• Atrium intigration9.1.03 installation getting failed in server group with below error is installation logs

    \BMC Software\ARSystem\diserver\data-integration\plugins\kettle-dummy-plugin\kettle-dummy-plugin-6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar]} (Sep 23 2019 10:37:05.588 AM +0530),INFO,com.bmc.install.product.ngie.server.task.NGIEEncryptARPassw...
    parijeet kapratwar
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  • (ARERR 8760) Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server

    Hi together,   I found a few posts to this problem, but nothing solved my problem at all.   Background: We've upgraded AR to 19.08 and afterwards we wanted to upgrade Atrium Core too. The upgrade failed, ...
    Philipp Huonker
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  • G Suite Admin data (concerning chromebooks) into Atrium CMDB

    In a similar vein to my recent question on DCIM data, we have some chromebooks which are managed centrally. Details of them are available via the G suite Directory API.   Does anyone have experience of pulling ...
    Nick Caulfield
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  • Getting data from dcTrack into the CMDB

    Is there a standard adapter for getting data from dcTrack DCIM into the Atrium CMDB? I had a look and found some reference to it from about 2012 but nothing concrete   thanks
    Nick Caulfield
    created by Nick Caulfield
  • Standard way to create custom class

    Hi All,   I am looking a standard process to create a custom class. Can anybody created a custom class which inherited few field from Base Element class and few fields created on the custom class.    ...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Troubleshooting AI Issues using BCM product

    What the best approach to troubleshoot BCM products using the AI?
    Robert Thomas
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  • Sandbox data promotion is not working

    I am creating a new CI in AI. CI records gets created in sandbox Dataset. After that I am trying to push this data in asset using the promotion button. Once I hit for promoted button, it will take a 2-3min to complete...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Error while saving Pentaho Spoon Transformation

    Hi All,   I am facing issue where I am not able to save transformation on my environment. Previously I was able to save transformation without any issue, not sure from when it started but this was not there. E...
    Suyog Aptikar
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  • Circular loop issue

    Hi All,   Issue: ADDM used to sends CI (Application CI which have multiple cis linked as a part of relationship) data to Remedy CMDB. Then we can create a business service model in CMDB and relate the applicatio...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Error in plugin : BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEXT null (ARERR 8753)

    Hi, I make a new installation of Remedy, I install:     - ARSuiteKitWindows9.1.04     - AtriumCore     - AtriumIntegratorServer     - BMCRemedyITSMSuit...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • Create instance on Asset forms (e.g. AST:ComputerSystem) similar to BMC core class ?

    Good Day,   I would like to find out if the CMDB rest api supports creating instances in the AST (want to include CI status) ?   Thanks
    Mpumelelo Tsabedze
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  • Atrium Integrator Table Input error

    I have a Job with 2 transformations.   Transformation 1:  Pull in a qualification stored on an AR Form in Remedy and set that as a variable Transformation 2: Get the variable from Transformation # 1 and...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • SCCM Import job

    Hi Experts,   We have installed SCCM Adapter plugin, job and transformation have been created successfully. After some adaptation all the transformation run correctly.   Even though I was able to run the ...
    Mahamadou Traore
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  • Unknown model version in product catalog

    Hi All,     Product catalog is configured in Remedy. ADDM discovered few new CIi records. Moved these records in Remedy in ADDM dataset. Product catalog mentioned in CI records is already present in Reme...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Using graphwalk REST API

    I am trying to use the CMDB API graphwalk via REST, I would like to know how to use it properly....   For Example, I have a BMC_ComputerSystem with InstanceId OI-123456789, I want to return all of the child obje...
    Jaffer Mahsoob
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  • Records in BMC.ADDM with the reconciliation ID = 0.

    I have certain records in BMC.ADDM with the reconciliation ID = 0. How can I correct this issue?
    Jose Santiago
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  • What 5 things frustrate you when setting up you CMDB?

    This is the first in a set of discussions I am going to start as I continue to evolve the thinking around where we take CMDB in the future. I thought a great place to start would be the beginning   So there you...
    Stephen Earl
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  • Spoon not mapping AssetID

    I've created a job in Spoon with a CMDB  output and is excelent, but ondly the Assetid field is not mapped. I've checked and it is filled in the origin, it is trying to write it to the CMDB output step but with ...
    Eduardo Santos
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  • Support for Association Object in Atrium Core REST webservice?

    Is Association object supported in Atrium Core REST webservice?
    Karthick Krishnan
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  • CI Count for Product Catalog entries

    Has anyone developed a report that associates a CI count for each Product Catalog entry, that you are willing to share?
    Kim Greenwood
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