• Using graphwalk REST API

    I am trying to use the CMDB API graphwalk via REST, I would like to know how to use it properly....   For Example, I have a BMC_ComputerSystem with InstanceId OI-123456789, I want to return all of the child obje...
    Jaffer Mahsoob
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  • Firewalls in Impact Models

    The team is looking to on board firewall CIs to the CMDB. With every new CI, the question is always about how these will relate to existing CIs to add to the impact model.   In general, our firewall and applicat...
    Ryan Wiltshire
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  • BMC Discovery "location" field

    Hi,   Appreciate if anyone could tell us how to add "location" and "owner" in the discovered data.   Rgds, MF
    Muhammad Faisal Syed
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  • BMC Atrium CMDB 9.x Advanced Training: Seats Available

    Week Starting February 18 2019  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in: BMC Atrium CMDB 9.x: Advanced Training About the Course: This instructor-led course teaches stud...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • How do we mark a dataset for automatic identification?

    This may be a dumb question.  But, does anyone know how to mark a dataset for automatic identification?  It is referred to here in this page of the documentation:   Matching instances across datasets b...
    Baljinder Samrai
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  • Issue with Spoon Integrator 9.1.04

    Hi Team,   We have upgraded our Environment ( from to,we never had issues with earlier version,below issue trigerred post Upgrade.   We are experiencing an issue while running the Sp...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Vendor forms search results all records

    Hello All,   The vendor forms when queried will always result with all the records irrespective of whatever search conditions in the fields you provide. Any ideas how we can control this searches so that only th...
    Deepak S
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  • How to export Normalization Rules(Version Rollup) in excel or csv?

    Hi All,   Could you please let me know how can I export Version Rollup rules for normalization in csv or excel format?     Thanks, Sulabh
    Sulabh Gandhi
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  • Issue While Loading CI & CI relationship via UDM jobs

    While creating CI in BMC.Asset.Sandbox , I can see recon job is running and Merge activity is not happening. When I checked the logs I found the below error   <ERROR   > <TID: 0000014248> /...
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  • HP Asset manager to BMC CMDB Atrium

    Planning switching from HP Asset manager to BMC CMDB Atrium. Can anyone please guide me the same?
    Depanker Pandey
    created by Depanker Pandey
  • Need help on CMDB federation

    I am going to do a POC on CMDB federation. We have the cloudforms that need to be federated into atriumn CMDB. Please let me know which is the best approach Retrieval or Launch method. Also as am new to this, please p...
    Deepak S
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  • CMDB Federation Retrieval Method - To view federated data

    Hi Friends,   Need your help on the Retrieval method of CMDB federation. I have followed the BMC documentation and created the fed as below: Created a Repository plugin on JDBC adapter to connect to a Oracle D...
    Deepak S
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  • The CMDB Federation - Launch method not working

    Hello All,   I have configured the Launch method of federation in CMDB version 9.1.04 as per below BMC documentation Using the launch method of federation - Documentation for BMC Atrium Core 9.1 - BMC Documentat...
    Deepak S
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  • Issue with BMC Atrium Core 9.1.02 Installation on the New Environment - Production Clone

    Hi Team,   We are on BMC Remedy ARS,BMC Atrium Core 9..1.02 along the ITSM 9.1 and My IT,attaching the logs for further analysis and resolution at the earliest possible. ========================================...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Failed To Install BMC Atrium CMBD

    Hi Team,   I m trying to install BMC Atrium CMDB patch ... While  installing I m getting following error is given below.       Please any one guide me on this installation.   Regards...
    Hemalatha M
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  • We have to delete the Server Type Related records from CMDB ?Please confirm the procedure for the same?

    We have to delete the Server Type Related records from CMDB ?Please confirm the procedure for the same?
    Vikas Mishra
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  • Failed to start NGIE Job with JobName:

    Hello Guys, I am facing an issue with AI Transformation where I have sucessfully deployed a new job. Which is running from Spoon client however the same job is not running from AI console in mid-tier.   I have a...
    Lalit Joshi
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  • CIs get deleted Or Not Searchable If created in Asset Management

    Hi All,   I know its not a best practice to create CIs in Asset Management directly. But for hands on asset, I created a CI. While searching the same CI using Manage CI, Advance Search or Search CI option, the C...
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  • Normalization Not Getting Worked

    Hi Gurus,   I am new to cmdb. Referring atrium 90  PDF and trying to normalize a data set. I created a data set manually. Then I created CIs/instances in two three classes manually as I didn't have external ...
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  • How to skip some fields to update in CMDB BMC.ASSET

    Dear All,   All Data is updated in the BCM TEMP Dataset (BMC.FP.ASSETCORE) from BCM DB.   Customer do not want to update the company name data in the BMC.ASSET dataset when recon job executed.   how ...
    Pankaj Birje
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