• Are these date fields user set? Disposal Date, Received Date, Returned Date

    Hi all,   Working with Computer System records in CMDB 9.1.  I am looking for what sets these fields, in particular Disposal Date.   I have multiple records with these fields set, but am looking for a...
    Steven Seitz
    created by Steven Seitz
  • Atrium Explorer "Expand Children/Expand Parent" not working

    Hi everyone,   Atrium Core v1.9.03 I'm trying to use the Atrium Explorer to see all of the relations of a CI in a tree graph, but when I drag and drop a CI that should have children and I do Right Click > Ex...
    Paolo Bisaccia
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  • Unable to recreate standard reconciliation job

    A standard reconciliation job was deleted in error. Recreating the job with the same name generates an error and never completes. I can see the first Identification group created then nothing.     Error: &#...
    Ryan Wiltshire
    created by Ryan Wiltshire
  • NE - is there a chance to normalize products/software servers without version check

    Hello, experts,   Normally, for normalization, both the product name/manufacturer and version must match. You can simplify version mapping using the version rollup (market version), so that only a few versions n...
    Stefan Hall
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  • CMDB Audits with Sandbox

    We have some attributes in CMDB we want to enable auditing for.  The issue is we leverage Sandbox so the entries only shows Remedy Application Service as the submitter and we want to know actual user who submitte...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • BMC SCCM adapter installation

    I am trying to install sccm adapter on remedy server. the installer is asking  for the sccm db admin credentials. Since the SCCM DB is already LIVE just want to know why are the admin credentials needed by the in...
    Pawan K
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  • How do companies manage microservice CIs ?  Anybody out there managing microservices in CMDB?

    Any and all information around managing micro services is helpful!
    Renuka Devadason
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  • CMDB 9.1.03 Relationship hierarchy tree graph

    Hi everyone,   Our client needs this type of graph shown in this BMC video to check all of the relationships of a particular CI: BMC CMDB 18.05: Viewing CIs and relationships in the CMDB Explorer.    ...
    Paolo Bisaccia
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  • Best practice to move/import Business Service Model from dev to prod

    hi all,   Is there any best practice to move the business service model which we already created in the AIE console or CMDB console from one environment to another environment?   Please advise.
    Ricky R
    last modified by Ricky R
  • CMDB Row Level issue

    Hi all,   I have updated CI' s Rowlevelsecurity field with normalization. After that I have update normalization which I have add 'USERNAME' of Cı's owner. it also bring company id to rowlevel field. I dont un...
    ilhan KURT
    created by ilhan KURT
  • Precedence for merge activity - to update BMC.Asset dataset, even if the attribute value is null

    Hi,   I have a question on how the precedence on recon merge activity works. For example, in my staging data set, initially, the attribute "A" has a value of "1" and the same has been reconciled and promoted to ...
    Vidhya Amirthalingam
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  • Why does "CI = Null" yields to no result?

    I'm trying to develop a report from Smart Reporting to display all "CI" that is null for data integrity.   Yet when I use the filter "in Null", it does not display asset records with "CI" null. I've also tried...
    Annie Dueck
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  • DNS as an CI record

    Hi BMC Community,   I wanted to reach out to the community to find out if you have DNS in your CMDB as a CI record and what class you defined it in. Would it be considered a business service, technical service, ...
    Maria Saravia
    created by Maria Saravia
  • Cloud Normalization Best Practice from Discovery

    Hello All - I am curious what Product Type and CI Type+ categories you are using for Cloud CI's. I know it is not really used in Normalization but I would like to get some opinions on what to fill in for things like C...
    Dave DeWolf
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  • Edit PrimaryCapability List

    Hi there, is there any side effect in editing the Primarycapability list? I would like to add few items at the very end of the list (Like "Layer 2 Switch" and "Multi Layer Switch")   Thanks in advance D
    Otto Wasken
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  • The purpose of DataSets

    Hello, the following part of Atrium Core documentation provides a list of "Default BMC Atrium CMDB datasets used by BMC discovery products". Grouping CIs into datasets - Documentation for BMC Atrium Core 9.1 - BMC D...
    Robert Radwanski
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  • How to cloning service model with their CI and Relationship included

    hi all,   is there way for cloning service model that already built to another one record with suffix rather than i create one by one once again to build the copy of service model?   Regards,
    Ricky R
    created by Ricky R
  • Normalization Row Level Rule

    Hi all,   I have created lots of rules for row level permisson for CI's Before run all of the rules I want to make row level null or Unrestricted acsess for all CI.   Any normalization rule for it ?  ...
    ilhan KURT
    created by ilhan KURT
  • CMDB Recon

    After installing new Discovery, I noticed that LastScanDate is no longer updating. Because of resync issue, I created a new dataset and everything seems to work but the issue is that field no longer updates on the exi...
    Alex Kim
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  • Best way to export and import few CIs from Production to Dev

    Hi All,   I need to export few CIs ( 5-10 CIs of same class) and import them to Dev server. Could you please suggest the best way to do it?(I need to preserver same recon id )   Thanks in advance, Sulabh...
    Sulabh Gandhi
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