• Atrium integrator :Rest API with Public and Private key pair

    I am unable to access the public-private key pair using rest API component in Atrium integrator. Both private and public keys are in .pem formats. Can anyone help.
    Aaisha Begum
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  • Atrium Integrator: REST API with Public and Private Key pair

    I am unable to access the Public-Private key pair using REST API component in Atrium Integrator. Both Public and Private keys are in .pem format. Please help.
    Aaisha Begum
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  • Network Port Extract against Network Device & Server

    I am trying to build a report in BMC CMDB which should show 'Network Ports' against the corresponding Network Device & Server.   Currently I have a report for Server to Network Device relationship but not ge...
    Srinivas Cheera
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  • BMC.ADDM to BMC.ASSET metamodel and mappings

    Hi,   This discussion relates to: BMC Discovery Version: BMC CMDB 9.1.03   I'm looking for more info on how data from BMC Discovery is mapped to BMC CMDB. This could be in the form of a diagram ...
    Bryce Powell
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  • Field "Role System"

    1 - Someone knows the real purpose of the "Role System" field on Base Element? 2 - Some example of filling ? 3 - How can I use "Role System" field on Business Service Class
    Tiago Sanz Fré
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  • How to schedule Jobs monthly in Atrium Integrator Console?

    There is no option to monthly schedule Jobs in Atrium Integrator Console. Whereas in Atrium Integrator Spoon, we see the option to monthly schedule a Job in the "Start" step of a Job. How can we schedule to run the ...
    Allen Paul
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  • Normalization failed

    Hi all,   We are on Helix 20.02   I got a list of assets which failed to undergo the Normalization process.   I have received a report which has many CI's along with Instance ID and reconciliation I...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • How to administer instance CI's vs "general CI"

    Asset/CMDB version 20.02   Am about to populate the CMDB with CI’s, but not from a discovery software, instead from excel sheets via spoon. There will be relatively few CI’s, since there are only a f...
    Karl Halleni
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  • I ran the "Atrium Core Cleanup Tool" and it deleted some files. Can I restore them?

    While troubleshooting an issue, a BMC tech asked me to run the Atrium Core Maintenance Tool. I thought I ran that tool but what I seem to have run was the Atrium Core Cleanup Tool which deleted some files. It appears ...
    Shane Barber
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  • Starting a reconciliation job through Spoon

    Hello there, I've been recently asked to find a way to merge two Spoon jobs together. The first one creates assets with informations from another application,and the second one creates the relations linked to those ...
    Simon Bertrand
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  • Question and also a recommendation needed on People to CI relationship - alternate field for login id

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the People form entry id has a key relationship with the CI's via asset instance ID in the AST Asset People Asset Base table.  There are columns for role, tag num...
    Carina Burns
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  • Relationship between applications

    Hi everyone,   In my company we doing the application relationship directly on the servers, same when this applications only use the servers like source about the information or Interface.   We are changin...
    created by GABRIEL FERREIRA
  • Smart IT - Asset Graphical CI Explorer Question

    Okay.  I have tried this on a number of occasions and do not seem to have figured out what is going on when trying to review the Graphical CI Explorer through Smart IT so I can see the relationships of the select...
    Lenny Warren
    created by Lenny Warren
  • CMDBLookUp step - Fail on multiple results?

    Hi all, Anyone else run in to this?  I'm wondering what the quickest way is to get a step officially fixed?   the CMDBLookUp step does nothing but write a message to minimal log when multiple results are f...
    Johan Wasserman
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  • How to create a job on CMDB?

    How to create a job on CMDB in a case that is my first job?
    wagner jeremias miranda
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  • How do I setup workflow to fire when a certain ci class entry is created during reconiliation

    I want to setup a filter to fire when a Computer System class record is created during reconciliation to push the CI Name into a custom form. What form would i put that on and what filter action (Merge or Submit)? ...
    Bob Ellington
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  • Triggering jobs to import data into BMC CMDB in 20.02 (or 9.1 - 19.x for that matter)

    Hello everybody,   TL;DR:  Having trouble finding the proper version of the download files. Can NE, RE and AI jobs still be reliability triggered in 20.02?   I have a flow where I need to trigger RE -...
    Jason Miller
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  • CMDB Computer System CI Create using WebServices

    What is the best method to create a CI via webservices? Can we directly create a webservice on the BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem and push data to it. I have created a stating form that receives data from JMS queue and a...
    Deepak S
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  • Setting MarkAsDeleted on relationships

    Hey all (again I know, sorry!)   Atrium version:  8.1.02   I searched around and found this old post:   Re: Setting MarkAsDelete flag   I am already in the process of doing Carey's sugges...
    Jeff Sikorski
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  • Atrium Explorer "Expand Children/Expand Parent" not working

    Hi everyone,   Atrium Core v1.9.03 I'm trying to use the Atrium Explorer to see all of the relations of a CI in a tree graph, but when I drag and drop a CI that should have children and I do Right Click > Ex...
    Paolo Bisaccia
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