• How do I setup workflow to fire when a certain ci class entry is created during reconiliation

    I want to setup a filter to fire when a Computer System class record is created during reconciliation to push the CI Name into a custom form. What form would i put that on and what filter action (Merge or Submit)? ...
    Bob Ellington
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  • CMDB Computer System CI Create using WebServices

    What is the best method to create a CI via webservices? Can we directly create a webservice on the BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem and push data to it. I have created a stating form that receives data from JMS queue and a...
    Deepak S
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  • Setting MarkAsDeleted on relationships

    Hey all (again I know, sorry!)   Atrium version:  8.1.02   I searched around and found this old post:   Re: Setting MarkAsDelete flag   I am already in the process of doing Carey's sugges...
    Jeff Sikorski
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  • Atrium Explorer "Expand Children/Expand Parent" not working

    Hi everyone,   Atrium Core v1.9.03 I'm trying to use the Atrium Explorer to see all of the relations of a CI in a tree graph, but when I drag and drop a CI that should have children and I do Right Click > Ex...
    Paolo Bisaccia
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  • Delete or offline Inventory Locations

    What is the best practice for setting an Inventory Location to no longer be used (delete, offline?)?
    Kari Pawlenty
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  • List of all CI Types in excel

    Hi All   Rather a simple question but could not find.Is there an excel sheet of all all CI Types available?   Thanks in advance! Andy
    Andy NameToUpdate
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  • Help on cmdb CI relationships

    I´m trying to setup relationships between CI´s taking redundancy into consideration, what would be the best BaseRelationship to do this?     I can easily make a relationship (Dependency with Ha...
    ornella ardoino
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  • NE - is there a chance to normalize products/software servers without version check

    Hello, experts,   Normally, for normalization, both the product name/manufacturer and version must match. You can simplify version mapping using the version rollup (market version), so that only a few versions n...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Spoon Web Service

    Hi All,   Can we publish a SOAP Web service from the Pentaho Spoon tool?   My requirement is as follows:   Publish the web service from the Pentaho spoon tool -> when the third party consumes the ...
    Rohit Varshney
    created by Rohit Varshney
  • Product/Operational Catalog Sample

    We are currently deploying ITSM and we are trying to build a Product Catalog and an Operational Catalog.  Where can I find a sample of this kind of data?
    Elry Allen
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  • BMC CMDB configuration manager

    Respected all, Please, help. I got a new position in the company as a configuration manager in the BMC CMDB database. My question is what exactly is my job and how can I be better and more innovative in it. I have so...
    Marin Celinšćak
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  • Unable to update value of Custom Attribute in BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX Dataset

    Scenario :- Trying to update "ABC" Value in "X" Custom Attribute and X Attribute in created in Document Class   Issue :- Value "ABC" of "X" Custom Attribute is not getting stored in BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX DataSet and...
    Sandeep Kumar
    created by Sandeep Kumar
  • Spoon Integration with Active Directory

    Dears,   How do i written AD condition in spoon job to get only active users from AD which are modified in last one day.   Now I have written "filter string" is objectclass=user and using validation step t...
    p karuna
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  • User status is showing "Promoted" in CTM:LoadPeople form but not available in CTM:People form

    Dears,   User status is showing "Promoted" in CTM:LoadPeople form but not available in CTM:People form. Could you please let me know where do i check ?   Best Regards Karuna
    p karuna
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  • Is any organization using or getting value out of the Service Context functionality?

    My question is triggered by an idea I saw this morning: Need a pre-upgrade validation tool, especially for Atrium Web Service components   I think for many organizations the only reason to install the Atrium We...
    Jason Miller
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  • Do not delete CIs created by ADDM >= v10.2

    In ADDM v10.2 it looks like ADDM keeps its own 'shadow copy' of the CIs in the dataset you are syncronizing to. I believe this has been done to speed up syncronization. A consequense of this is that if you delete a CI...
    Johannes Buverud
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  • Jetty WARN:oejs.HttpChannel:qtp1529115495-26: /api/jwt/login

    Hi Team,   ARS , ITSM , Atrium on 18.08 Patch 1   In arerror.log we get following error   Mo Apr 06 16:42:06.259 2020 2020-04-06 16:42:06.259:WARN:oejs.HttpChannel:qtp1529115495-26: /api/jwt/login j...
    Alok Dewhare
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  • Purge MarkAsDeleted Yes , not always happening

    Version 18.05 , but this happened in old 8.1 as well.   BMC's "Purge Engine" is, in theory, supposed to "Delete" everything that is marked as MarkAsDeleted = Yes when you run a Purge recon job.  But it seem...
    Jeff Sikorski
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  • How do companies manage microservice CIs ?  Anybody out there managing microservices in CMDB?

    Any and all information around managing micro services is helpful!
    Renuka Devadason
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  • CMDB: Few custom attributes created in BMC_ComputerSystem are not available in BMC_Mainframe- why?

    Hello everyone,   We did created few custom attributes in BMC_Computersystem Class but they are not available in BMC_Mainframe.   To my knowledeg new attributes follow rule of inheretance ?   Could ...
    Deepak Chaudhary
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