• Last Modified By shows as Remedy Application Service

    Hello Friends,   There was a requirement to audit the People, Organization and Support Group relationships changes/ deletion under People tab in AST:Application form, hence the AST:AssetPeople form was enabled ...
    Tej D
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  • CMDBOutput for relationships keeps creating new relationships

    Hi there,   I have created a relationship job that creates new relationships using the CMDBOutput. It should only create it once, but it keeps creating new relationships every time I run the job no matter wha...
    Daniel Hudsky
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  • CMDBLookUp must work on multiple results

    Product Team Review
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    Today on the CMDBLookUp step, there's an option called "Fail on multiple results?" that is clearly not working as it should works :   CMDBLookup alternatives? CMDBLookUp step - Fail on multiple results?   ...
    Luciano Muller Nicoletti
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  • "Failed in getting child composite for instance " : A pretty much new error (from my point of view) on CMDB Reconciliation

    Hi Communities,   Well, I get this error on my Reconciliation on BMC CMDB 19.02, it is pretty new to my old eyes. And so I try to know if someone get the same and how he solved it.   Failed in getting chil...
    Benjamin Attal
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  • You have no access permission to the form AST:ComputerSystem

    Hi I have this problem can you help me? when I try to enter to Asset in ComputerSystem send me this error: And the mid tier send this message   DISPLAYING THE LAST 25 ENTRIES OF LOG (NEWEST FIRST) <MTIER...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • ERROR Atrium Core

    Hi,   I creating a relationship server to server like dependency.   But when I promote mark as successful but it doesn´t  do nothing the relationship don´t appear   can you help me!?...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • While running UDM job it gives (ARERR 48648)

    Hi All,   While running UDM job, I am getting below error :   com.bmc.arsys.domain.process.ExternalProcessExecutionException: ERROR (341): Set Fields process failed.; D:\Apps\ARSystem>IF NOT EXIST "\\&...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Procuct categorization for CMDB

    Hi i'm trying to create a CAT1, CAT2 and CAT3 for a particular group of classes but i dont know how to segregate them, is there any info on that?   Maybe i'm not creating them on the right form?   Thank you
    Eduardo Santos
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  • continuous reconciliation job

    Hi All,   Anybody configured continuous reconciliation job in there environment ? If yes please help me to understand how it works ?   My requirement is, when ADDM sends data in CMDB, recon job needs to c...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Recon process

    Hi All   I am not able to see arrecond process on services. So Could you please help me how to start recon engine ?   Regards, Gajanand
    Gajanand Patil
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    Hi expert, I've a question for you... you suppose to change the status of a host (in the ComputerSystem class) from "deployed" to "disposed". I know that the status of the CI is mapped to AST_ATTRIBUTES. I want to...
    Angelo Pisaturo
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  • how to check the recon and normalization job corrupted or not ?

    Hi All,   Basically we are facing an issue in normalization and reconciliation job. Sometime the jobs are working as per expectation and sometime it is not. So I feel the OOOB recon and Norm job gets corrupted. ...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • Spoon job error in CMDBOutput step

    Greetings, i'm having a problem with a job execution in the Spoon. The job retrieve data from a sql server database. The connection between database and spoon it's ok. The connection between AR System it's fine. But w...
    Luis Matos
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  • Error in plugin : BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEXT null (ARERR 8753)

    Hi, I make a new installation of Remedy, I install:     - ARSuiteKitWindows9.1.04     - AtriumCore     - AtriumIntegratorServer     - BMCRemedyITSMSuit...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • ARERR[90] Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System server

    Hi, when I enter to the application apear this message     I check the log of the Atrium Core an apear this error in the document arrecond:   <ERROR   > <TID: 0000000344> /* T...
    Raul Sanchez Villena
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  • How to configure CMDB 9.1.04 health metrics in configuration manager dashboard

    Hi experts.   We have BMC Atrium CMDB 9.1.04 and we are trying to find a way to configure the rules of the cmdb health metrics or KPI's, integrity and completeness just like the way is described in this video in...
    Henrry Vargas
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  • Purge (RE) activity is not deleting relationships that are in BMC.AM namespace

    While pursuing 100% quality of CMDB data, I've discovered an issue with the Purge activity of 9.x reconciliation. This issue will occur with legacy data that is still "Active" in the CMDB datasets. Specifically the u...
    Daniel Hudsky
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  • Proactive monitoring a recon job

    Hi,   Wanted to check with fellow community members if there is any way possible to monitor a reconciliation job - that would send a notification in case of success/failure of the job? I understand this is a pro...
    Kishan Barai
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  • Override default CMDB menu

    I've built an attribute in CMDB with a menu, but later the requirements changed and now the menu associated with the attribute changes depending on the value of another field.  The question is, how to change the ...
    Steven Seitz
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  • Identification in CMDB

    I have a quick question. Will identification happen again on already identified assets? For e.g ADDM pushed a record with Null serial number and it was identified as new asset in BMC.ASSET. Few days later ADDM pushed ...
    Yogesh Lalchandani
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