• Upgrade to latest release of Pentaho Spoon

    97 votes
    Currently Atrium Integrator, that comes with AR System 8.x, is at version 4.1 of Pentaho Spoon.   This needs to be upgraded to the latest release, which is currently 6.0,  to keep inline with the enhanced c...
    Daniel Tharby
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  • Support PDI Spoon Plugin for ARdelete, ARsubmit and ARlookup

    On Roadmap
    67 votes
    Hi, BMC currently doesn´t support plugins for AR delete, AR submit and AR lookup. Therefore the idea to get support for these kind of plugins. An unsupported workaround is to use the open source plugins. The ...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Spoon: Either provide a way to set a variable in a transformation for use by a sub-transformation or allow the ARInput qualification string to be derived from a field

    On Roadmap
    65 votes
    There appears to be no way to pass a value based on a field value or parameter in a transformation through to a sub-transformation and have the value appear in a variable. This is a problem for steps such as ARInput w...
    Gustav Stieger
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  • View reconciliation and normalization logs from the UI

    On Roadmap
    64 votes
    Add a method so we can view reconciliation and normalization logs from Atrium UI and not having to logon to the Remedy servers every time.
    Petrus Johansson
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  • Constant that has a NULL value is not transferred when updating existing records, using AROutput in Atrium Integrator

    On Roadmap
    53 votes
    We cannot pass a NULL value into AROutput step of an integration. Currently In UDM code, keyword is considered as string by AROutput and there is no conversion happening on client side. Please Implement keyword suppor...
    Jagdeep Tiwana
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  • Tracking users updating CIs when Sandbox is in use

    Product Team Review
    51 votes
    When you enable the Asset Management sandbox, changes made directly in the Asset management forms pass through the sandbox and the reconciliation process to get applied to BMC.ASSET. All good. However as far as I can ...
    Carey Walker
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  • Atrium 9.1.2 path updates need to be entered in SHARE:Application_Properties

    Product Team Review
    41 votes
    The entry of the patch in the application properties ensures that the user knows the module is updated. Without that update if they move the db  they do not know if they need to apply it again. There also should...
    Raymond Alexander
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  • Enhance AI (Atrium Integrator) job migration

    39 votes
    (This is an RFE request which due to the new BMC process must be posted on Communities as an idea).   This idea is in two parts but related. Part one: In Atrium Integrator (8.0) there should be functionality t...
    Zaheer Ahmed
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  • CMDB Recon and Norm Job Maintenance (BlackOut) Period Console

    Product Team Review
    38 votes
    AtriumCore could use an interface where all Atrium Core related jobs can be suspended with one click.   Basically put all modules that are currently enabled with Continuous and Batch jobs (via Schedule) and put...
    Daniel Hudsky
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  • Normalization Engine should work properly with Server Groups

    On Roadmap
    37 votes
    Normalization Engine does not work with server group failover mechanism.  You cannot register a primary and secondary (and on) server in the group for the Normalization Engine to run on.   Reconciliation En...
    Doug Mueller
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  • Asset 2 People relationship "automation"

    Product Team Review
    35 votes
    Similar to how DSM and Normalization works... one thing that takes a huge amount of time is to create relationships between Assets (CIs) and organizational data using the Asset 2 People form. Typically this is done fo...
    Petrus Johansson
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  • Product Catalog consistency

    Product Team Review
    34 votes
    Hi,   Please, can we ensure the Product Catalog categories / recommendations are consistent between all sources? Currently, there are too many sources of information when mapping CIs to the Category, Type and I...
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • CMDB attributes should support all characteristics for AR System fields

    On Roadmap
    33 votes
    When you create or modify a CMDB attribute, you can set many characteristics for it.  These map to the equivalent characteristics for AR System fields.  However, there are a few characteristics of AR System ...
    Doug Mueller
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  • CMDB Data Snapshot..!!

    32 votes
    Today, it's bit difficult to get CMDB data distribution.     If we have CMDB Data snapshot view to tell you -   - Class and data set wise data distribution (CI and relationship) - CI count - not norm...
    Manish Patel
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  • Parse & Display Attribute Data Source List

    Product Team Review
    31 votes
    Create a method to parse and display information captured in the AttributeDataSourceList to easily reveal where each attribute is sourced from. Perhaps something similar to the screenshot below.  It would be even...
    Seth McCulloch
    last modified by Seth McCulloch
  • Replace the flash based FLEX UI in Atrium

    On Roadmap
    29 votes
    Let´s be honest, I was tempted to create a poll where we could all vote but figured a poll should be created by Product Management.   This idea is about the flash based Flex UI that Atrium uses. I am not s...
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • Non-Administrator User to use new CMDB-UI

    29 votes
    Re: AR System Administrator to use CMDB UI???   As questioned above, why should we give users AR System Administrator rights to use the CMDB UI in 18.02 and onwards?   Can we have the Asset Viewer/Asset Us...
    Louis Op den Brouw
    last modified by Louis Op den Brouw
  • Spoon: Defer If NULL function for AST:Attributes.

    Product Team Review
    28 votes
    CI-CMDB and CI-CMDB_Express AI job trasfer CI and AST:Attributes data. Customer want to use same Job to update Asset. They want to fill up only modified attribute value and key attribute value find find matched Asse...
    Sally Park
    last modified by Sally Park
  • Atrium Integrator (Spoon) UDM:Variable.

    Product Team Review
    26 votes
      There are couple of thing needs to be added to expand the use ability of UDM:Variable form.   1. We need a way to pass the UDM Variable set name or modify/add the Variable value in Atrium Integrator Con...
  • Qualification change for AST:ComputerSystem

    28 votes
    Asset Management Console takes long time to be opened. An improvement was noticed when changing the qualification of the AST:ComputerSystem join form from " "ReconID=ReconID" or "ReconID=InstanceID" " to "ReconID=Reco...
    Cristina Andreias
    last modified by Cristina Andreias