• Importing APIs to CMDB

    Hello,   Has anyone leveraged an API inventory tool as a data source to import APIs to CMDB?   Is there a reference model for APIs in CMDB? Other threads point to ApplicationService as a potential class. ...
    Ryan Wiltshire
    created by Ryan Wiltshire
  • CMDB Class for API?

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with classifying an API in the RF CMDB - perhaps as a Application of its own or Application service? What kind of relationships would you put to the source applications and the applic...
    Adriana Kamanarova
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  • For CMDB CIs what is the difference between site attributes in Base Element form and Physical location class in terms of building location Relationship?

    I am building a relationship between the physical location and their corresponding CI in CDM classes like BMC_ComputerSystem, BMC_Rack, etc... I noticed there are some attributes under Base Element form Custom3 tab (...
    Ahmed Abdelhamid
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  • Create computer system Atrium report with IP addresses

    Hello All:   I need to assemble a report of computer system CIs showing the following attributes:     Name, IP Address, Operating System, OS Vendor, OS Version, Submitter, Record Origin   The pr...
    Steven Seitz
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  • Delete or offline Inventory Locations

    What is the best practice for setting an Inventory Location to no longer be used (delete, offline?)?
    Kari Pawlenty
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  • Changing CmdbRowLevelSecurity field's input length

    Hello,   I am trying to change CmdbRowLevelSecurity field's input length by following the document How to change CMDBRowLevelSecurity field length on BMC:CORE:BMC_BaseElement? Input length changed on BMC.CORE:B...
    last modified by BAHADIR BÜYÜKTURHAN
  • Need suggestions regarding Purge of Asset dataset Relations!

    Dear Team,   We have several relationships that were created by ADDM earlier and reconciled to Asset dataset (around 20k records). We do not see ADDM dataset relations anymore but, they still exist in Asset data...
    Tej D
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  • Atrium Integrator REST Client step via HTTPS issue

    I've seen a couple of threads regarding this but thought I'd pose the question.   I've got REST Client step in Atrium Integrator transformation.  The destination is HTTPS and when I run the transformation I...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • New field on CMDB with Remedy Developer

    Hi All,   I was create a fields with Remedy Developer but I can´t see those fields on BMC Atrium CMDB.   What I need to do for see those fields?   What step I missing?   First I was creat...
    Alfredo Montes de Oca
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  • BMC Atrium Core 20.02 Installation failed

    Hi All,   Fresh install and NOT an upgrade   BMC Atrium Core 20.02 Installation on 1st Server was successful without any issues BMC Atrium Core 20.02 Installation failed on the 2nd Server (Server Group) &...
    M K
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  • Modify the CMDB Attribute(Address Type)

    Hello Team,   There was a requirement to remove one of the selection field value for the field Address Type(CMDB Attribute) in AST:IPEndPoint form. I tried in CMDB Manager Console and removed the selection fiel...
    Kokila Vani
    created by Kokila Vani
  • Where can I find my CMDB rest API url?

    Where can I find my CMDB rest API url?   I want to send BMC Discovery data to my CMDB - Where would I find the CMDB REST API URL?
    Ryan K
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  • Unable to connect to Puppetdb using REST API Client from Atrium Integrator

    Hi,   I trying to connect to puppet db using the ca.pem/certs.pem/privatekey.pem/public key.pem files which they have provided for authentication. It is not working from REST  Client. I tried importing a...
    Aaisha Begum
    created by Aaisha Begum
  • Connectivity Segment Data not populating in CMDB from ADDM

    BMC_ConnectivitySegment CI Class with no CI data, we have done the complete sync from BMC Discovery (ADDM) but still data not synced.   Any other configuration needs to be done here to Sync?
    Srinivas Cheera
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  • Upgrade Remedy Atrium Core from 19.08 to 20.02

    Install Atrium Core 20.02 upgrade from 19.08 final step with prompt out "Web Services Registry" error. Have try to reboot AR and MT server, then install again. The system have detect have been installed. And check...
    Roy Chu
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  • Spoon Web Service

    Hi All,   Can we publish a SOAP Web service from the Pentaho Spoon tool?   My requirement is as follows:   Publish the web service from the Pentaho spoon tool -> when the third party consumes the ...
    Rohit Varshney
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  • New location attribut in ElementLocation relationship

    HI,   In Atrium CMDB 19.02, BMC has added new attributes to the relationship ElementLocation : - Rack - Room - Shelf   According to BMC, they are intended to give more details about the location of a CI...
    Amar Achmedan
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  • Unable to update value of Custom Attribute in BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX Dataset

    Scenario :- Trying to update "ABC" Value in "X" Custom Attribute and X Attribute in created in Document Class   Issue :- Value "ABC" of "X" Custom Attribute is not getting stored in BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX DataSet and...
    Sandeep Kumar
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  • BMC Remedy Datamanagement job schedule only for week days.

    Hello,   I am trying to schedule a job in BMC Remedy Datamanagement console only for week days but I see there only very limited options:   1) Daily 2) Weekly 3) Once 4) On intervals   Is there an...
    Ondrej Kieler
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  • CMDB- Helix 20.x Export Import Custom reconciliation Job

    Hi All, does anyone Know any support method to export\Import a Custom Reconciliation Job across different Enviroment? my needs: I have an On premise enviroment upgraded from ITSM 8 to BMC Helix 20.02. So I have a ...
    Angelantonio alfonso
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