• New CMDB UI - incomplete and no usable flash replacement yet (until at least 19.08)

    Hi Stephen Earl, Sateesh Kulkarni,   we have already discussed this on a very high management level (me - currently not usable, you - great solution, great overview, great ...), but so it is not helpful. You hav...
    Stefan Hall
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  • New field on CMDB with Remedy Developer

    Hi All,   I was create a fields with Remedy Developer but I can´t see those fields on BMC Atrium CMDB.   What I need to do for see those fields?   What step I missing?   First I was creat...
    Alfredo Montes de Oca
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  • Helix Support: Troubleshooting Steps for ARERR 623 Authentication Failed with Remedy Single Sign On (RSSO)

    Hi Everyone,   In this month's blog, we are going to share troubleshooting steps for the most common error message i.e. ARERR 623 Authentication Failed after authenticating through Remedy Single Sign On (RSSO). ...
    Devendra Borse
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  • I ran the "Atrium Core Cleanup Tool" and it deleted some files. Can I restore them?

    While troubleshooting an issue, a BMC tech asked me to run the Atrium Core Maintenance Tool. I thought I ran that tool but what I seem to have run was the Atrium Core Cleanup Tool which deleted some files. It appears ...
    Shane Barber
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  • Smart IT - Asset Graphical CI Explorer Question

    Okay.  I have tried this on a number of occasions and do not seem to have figured out what is going on when trying to review the Graphical CI Explorer through Smart IT so I can see the relationships of the select...
    Lenny Warren
    created by Lenny Warren
  • CMDBLookUp must work on multiple results

    Product Team Review
    27 votes
    Today on the CMDBLookUp step, there's an option called "Fail on multiple results?" that is clearly not working as it should works :   CMDBLookup alternatives? CMDBLookUp step - Fail on multiple results?   ...
    Luciano Muller Nicoletti
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  • Atrium Explorer "Expand Children/Expand Parent" not working

    Hi everyone,   Atrium Core v1.9.03 I'm trying to use the Atrium Explorer to see all of the relations of a CI in a tree graph, but when I drag and drop a CI that should have children and I do Right Click > Ex...
    Paolo Bisaccia
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  • Helix ITSM - Access to Recon & Normalization log files

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    4 votes
    Hi, as a Helix customer I just had to notice a disadvantage when you don't have access to the infrastructure yourself. I had a number of errors in my recon job and wanted to access the recon log files. But as a Heli...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • User status is showing "Promoted" in CTM:LoadPeople form but not available in CTM:People form

    Dears,   User status is showing "Promoted" in CTM:LoadPeople form but not available in CTM:People form. Could you please let me know where do i check ?   Best Regards Karuna
    p karuna
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  • Jetty WARN:oejs.HttpChannel:qtp1529115495-26: /api/jwt/login

    Hi Team,   ARS , ITSM , Atrium on 18.08 Patch 1   In arerror.log we get following error   Mo Apr 06 16:42:06.259 2020 2020-04-06 16:42:06.259:WARN:oejs.HttpChannel:qtp1529115495-26: /api/jwt/login j...
    Alok Dewhare
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  • Purge MarkAsDeleted Yes , not always happening

    Version 18.05 , but this happened in old 8.1 as well.   BMC's "Purge Engine" is, in theory, supposed to "Delete" everything that is marked as MarkAsDeleted = Yes when you run a Purge recon job.  But it seem...
    Jeff Sikorski
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  • Top Viewed CMDB Knowledge Articles

    June 2020 list of top viewed CMDB knowledge articles, this will be regularly updated.   Article # Title 000105348 ARERR 8753 - Error in plugin:BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEXT null after upgrade 000109387 ARE...
    Devendra Borse
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  • Unable to recreate standard reconciliation job

    A standard reconciliation job was deleted in error. Recreating the job with the same name generates an error and never completes. I can see the first Identification group created then nothing.     Error: &#...
    Ryan Wiltshire
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  • BMC ADDM Storage

    Buenas tardes,   Recientemente hemos adquirido licencias para nuestra herramienta de descubrimiento ADDM para agregar nuestros storage.   Sin embargo, es necesario poder actualizar los TKU para nuestra ver...
    Carlos Sotillo
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  • CMDB ITSM 20.02 Custom field not visible in class manager

    Hi All, can you help me.   I have created trhow  AtriumCore-->Dashboard-->class manager a new field (test case). The field is been succesfully created and available in the BMC_COmputerSystem trhow dev...
    Angelantonio alfonso
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  • Are these date fields user set? Disposal Date, Received Date, Returned Date

    Hi all,   Working with Computer System records in CMDB 9.1.  I am looking for what sets these fields, in particular Disposal Date.   I have multiple records with these fields set, but am looking for a...
    Steven Seitz
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  • BMC Education Hot Topic Webinar: CMDB - Creating New Attributes: Seats Available

    Week Starting June 19 2020  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in: BMC Education Hot Topic Webinar: CMDB - Creating New Attributes     About the Webinar: I...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • Extend Atrium Class Manager to allow form modifications

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    20 votes
    ARS 19.08 introduces a new option to improve performance using subquery algorithm. See "Performance improvement by using Subquery algorithm" in https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ars1908/19-08-enhancements-866348750.html Thi...
    Andreas Mitterdorfer
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  • Precedence for merge activity - to update BMC.Asset dataset, even if the attribute value is null

    Hi,   I have a question on how the precedence on recon merge activity works. For example, in my staging data set, initially, the attribute "A" has a value of "1" and the same has been reconciled and promoted to ...
    Vidhya Amirthalingam
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  • Custom superclass besides BaseElement

    Hi everyone,   I'd like to know if anyone has ever tried to create a custom superclass that's on the same hierarchy level as the BaseElement.   If so, how would you make it so that the workflow that's appl...
    Paolo Bisaccia
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