• Extracting all CIs of a class from CMDB

    Hi   I want to extract all CIs from a class to excel. As of now I am extracting it by selecting limited number of CIs in a class.   What is the best way of extracting CIs through CMDB in excel?   Tha...
    Ali Shahid
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  • Problem with CMDB Atrum Core after upgrade to version 19.08

    Hi All,   After Upgrade to 19.08 Atrium Core doesn't Work, in fact is not possible create or remove fields from BaseElement. The tab customs0, custom1, etc and Old Custom fields disappears from AST:XXX forms and...
    Francesco Mineo
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  • CITag Field in CMDB not being updated

    We run a weekly reconciliation job and have been noticing that the CITag field is not being updated in the CMDB. Our source dataset is BMC.ADDM and of course our target Dataset is BMC.Asset. Using namespace -> all ...
    Jose Santiago
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  • Drift Console Opening Auto Incident not working

    Hi,   I am trying to open auto incident from comparison job. When i create incident manually it is working but when i tried to open it automatically having an error. Error:   [21/Jan/2020:16:01:44 +0300...
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  • Why does Recon ID Activity look for unidentified entries in BMC.ASSET?

    I've been looking at performance issues made apparent in our environment after the size of our CMDB doubled and found a query adding 80+ minutes for ADDM jobs alone. It queries BMC.ASSET where ReconID = 0 and is ran a...
    Clayton Shoemaker
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  • Landing Console for Computer system class

    Hi Everyone,   I am integrating BMC CMDB with third party tool, the requirement is to use basic authentication and make them land on computer system form to create a new CI. Its like cross launch computer syst...
    jyoti kumari
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  • ActiveDirectory

    Hi BMC Community,   Our organization is looking to add Active Directory in the CMDB. Has anyone done this before and how did you go about adding this data into the CMDB? I assume BMC Discovery would be used in t...
    Maria Saravia
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  • How to change the  IP Status from Delete to Disposed in the Spoon Job?

    We have a Staging Form where we have 4 fields of IP Address separately.   and We are able to create Computer System and 4 IPEndpoint Records for the same. We also created Relationships for 4 IPEndpoint Records in...
    Vikas Mishra
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  • MarkAsdeleted In AST:Attributes

    Can someone please  help me to resolve this issue?   1. Create a new CI in Sandbox Dataset and keep MAD =Yes. Save the CI.     2. Run the asset sandbox recon job.     3. The CI is merg...
    Susmita Patil
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  • Error while adding new attribute via class manager in BaseElement class

    Hi All,   I am trying to add one custom attribute in BaseElement class via class manager and I am getting "Internal error occurred during processing" error and it is not saving the newly created attribute. ...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Tracking Control-M Jobs in the CMDB

    Hello,   I've been tasked with tracking Control-M jobs in the CMDB and I'm seeking advice on which CMDB class would be the best for extending into a new sub-class?  I am not, at this point, concerned with i...
    Thad Esser
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  • Incident Template Name not setting when creating an incident from Drift Console

    Hello,   I am creating an incident from drift console. But even all required fields setting from template, Template name and service fields not setting. I couldn't find any information about this issue.  Is...
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  • Remedy UDDI don't working

    Hi Everyone, Can you help me?   ITSM Version 9.1.04 Remedy CMDB   I'm with problem, the UDDI not working. Show me the below error, at the moment when to execute the script "test installutil"   &#...
    Victor Moises
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  • In CMDB, Can Asset have 2 Computer System Records be related to same IPEndpoint Relationships?

    In CMDB, Can Asset have 2 Computer System Records be related to same IPEndpoint Relationships?
    Vikas Mishra
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  • Error creating a CMDB class

    Hi,   I am facing an error when I create a basic CMDB class. I attach an image. Is there any CMDB log? or Where Could I debbug the error?   thanks
    Fernando Negre
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  • relationship ASSET and PEOPLE

    Hi I´m trying to find the form where Remedy save the relationship of the ASSET and PEOPLE.   I need to delete relationship and create other´s. also I have the information in a regular form that I ext...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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    Hi Experts.   I am syncing an application model from Discovery to CMDB and there is no relationship between BMC_APPLICATION and BMC_BUSINESSSERVICE and I realize I have to create that relationship manually. ...
    Michael D
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  • Using TokenID to Identify Computer Systems

    I'm trying to understand the logic of TokenID a bit better.   We have ADDM discovering CIs in our environment.  ADDM will set the TokenID field of a discovered Computer System to be a concatenation of Hostn...
    Seth McCulloch
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  • Update data in CMDB with spoon job

    Hi Team,   I have a requirement to update the existing records in CMDB, I am thinking of using spoon job for this. I am facing two issues while implementing:   when I use CMDB Output to push the updates in...
    Neha Agarwal
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  • While creating the IP Relationships from Spoon Job we have found MAD(Mark as Deleted) is used in Existing Job.When we remove MAD Step we receive Error.

    While creating the IP Relationships from Spoon Job we have found MAD(Mark as Deleted) is used in Existing Job.When we remove MAD Step we receive Error. Please confirm the OOB use of MAD(Mark as Deleted) in Spoon Job ...
    Vikas Mishra
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