• While running UDM job it gives (ARERR 48648)

    Hi All,   While running UDM job, I am getting below error :   com.bmc.arsys.domain.process.ExternalProcessExecutionException: ERROR (341): Set Fields process failed.; D:\Apps\ARSystem>IF NOT EXIST "\\&...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • "Failed in getting child composite for instance " : A pretty much new error (from my point of view) on CMDB Reconciliation

    Hi Communities,   Well, I get this error on my Reconciliation on BMC CMDB 19.02, it is pretty new to my old eyes. And so I try to know if someone get the same and how he solved it.   Failed in getting chil...
    Benjamin Attal
    created by Benjamin Attal
  • AI job getting failed while creating output file in shared server

    Hello,   We have few AI jobs where the output files suppose to create in shared path/shared server are failing from the AI console which are successful went well in spoon tool.   Any suggestions please let...
    Santhosh Kumar Surisetti
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  • Additional Product Catalog Entry with identical Product Name and Manufacturer?

    Hello community, in the past (still the case with 9.1.0 I guess) it was not possible to create a second product catalog entry with the same product name and manufacturer combination. This forced us to be "creative" a...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • How to export complete ServiceModels from BMC_Application?

    Hi Guys,   we got our CMDB up and running and are working on an integration with our Remedy custom build ITSM-Tool. Now we got the question from our operations team who use CheckMK as a monitoring solution, if w...
    Jonathan Rademacher
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  • Procuct categorization for CMDB

    Hi i'm trying to create a CAT1, CAT2 and CAT3 for a particular group of classes but i dont know how to segregate them, is there any info on that?   Maybe i'm not creating them on the right form?   Thank you
    Eduardo Santos
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  • continuous reconciliation job

    Hi All,   Anybody configured continuous reconciliation job in there environment ? If yes please help me to understand how it works ?   My requirement is, when ADDM sends data in CMDB, recon job needs to c...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Spoon not mapping AssetID

    I've created a job in Spoon with a CMDB  output and is excelent, but ondly the Assetid field is not mapped. I've checked and it is filled in the origin, it is trying to write it to the CMDB output step but with ...
    Eduardo Santos
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  • Delete Relationships with Spoon

    Hi,   in one of my projects I have to delete relations between a computersystem and a monitor (hosted components). I would like to delete it with "BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon", because I have a lot of data. I ...
    Robert Knappe
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  • ReconciliationIdentificationError attribute

    CMDB Experts,   ReconciliationIdentificationError attribute has two selection values out of the box 1. Multi-Match 2. Error, but if there is multi-match error during Identification activity it still sets Error i...
    Sharvan Singh
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  • New CMDB Console - how to disable pop-up permanently?

    Hello, I couldn't find anything about this on BMC docs or in the community.   How can we permanently disable the "Welcome to BMC CMDB" pop-up in the new CMDB Console?     At least one customer of...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Should this not merge to CMDB

    Shouldn't this place merge with CMDB place?
    Gustavo del Gerbo
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  • New CMDB Console: Reconciliation - what happened to the Copy Activity?

    Hi, we've tried to create a reconciliation job with a copy activity in the new CMDB console. Unfortunately there are only three activity types available.   In the Flash/Flex based UI we were able to chose from ...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Recon process

    Hi All   I am not able to see arrecond process on services. So Could you please help me how to start recon engine ?   Regards, Gajanand
    Gajanand Patil
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    Hi expert, I've a question for you... you suppose to change the status of a host (in the ComputerSystem class) from "deployed" to "disposed". I know that the status of the CI is mapped to AST_ATTRIBUTES. I want to...
    Angelo Pisaturo
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  • how to check the recon and normalization job corrupted or not ?

    Hi All,   Basically we are facing an issue in normalization and reconciliation job. Sometime the jobs are working as per expectation and sometime it is not. So I feel the OOOB recon and Norm job gets corrupted. ...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Atrium Core installation error

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to install test ITSM environment.   My architecture is like this   1) MS SQL 2012 database is installed on my laptop. (MyLaptop = MS SQL 2012)   2) I have installed...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • Issue with CMDB Audit Log for Custom Class

    Hi All,   We have created a CMDB Custom Class which is a sub class of Computer System Class. So, for this custom class, we have an AST Join Form. On top of this AST Join Form, there a another self join form cr...
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  • Does BMC Dashborad support CA Single Sign-On (Not BMC Atrium SSO)?

    I know that BMC Dashborad could be integrated with BMC Atrium SSO. Does BMC Dashborad support CA Single Sign-On also?   CA is a company here http://www.ca.com/us/products/detail/ca-single-sign-on.aspx   Th...
    Sean Sun
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  • Asset People Relationship

    I have a requirement to add people relationship with Assets   Assets and People information is coming from 3rd party application, we are receiving the all the data in the custom staging form, then I am pushing t...
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