of the product obsolescence of BMC Analytics on March 30, 2020, BMC had also announced that SAP Crystal Reports Viewer integration with Remedy AR System (Remedy Mid Tier) is withdrawn.   St...
    John Weigand
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